Mortgage of savings book is a form of loan with collateral applied by many banks today with preferential interest rates, high limit support and simple loan procedures. So how to get a bank loan with a savings book? What are the conditions, procedures and processes?

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What is a passbook mortgage?

Savings book mortgage is a form Mortgage loan where the collateral is a savings book that you open at the bank, the loan limit depends on the value of the passbook. Mortgage loan package with savings book to meet the purposes of raising capital to buy a house, real estate, business…

Mortgage of savings book with preferential interest rate
Mortgage of savings book with preferential interest rate

A mortgage loan package using a savings book has a number of features as follows:

  • Supported currency: VND
  • Loan limit: up to the value of the savings book
  • Loan method: by limit or by installment
  • Debt repayment method: pay principal and interest at the end of the period or periodically on a monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, yearly basis…
  • Loan term: up to 12 months

Advantages of a bank mortgage with a savings book

Using a savings book to apply for a bank mortgage has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Support limit of 100% of loan demand or 100% of savings book value.
  • Preferential loan interest rate
  • A savings book opened at another bank can be used as collateral
  • Simple documents, quick disbursement procedures
  • Flexible repayment method according to loan purpose
  • Support for early settlement of documents

Conditions for borrowing money from a bank with a savings book

To get a bank mortgage with a passbook, a customer needs to meet a few basic conditions:

  • Be a Vietnamese citizen aged 18-60
  • Living and working in provinces/cities with bank branches
  • Have a valid ID/CCCD
  • There is a savings book opened at a bank in the name of the borrower
  • Have a clean credit history, no bad debt, outstanding debt.
  • Have a plan to use capital rationally
  • Proof of income to ensure debt repayment

Dossier for mortgage loan of savings book

Dossier for mortgage loan with savings book includes:

  • Household registration/temporary residence book (KT3)
  • Saving
  • Proof of income: salary statement / salary confirmation / rental contract, premises
  • Documents proving the plan to use capital

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Information you need to know about Vietinbank

Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (Vietinbank) supports mortgage loan package by savings book or Red book mortgage loan with high loan limit comes with many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Support maximum loan limit by deposit balance, savings card book
  • Simple process, quick disbursal time
  • Lending each time or according to the limit to meet the capital use needs of customers
  • Attractive competitive interest rate


  • Customers have collateral as deposit balance, savings book/card open at Vietinbank or any other bank.


  • ID/Passport/CCCD
  • Saving
  • Other documents according to Vietinbank’s regulations

SCB Bank

SCB provides loan solutions for customers who have a savings book opened at SCB or any other bank with many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Provide a loan limit of 100% of the actual value of the passbook
  • No need to close the deposit account before maturity
  • Simple documents, convenient disbursement procedures for customers
  • The loan conditions are as simple as being a citizen of 18 years or older and having a special asset such as a savings book.

Sacombank Bank


The most outstanding advantage of the savings book mortgage loan package at Sacombank is the extremely fast disbursement time, only 30 minutes after completing the application, besides there are some outstanding advantages such as: :

  • Preferential interest rates from only 8.5%/year
  • Loan limit reaches 100% of the value of fixed assets

Loan documents include:

  • Loan application form according to Sacombank’s form
  • ID card/passport/CCCD
  • household registration/paper, temporary residence book of the borrower, the guarantor (if any)
  • Original documents with mortgage price
  • Original confirmation of temporary account lockout (in case of pledge of valuable documents not issued by Sacombank)


Techcombank is one of the few banks that supports flexible digital savings loans in currencies such as VND, Euro, USD or gold certificates… with the following loan limits:

Unit VNDUnit USD/EURGold Certificate
Maximum loan amount/passbook valuation/savings account/gold certificate95%85-90%80%

Flexible repayment method at the end of the period or periodically by month, quarter, year…

Applicable loan period:

Unit VNDUnit USD/EURGold Certificate
Passbook/savings account automatically renewsUp to 12 monthsUp to 3 months
Passbook does not automatically renewUp to 12 months and not exceeding the remaining term of the passbookMaximum 03 months and not exceed the remaining term of the passbookUp to 8 weeks but not beyond the remaining term of the gold certificate.

Dossier to apply for a mortgage loan with a savings book at Techcombank include:

  • Loan application form with repayment plan (according to Techcombank’s form).
  • ID/CCCD/Passport
  • Original valid voucher.
  • Papers related to collateral/guarantee.
  • Other relevant documents (if any).

Is it risky to use a mortgage passbook?

As we can see, when using a passbook to pledge a bank loan, there will be no risk because the customer has deposited money in the passbook, but that is just the surface and still exists. There are some limitations and risks to this type of collateral, for example:

  • Savings deposits of this person but in the name of another person (children pledge their parents’ passbook to send for their children).
  • Savings deposits of legal entities or organizations assigned to individuals in their names (for example, individuals holding savings books are money from the company’s trade union funds).
  • Savings deposits are jointly owned by many people (for example, a person who pledges a passbook is the money of a group of friends pooled together).
  • Savings deposits jointly owned by two spouses (for example, only one spouse pledges the same passbook).
  • Deposits from savings due to crimes (for example, money from corruption, bribery, etc.).
  • Savings deposit is withdrawn while being pledged (the pledge is not completed).


Is it possible to get a mortgage with a passbook for bad debt?

Although customers have collateral when taking out a loan, according to the bank’s regulations, customers with bad debt will not be supported to borrow money with a savings book.

Can a savings book in someone else’s name get a loan?

Yes, but it is necessary to have a guarantee document from the owner of the passbook and the personal document of the guarantor when making a loan application.

How long does it take to disburse?

Disbursement time is from 1-2 days, the fastest is 30 minutes when applying for a loan at Techcombank.


Savings book mortgage is a financial solution chosen by many customers when they need capital in a short time. The article has provided full information about interest rates, conditions, documents as well as introduced banks that support mortgage loans with the best interest rate savings books.

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