Momo is the most popular e-wallet in Vietnam today. Although always being developed and improved, it is inevitable that Momo is wrong in certain cases for different reasons. So why is Momo e-wallet faulty? How do you overcome?

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MOMO error, what to do?
MOMO error, what to do?

Is it possible to delete transaction history on Momo?

Momo failed to transfer money to wallet from bank account

When transferring money in Momo wallet through the linked bank sometimes you will get an error, Momo will display a message that the transfer failed. In this case, most of the errors come from the linked bank, specifically the causes and solutions are as follows.

ReasonHow to fix
Bank account inactive/frozenIt means that you cannot use your bank account, in this case, please contact the customer service department of the bank that opened the card to know the cause and how to fix it.
The balance in the account is not enoughFor example, you make a money transfer order to Momo wallet 10,000,000 VND but in the bank account linked to Momo wallet only 5,000,000 VND, it will not be possible.

In this case, you need to add more money to your bank account or lower the amount you want to load into your Momo wallet to match your bank account balance.

Momo account exceeds daily transaction limitFor example, your Momo account’s daily transaction limit is 20,000,000 VND/day, but that day you have fully loaded 20,000,000 VND, you will not be able to top up.

The solution is to increase the daily transaction limit on Momo Wallet.

Can’t login to MOMO wallet error

Failure to log in to MOMO wallet is one of the most common errors that Momo wallet customers can encounter. So what is the cause and how to fix it?

Can't login to MOMO wallet error
Can’t login to MOMO wallet error


Usually, when unable to log in to Momo e-wallet, the following reasons are the most common:

  • If you log into 3 accounts (3 phone numbers) on 1 device in 1 month. At this point, the account will be locked and can no longer log in. Caused for security reasons and it will be locked temporarily.
  • If you log in with the wrong password more than 3 times, your account will be locked.
  • Due to unstable internet (wifi, 3G/4G) or account password changed.

How to fix

Here is how to solve the error of not being able to log in to Momo Wallet for each specific cause:

  • Temporary account lock error: You do not use your phone to log in to MoMo e-wallet in that month and wait until the next month Momo will automatically reopen. You can now log back in normally. Or you can use another phone to download MoMo and log in to your account.
  • Enter wrong password to login wallet 3 times: If you enter the wrong password more than 3 times, the only thing you can do is contact the hotline 1900 545441 or 028 39917199 (note, you must use the phone number registered for MoMo account to call).
  • Due to internet error: check if you have internet, 3G/4G, wifi, check the network connection cable and other network-related connections (such as restarting the phone, turning on and off 3G/4G, wifi)

Withdraw money from Momo to a faulty bank card

When you have a need withdraw money Momo about a bank card, but if you encounter an error, you will probably be worried for fear of losing money or not being able to withdraw money to spend for your purposes. Let’s learn the causes and ways to fix this error so that you can handle it promptly if you encounter it.

Withdraw money from Momo to a faulty bank card
Withdraw money from Momo to a faulty bank card
ReasonHow to fix
Wallet linked bank account expired or no longer activeWhen you get this error, you need to check if your bank card linked to your wallet is locked or expired. You can check in the following ways:

  • Check on Internet Banking/Mobile Banking
  • Check at ATM
  • Check at a bank branch/transaction office
  • Check through the customer service call center of the bank that opened the card
The amount of the day you have withdrawn from MOMO has exceeded the allowed transaction limit.For example, the 1-day withdrawal limit from your Momo wallet account is 20 million dong and if you withdraw enough today, you will not be able to withdraw more. You can increase your trading limit right in your account settings.
Unfulfilled link momo wallet with bank account beforeIn this case, you need to check if the MOMO wallet has been linked to the bank account by:

  • Step 1: Login to Momo wallet
  • Step 2: Select the item “link account” at the main screen of the momo application, if the bank name is displayed, it means that your account has been linked to the wallet.

In the case that after making an order, the money has been deducted from Momo’s account but the bank account still has not received the money, please contact Momo switchboard by number 1900 5454 41 for processing assistance.

Note that it is necessary to provide fully and accurately the following information for the fastest support, including:

  • Content: Withdrawing momo money to a faulty bank card account
  • Transaction Code (TID Code)
  • The name of the bank from which you are making the withdrawal
  • Name of account holder/bank card holder

Bank account is deducted twice when depositing money into Momo wallet

This error rarely happens but sometimes some customers still get this error. The cause of this error may be that you accidentally repeat the transaction 2 times, causing the system to automatically top up money into your MoMo account.

For example: Your purpose is to deposit 5,000,000 VND but make 2 transactions and now the amount deducted from your bank account is 10,000,000 VND. However, this also means that your MOMO account is added 10,000,000 VND

You only need to withdraw 5,000,000 VND from your MOMO wallet to your bank account and you can solve it.

Account deducted but transaction pending

This error is also quite common, caused by a data synchronization error between MoMo and the bank not at the same time. There are 2 cases:

Case 1: The transaction was delayed but still successfully executed after that

Case 2: The account is still deducted but the transaction cannot be done. Please contact Customer Care and Complaints Department, need to provide the following information:

  • Content: Pending transaction
  • Transaction Code (TID Code)
  • The name of the bank performing the transaction
  • Name of your cardholder/bank account holder

MOMO has glitches, lag when using

After MOMO was upgraded to a newer version, many customers commented that this version used or was jerky, laggy … To fix it, you should regularly clean up the junk on your phone so that you can experience the wallet. Momo is smoother.

Momo has a connection error

Momo e-wallet is faulty Connections are also common, although not infrequently. Momo wallet connection error makes payment transactions or money transfer/receipt impossible. This situation stems from 2 main reasons:

  • System failed to connect
  • Poor connection due to unstable network connection

To fix this error is not difficult. You just need to check the internet connection / 3G / 4G to see if it is stable. Then log out and log back in to continue the service.

If the system is failing, maybe due to overload or maintenance, you need to wait a while for the application to return to normal operation. However, if you are doing system maintenance to upgrade the service, Momo will notify you in advance.

The customer will receive a notification error Momo maintenance today. In case of unexpected maintenance, there may be no notification.

App Momo has an error, can’t log in

First, you need to verify what is the cause of the failure to login. From there, there will be a fix for this error.


  • Incorrect login information, wrong password more than 3 times causes the account to be temporarily locked
  • System error is overloaded or during maintenance
  • Violation of login error because within 1 month logged in 3 Momo accounts on the same device. For security reasons, the system automatically locks
  • Internet error interrupted
  • Password changed account

How to fix

If there is a case Momo has an error and can’t log in There must be a solution depending on the specific cause. Here are ways to solve Momo login error.

  • If you enter the wrong information, you will exit to the homepage and log back in with the correct information
  • If the password is wrong more than 3 times, the system will automatically lock your wallet account. At this time, please call the Momo switchboard 1900 54 54 41 or 028 3991 7199. The operator will assist you in recovering your new password.
  • In case the system is overloaded or during maintenance, you need to exit the application and wait for a while to log back in.
  • If an internet error causes your payment to be interrupted, you need to re-check your connection and continue with the transaction
  • Error logging in 3 accounts on the same device within 1 month: please login your Momo account to another phone. Because you can’t use the other phone to log in to Momo for 1 month. Can only wait for next month the system will automatically reopen


Through the content of this article, Banktop has compiled for you the most common Momo error cases as well as the causes and solutions. Hope to have brought you useful information.

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