OCB unsecured loan To solve financial difficulties is a quick and perfect method because this loan is simple, no collateral is required. What unsecured loan packages does Orient Bank (OCB) have? What is OCB’s consumer loan interest rate? What are the loan terms and procedures?

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What is OCB unsecured loan?

Form OCB unsecured loan installment cash loan No need to mortgage assets, but only need to rely on the customer’s reputation, credit history and income to approve a loan limit of 10 – 70 million VND. The OCB OCB consumer loan package supports the purposes of borrowing money for business, personal consumption, tuition fees, travel, home repair….

OCB Bank

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Advantages of OCB unsecured loans

OCB unsecured loans have many outstanding advantages such as:

  • OCB supports the preferential unsecured loan interest rate from only 1.67%/month based on the gradually decreasing loan balance.
  • Support diversified loan limit from 10 to 70 million VND.
  • Support fast disbursement from 1-3 working days.
  • Flexible installment period from 6 to 36 months.
  • Support online loan registration, enthusiastic consultants.

Forms of unsecured loans OCB updated in 2021

Like most banks – financial companies operating in the field of unsecured consumer loans, OCB also deploys diverse products to meet a wide range of customers, including:

  • Unsecured loan according to payroll
  • Borrowing under the old credit contract
  • Borrowing under life insurance
  • Borrow money with a motorbike key

OCB unsecured loan according to payroll

Condition :

  • Customers aged 20-60
  • Receive minimum transfer salary 3 million/month
  • Have contract

Dossier for OCB unsecured loan according to payroll include:

  • Identity card or ID card
  • Original household registration used to take pictures and compare during appraisal
  • Contract or work confirmation
  • Salary statement or salary confirmation
  • Health insurance card (if any).

Advantages :

  • Support high-limit loan, up to 10 times salary
  • The interest rate calculated on the outstanding balance gradually decreases from only 1.66% / month
  • No company appraisal

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OCB unsecured loans according to electricity and water bills

Condition :

  • Customers whose names are on the electricity and water bills at least 150,000 VND/month
  • The customer is living at the address on the invoice

File :

  • ID card and household registration
  • Electricity bill, water bill or electricity bill code …

Characteristics :

  • Support loan limit 75 times higher than invoice value
  • No need to prove income
  • Customers can pay their bills at any time

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OCB unsecured loan package for self-employed customers

Support object:

  • Self-employed clients with or without a business license;
  • Age from 20 to 60
  • Being a Vietnamese citizen has full legal responsibilities.

Loan package information:

  • Maximum loan limit: 70 million.
  • The installment period is from 6 to 36 months.
  • Interest rate: ~2.92%/month based on decreasing balance.

Loans profile:

  • Passport/KT3
  • Business license/business registration certificate

OCB unsecured loans for pensioners


  • The customer is a person who is entitled to a monthly pension in accordance with the provisions of Vietnam’s social insurance.
  • Minimum income from pension is not less than 2 million VND
  • Age 51 – 65 for men and 46 – 65 for women at the time of loan termination


  • Salary slip and social insurance allowance (copy)
  • Pension receipt book (copy)
  • Decision on retirement benefits (copy)
  • Statement of account receiving pension for the last 3 months up to the time the customer submits the loan application.


  • Maximum loan support: 8 times of pension
  • Maximum amount of support: 50 million VND
  • Monthly interest rate: ~2.42%/month (interest rate is calculated according to the decreasing balance)
  • Loan term from 06 – 36 months

OCB unsecured loan according to motorbike cave


  • Age between 20 – 60 at the time of loan termination
  • Owning a motorbike with a vehicle value of >= 15 million VND, the life of the vehicle must not exceed 48 months


  • Motorcycle sleeper or owner’s motorcycle registration certificate. The customer will not have his car impounded, but the credit officer will only take a photo of the original and compare it with the copy provided by the customer.


  • Maximum support amount: 30 million VND
  • Monthly interest rate: ~1.67%/month (interest rate is calculated according to the decreasing balance)
  • Loan term from 06 – 36 months

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How much is OCB unsecured loan interest rate?

The specific interest rates of OCB unsecured loans are as follows:

  • Unsecured loans for teachers and staff: preferential interest rates from 1%/month;
  • Topup unsecured loan: interest rate is about 21%/year;
  • OCB Com-B unsecured loan: interest rate ranges from 1.67%-2.92%/month.

OCB bank loan documents

Dossier for OCB bank loan includes:

  • Portrait photo.
  • Be a Vietnamese citizen, have ID card/CCCD, age 20 – 60.
  • Passport or driving license.
  • Customers receive incentives when providing one of the following documents:
  • Labor contract and Salary statement/Payroll.
  • Contract of Life Insurance.
  • Business registration certificate / Market stall rental contract / Market stall ownership certificate.

