Mirae Asset is known as a finance company that supports lending with diverse loan packages and high limits. However, there is some information that Mirae Asset bank scam? So how true is this information? Analyze with Banktop to find the answer right in the article below.

Find out Mirae asset is a bank or a financial company?

Mirae Asset is a financial company established in 2006 with 100% capital from Korea. Mirae Asset is known as one of the largest financial groups in Asia. Licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam, in 2011 Mirae Asset Company in Vietnam was established.

Mirae Asset’s main service is to provide consumer loans, car loans, etc. In addition, there are a variety of other financial products. The plus point of Mirae Asset is its low interest rate and simple and quick loan procedure.

Mirae asset is a financial company
Mirae asset is a financial company

Analyzing information about Mirae Asset Bank defrauding customers

Mirae Asset is a company that has been operating for more than 15 years in the domestic and foreign markets. The reason there is information that Mirae Asset Bank scams customers may be due to misunderstanding due to a number of factors as follows:

Interest rate

It is possible that many customers did not read the contract carefully or did not understand well how to calculate interest rates and penalty fees, so they thought Mirae Asset was a scam. Normally, financial institutions or banks when making unsecured loans often charge interest according to the decreasing balance of the loan. Mirae Asset, on the other hand, charges a fixed interest rate for the entire term.

When borrowing at Mirae Asset, the loan interest rate will range from 35% – 60%/year according to the gradually decreasing balance and corresponding to 18% – 36%/year if converted to flat interest rate. Therefore, customers need to understand how to calculate interest and interest rates to avoid confusion and confusion when payment is due.

Mirae Asset surcharges

When applying for a loan at Mirae Asset, customers will have to pay a certain insurance fee (about 5% of the loan). In fact, most financial companies charge this premium. However, many customers do not know this fee, so they are skeptical when the amount to be paid is higher than expected.

Appraisal and disbursement process

When borrowing money at Mirae Asset, customers will have to wait 1-3 days for document appraisal. Due to the strict appraisal process of Mirae Asset, it has to go through 2 rounds of review. If there is a problem with the record, this process may take longer. However, many customers responded that the review time was too long, leading to many misunderstandings and doubts among customers.

After disbursement

To receive the loan, customers can go to Mirae Asset’s head office at 91 Pasteur, Da Kao Ward, District 1 or at the district and provincial post offices or higher. With a variety of payment methods, the most popular is wire transfer.

Analyzing information about Mirae Asset Bank defrauding customers
Analyzing information about Mirae Asset Bank defrauding customers

Warning for individuals/organizations pretending to be Mirae Asset Bank scam

Customers when borrowing money at Mirae Asset or anywhere need to be extremely vigilant because some individuals/organizations specializing in credit fraud impersonating Mirae Asset have very sophisticated fraudulent behavior. To avoid being scammed, you need to pay attention to a few things:

Know the procedure

When borrowing money at Mirae Asset, the credit officer takes a photo of the original ID/CCCD/Household of the customer and asks to fill in some necessary information to enter the loan application. Therefore, absolutely do not take personal documents and send them via email, facebook, zalo to any consultant.

Go to the office to receive money

After the application is successfully appraised, Mirae Asset will notify the customer about the loan information, interest rate and payment term. Ideally, customers should go to the headquarters to receive money and credit contracts. Absolutely do not transfer money to anyone claiming to be a representative of Mirae Asset before receiving the loan.

Counseling staff behavior

Mirae Asset’s credit officers must carry an employee card with the company’s logo and employee identification number at all times. At the same time, you must understand the loan process, interest rates and loan terms.

If, when meeting with a staff member, you see that you do not have an employee card, are confused about the loan, or the advice is not professional, please stop consulting and transact immediately. If you have any questions, please contact the hotline for support.

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Should I borrow money from Mirae asset?
Should I borrow money from Mirae asset?

From the information that Banktop analyzed above, it can be seen that the fraudulent Mirae Asset bank information is completely incorrect. With 16 years of experience in financial lending and 100% foreign capital, you can confidently apply for a preferential loan package at Mirae Asset.

Mirae Asset has been highly appreciated by many international organizations such as Global Brands Magazine (GBM) and Global Banking & Finance Review – an international magazine based in London (UK).

However, Mirae Asset is supporting lending to customers in the popular segment. Therefore, if you have a stable income from the company and do not have bad debts, you should borrow from a bank with a lower interest rate. If your profile is not eligible for a bank loan, then Mirae Asset loan is the best choice.


Here is some information to answer your real questions Mirae Asset bank scam or not. All information about loans at Mirae Asset is transparent, clear and reputable. Therefore, before borrowing money, you should read the terms clearly to avoid misunderstandings. At the same time, please carefully select the information as well as the object to avoid an individual/organization impersonating Mirae Asset for fraud.

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