Momo is an e-wallet application with a large number of users in Vietnam because of its outstanding, convenient and fast utilities. However, when using it, what should you do if you encounter problems and need transaction support? The fastest way is to contact Momo switchboard To be solved, let’s see with Banktop how to contact Momo call center below.

About Momo

Momo is a smart e-wallet developed on a mobile device platform, which can be linked with dozens of banks in Vietnam. Rated as an e-wallet owning more than 30 million users nationwide.

About Momo wallet
About Momo wallet

You can easily pay all transactions such as electricity and water bills, internet bills, flight tickets, online shopping, financial payments, etc… quickly and simply through Momo wallet.

What is Momo’s switchboard phone number?

Momo switchboard phone number you can contact: 1900 5454 41

In addition, Momo also has hotline numbers for each area for customers to contact, specifically:

  • City area. Ho Chi Minh: Hotline number +84 28 54147667
  • Hanoi area: Hotline number +84 24 37739898
  • Da Nang area: Hotline number 02363582582

When you want to cooperate with Momo, you can contact Momo business hotline at Hotline: 1900 636 652.
With the aim of bringing the best experience to customers, Momo always wants to improve and build the best customer care team. So, if you have any questions, you can contact the hotline number above to receive support as soon as possible.

Until what time does Momo’s Customer Care Hotline work?

Momo is an e-wallet with a large number of users, so the need for customer support and handling daily problems will also be a lot. In response to this, Momo’s customer service department is always open 24/7, including weekends and holidays. To serve and support customers when calling the switchboard.

Momo got an error when using it, what to do?

Instructions on how to contact the customer care center via Momo hotline 1900545441

Instructions on how to contact the customer care center via Momo call center
Instructions on how to contact the customer care center via Momo call center

When you contact Momo’s customer service center, you will receive detailed instructions when choosing features to solve the problem you are facing. Specifically, when calling Momo switchboard, you will choose one of the keys to ask support staff to answer.

  • For 1 Key: You will be guided on how to link your bank account with Momo wallet.
  • For Key 2: You will be guided on how to top up – transfer money via Momo application.
  • For 3 Key: You will be supported with issues related to your Momo account and Security.
  • For 4 . Key: Includes many other tutorials.
  • For Key 9: You will meet directly with the operator to discuss the problem you are facing.

Is it possible to delete transaction history on Momo?

Other Momo customer support channels besides Hotline

Customer care channel on Momo wallet app

In addition to contacting the Momo switchboard through the Hotline number, you can contact the switchboard on the Momo wallet application.

How to do this, you will access the Momo wallet application => Select “My Wallet” and go to the “Help Center” section. Here, you can present your request for support so that the customer service department can receive and resolve it for you.

Contact Momo Customer Care Center via Email

To contact Momo customer care center via Email, you can compose a letter with a full and concise presentation of the problem you need to support (You can attach a photo of what needs to be resolved) and then send it to: or [email protected] for Momo customer care department to receive information and resolve.

Contact Momo via Facebook Fanpage chat

Alternatively, to contact the Momo switchboard to solve the problem, you can chat directly on the FaceBook Fanpage of the Momo e-wallet. Present the cause and the problem you are facing, Momo’s customer service staff will receive and respond to you as soon as possible.

Complaint process to customer care center via Momo call center

Complaint process to customer care center via Momo call center will be done through the following steps:

  • Step 1: You will create a support request by calling Momo’s Hotline number: 1900545441.
  • Step 2: Momo’s customer service department will receive your complaint information and start processing. Momo staff may ask you to provide information related to the complaint, but you should not provide information such as wallet password and OTP code and Momo staff never ask for this.
  • Step 3: Time for customer service department can last 24 hours, when the results are available, Momo’s customer service department will contact you through sending a message on MoMo application, calling directly or sending SMS to your phone number. .

This operation is quite simple when you want to complain about something related to a transaction or products or services. If the documents and procedures are complicated, the Momo customer care system may take longer than 24 hours. Please wait patiently for the Momo support staff to contact you and notify the results.

How to look up Momo transaction points nationwide

Momo’s transaction point system is nationwide with 20,000+ to support all types of customers in the most convenient and fastest way. If you do not know which Momo transaction point is close to your area. To look up any Momo transaction points near your area, you can look up online in the following form:

  • Step 1: You follow the link
  • Step 2: Enter information such as Province, city, district, place you want to look up, etc. and select Search.
  • Step 3: Momo system will display a full list of results you are looking for including address, name, google map for you to follow.

Note when receiving calls from Momo customer care center

Notes when you call Momo call center as well as when Momo customer care staff contact you:

  • When calling Momo customer care department, you should fully explain the reason for the situation you are facing so that it can be resolved quickly and accurately. Press the support keys for advice from the customer service department.
  • Momo’s phone number when calling customers has only 2 fixed numbers: 028.9999.5555 and 028.7306.555. Apart from these 2 numbers, all of them are scams impersonating Momo’s customer service department.
  • Do not give Momo OTP code or password to anyone, including Momo’s customer service department.
  • Momo’s Voice Call function is only used for the purpose of providing OTP codes for customers to log in.


In the above article, Banktop has helped you synthesize the most complete information about Momo’s Hotline number, working time, etc., as well as related information. If you are having problems with Momo e-wallet but do not know how to handle it, please contact Customer Service as we mentioned and guided above. Good luck.

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