There are many people who want to borrow money at Moneyveo, but when searching for information, things like MoneyVeo scam, arrested, etc… So is that true and how does MoneyVeo currently work? Please see the detailed article summarized by Banktop below.

About MoneyVeo

MoneyVeo is an application that helps connect customers who want to borrow money and loan support units. This is also known as the P2P Lending model that helps customers find the most suitable loan support unit.

About MoneyVeo
About MoneyVeo

Customers can go directly to MoneyVeo’s Website to look up information, register an account and open a loan on it. With easy-to-implement operations, simple procedures, public transparency and fast disbursement. So customers can rest assured.

Is Borrowing MoneyVeo expensive and safe?

To evaluate whether a financial loan unit is reputable, safe or not. We need to find out in detail about the information related to that unit to have the most general assessment. About MoneyVeo financial company, some information you may know such as:

  • Borrowing at MoneyVeo, you will have a clear contract detailing the loan and its charter, rules, loan interest rate, etc.
  • Licensed to operate under the management of the State Bank and the Law.
  • Actively monitor loans on the Website such as loan amount, term, due date, total payment, etc.
  • MoneyVeo system is absolutely secure and safe.
  • 0% interest rate support for first-time borrowers, with preferential loan interest rates.
  • Get advice from dedicated staff and you can make an online loan application at MoneyVeo’s website.

Thus, through the highlights of the financial company MoneyVeo is implementing and operating, you can also evaluate whether MoneyVeo is safe and reputable. As can be seen, MoneyVeo always wants to bring the best experience to its customers in terms of services and working methods. This is also a reputable financial unit you can refer to.

Real information Moneyveo scam, arrested for ambiguous interest rates?

Currently on the market, there is information about MoneyVeo scam, is this true or not? Let’s find the answer together.

The difference between the loan application amount and the amount received

Many customers wonder about the difference between the loan application amount and the amount received. For example, apply for a loan of 2 million VND but only receive 1 million 500 VND and think that MoneyVeo is a scam.

However, when MoneyVeo makes a loan application for a customer, it will have to go through many verification steps to check the number of loans as well as check the customer’s ability to pay the loan.

Therefore, when the customer receives the disbursement not according to the loan amount, it is because the customer does not meet the requirements on the limit set by the unit. To understand more details, customers can ask support staff to answer this problem.

The amount of debt repayment exceeds the expected amount

If the customer’s monthly recurring payment exceeds the expected amount, the possible causes are:

  • If you do not read carefully the information on the terms of the contract as related to service fees, there will be additional costs when paying.
  • A penalty fee is incurred when the customer does not pay on time according to the specified contract, this penalty fee will have an interest rate of 150% of the customer’s loan.
  • When customers want to settle and disburse the loan before the maturity date, they will also have to bear an additional fee as specified in the contract.

Constantly harassed by debt collection staff

If a customer borrows money at MoneyVeo but fails to pay after the due date, the unit’s staff will constantly call to urge early loan repayment. In case the customer does not cooperate, MoneyVeo staff will call the customer’s relatives to ask for customer support to respond to the outstanding loan.

Is it okay if you don’t pay Moneyveo money?

Is it okay if you don't pay Moneyveo money?
Is it okay if you don’t pay Moneyveo money?

When taking out a loan at any bank or financial institution, you should pay on time as per the contract. At the same time, when making a loan, you should balance your financial ability to pay to choose the right loan package.

Borrowing money at MoneyVeo, you will be handled according to the law if you intentionally default on your debt or delay payment for a long time. There will be many ways that the financial unit will force the customer to pay the full amount borrowed, so if you intend to not pay the loan, it will be very difficult, but also increase the loan penalty fee every day. .

Learn about MoneyVeo loans

If you are in need of a loan at MoneyVeo, you need to know the information below.

MoneyVeo loan limit

The loan limit supported by MoneyVeo is currently from 100 VND to 10 million VND. For customers who borrow money at MoneyVeo for the first time, they will be supported with a limit of less than 2 million VND.

MoneyVeo loan interest rate

The current interest rate when borrowing money at MoneyVeo is 18.25%/year. This interest rate is quite cheap compared to other financial companies. In addition, there will be an additional 1.3%/day consulting fee applied to the customer’s interest payment at the end of the period. You should read this fee carefully to avoid any questions about the amount of interest that is added.

Moneyveo loan term

The time limit for customers to pay the loan at MoneyVeo is from 7 to 30 days depending on the customer’s choice. Please balance your ability to pay to be able to pay on time to avoid incurring unwanted penalty fees.


The article on Banktop answered the question about the problem MoneyVeo scam or not and information about loan services at MoneyVeo. Hope you will have your own answer about whether to consult and join financial services at MoneyVeo.

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