Instructions on the process of unsecured loans from OCB (COMB)

Orient Bank (OCB) has now deployed an online loan platform to help customers apply for loans as quickly as possible. With just the basic 4-step process below:

  • Step 1: To apply for a loan at Oriental Bank – OCB, click on the loan registration button to go to the information registration page.
  • Step 2: OCB’s human resources department will receive your registration information.
  • Step 3: After receiving the application, OCB’s staff will call you to advise on the loan package and notify you of the exact loan supported, loan term, monthly interest rate and monthly contract payment amount. .
  • Step 4: After agreeing to the terms, OCB will disburse the loan package for you, the time to disburse unsecured loan is 48 hours at the latest.

VPBank’s unsecured loan process with the best interest rate

OCB bank unsecured loan experience

You should study the issues related to the loan contract, where you do not understand, ask the counselor for a clear explanation. That will help you avoid problems in repayment in the future.

So when OCB consumer loan You should know some experience to be able to borrow money wisely.

What should ocb pay attention to?
Some experiences in unsecured loans at OCB

Know your own financial situation

Actually 90% of people who use the form unsecured loan is used to pay off debt. Therefore, before taking out a loan, you should understand your financial situation in the present time to avoid the debt husband that makes you fall into an unresolvable deadlock.

You should answer a few questions yourself before applying for an OCB unsecured loan such as: How much money do you currently earn a month? How much is the cost of living? Is your credit history at an alarming rate?

These issues will help you find a solution to your debt as well as help you consider whether to get an unsecured loan. Why?

Because in the unsecured loan contract, it will show the interest rate as well as the amount you need to pay each month to the bank. If your current financial resources can meet that, then taking an unsecured loan to solve your problems is a smart solution.

Know your own finances when deciding to borrow
You need to know your own financial situation before deciding to take a loan

Absolutely do not borrow more than 50% of the remaining income from OCB

After you have grasped your financial resources at the present time, a golden rule when taking out a personal unsecured loan, you should remember that you absolutely do not borrow more than 50% of the remaining income. This means that the amount you need to pay the bank each month should only be between 30 and 40% of your total income.

If you do not ensure this principle yourself, you can easily push yourself into a situation of debt stacking or taking on new loans to pay off old debts, which is extremely dangerous. In case you are not sure about your finances, the best advice for you is to use the form OCB bank cash loan have a mortgage rather than a mortgage with a salary.

You can choose to get unsecured loans from other reputable banks

Currently, in our country, there are many different banks that are providing unsecured loans with many attractive offers such as “unsecured loans with attractive interest rates, quick disbursement” … making you believe that it is true and not Read the terms of the contract carefully.

And when you actually use these unsecured loan packages, you will be shocked to know that you have fallen into the trap with exorbitant interest rates and many other fees. Therefore, you need to calmly consider, consider and choose a reputable bank for unsecured loans.

OCB is a reputable bank
Choose to borrow from reputable banks to ensure safety

Some questions when applying for OCB unsecured loans

Which areas do OCB unsecured loans support?

Orient Bank OCB supports unsecured consumer loans in areas where OCB branches are located, specifically as follows:

An GiangBA Ria Vung TauBac Lieu
Bac GiangBac NinhBen tre
Binh DuongPacifyBinh Phuoc
Binh ThuanCa MauCan Tho
DanangDak NongDak Lak
Dong NaiDong ThapHanoi
Hai DuongHau GiangHo Chi Minh
hung YenKhanh HoaKien Giang
Lam DongLong AnNinh Thuan
Nghe AnPhu-ThoPhu Yen
Tay NinhQuang NamQuang Ninh
Thanh HoaTien GiangThai Nguyen
Quang NgaiSoc TrangTra Vinh
HueVinh Phuc

How to look up the OCB loan contract?

Customers can look up OCB loan contracts in two ways:

  • Way 1: Call OCB’s Customer Care Center at 1800 6678read the Contract number and confirmation information for support lookup.
  • Way 2: Go to the nearest branch – transaction office of OCB bank to look up.

How to pay OCB loan contract?

Customers can pay OCB loan contract in the following ways:

  • Viettel transaction point
  • Payoo payment gateway (https://bill.payoo.vn/tra-tien-thanh-toan-vay-tra-gop-ocb-ngan-hang-phuong-dong)
  • VNPT Post Office
  • Airpay payment gateway (http://www.airpay.vn)
  • And other collection partners cooperate with OCB nationwide


In the present era OCB’s unsecured loan experience To meet the short-term needs of life is no longer strange to everyone. With the experience in the unsecured loan process that Banktop has just shared, we hope to help you have a clearer view before signing an unsecured loan contract.

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