Other bank transfer fees always get the attention of consumers. Below are the money transfer fee schedules of the system of Vietnamese banks for your reference. Join us to find out more about this in the share below.

What is interbank money transfer?

Interbank money transfer or other money transfer is a form of transferring money from one bank account to another, for example, transferring money from Vietcombank to Agribank.

This form of interbank money transfer can be done at the Bank Transaction Office or via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking…. Transferring money through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking will help customers save time and effort in commuting.

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Is there a fee for transferring money to another bank?

Normally, when transferring money with the customer’s banking system, there may be no fee or a small fee, but when transferring money between banks, you will have to lose a significant amount of gas.

Is there a fee for interbank money transfer?
Is there a fee for interbank money transfer?

This fee will be regulated by different banks, so the fee schedule for money transfer is always of great interest. Usually, this fee will fluctuate in the range of several thousand to several tens of thousands. The exact fee will be calculated based on the % norm set by each bank and the amount of the transfer.

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Update the latest Other Bank Transfer Fee Schedule

To help customers have a clear view of money transfer fees, we have compiled the latest fee schedules of banks. Please refer to the detailed information in the update table below:

Transfer amount/Fee/Bank<10 million50 millions100 millions500 million won
BIDV7,700 VNDVND 11,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 22,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 55,000 +0.02% of the amount transferred
Vietcombank7,700 VNDVND 11,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 22,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 110,000+0.02% of the amount transferred
Ocean Bank8,800 VND
VPBank8,800 VND
  • VND 275,000+0.05% of the amount transferred
  • Maximum fee: 1,100,000 VND
AgriBank8,800 VND27,500 VNDVND 55,000VND 275,000
VietinBank9,900 VNDVND 11,000+0.01% of the amount transferredVND 11,000+0.01% of the amount transferredVND 55,000+0.01% of the amount transferred
SHB9,900VND+0.011% of the amount transferred12,100 VND+0.011% of the amount transferred121,000 VND+0.021% of the amount transferred
ACBVND 10,500+0.028% of the amount transferredVND 14,000+0.028% of the amount transferredVND 28,000+0.028% of the amount transferredVND 140,000+0.028% of the amount transferred
SCBVND 11,000
  • VND 165,000+0.03% of the amount transferred
  • Maximum fee: 500,000 VND
ABBankVND 11,00016,500 VNDVND 33,000VND 165,000
EximBankVND 11,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 22,000+0.02% of the amount transferredVND 110,000+0.02% of the amount transferred
A BankVND 11,000+0.025% of the amount transferred13,750 VND+0.025% of the amount transferred27,500 VND+0.025% of the amount transferred137,500 VND+0.025% of the amount transferred

Above is the fee schedule for transferring money from other banks that these banks are collecting. In addition, you can also use the no-fee interbank money transfer service of the banks below.

Which bank does interbank money transfer without fees?

Besides the system of banks that charge fees for inter-bank money transfer, there are still banks that transfer money without fees. This is considered a development strategy and a special gratitude to customers who have used the service. Here are the banks that do not charge money transfer fees you can refer to:

  • VIB . Bank
  • Techcombank
  • TPBank
Some banks do not charge interbank money transfer fees
Some banks do not charge interbank money transfer fees

These three banks allow consumers to transfer money for free via Mobile Banking or Internet Banking. This not only brings outstanding convenience to customers but also saves costs.

VIB . Bank

VIB is an international joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam that is highly appreciated for providing customers with many quality services. Especially, for those who are using VIB ATM card with e-banking registration, they will be free of charge for transferring to other banks, free of cash withdrawal at VIB ATM system nationwide.


Vietnam Technological and Commercial Bank (TechcomBank) has won the hearts of consumers with many good services. One of the attractive incentives for TechcomBank cardholders is the free money transfer to other banks via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.


If you are using TPBank’s e-banking service, you will certainly be satisfied with the free inter-bank money transfer offer. Besides, you also

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Instructions for 3+ fastest ways to transfer money to other banks

Interbank money transfers can be made via the service platforms below.

Transfer money from other banks via ATM

  • Step 1: Use an ATM card inserted into the slot on the ATM
  • Step 2: Enter the Login Pin code
  • Step 3: Select the feature of transferring money outside the bank
  • Step 4: Enter all necessary information displayed on the screen

This form of money transfer through an ATM is rarely used because the transferor is difficult to control.

Transfer money from other banks via Internet Banking

The second form of interbank money transfer chosen by many people is via Internet Banking.

  • Step 1: Access the bank’s website then log in to the Ebanking system
  • Step 2: Select the form of interbank money transfer to make the transaction
  • Step 3: Enter the required information on the screen
  • Step 4: Confirm transaction and activate sending OTP confirmation code
  • Step 5: Enter the OTP sent to your phone to proceed with the transfer.

Transfer money from other banks via Mobile Banking App

Currently, all banks have deployed a separate mobile app, so it is more convenient to transfer money via the app:

  • Step 1: Log in to the banking app on your phone
  • Step 2: Choose regular money transfer or 24/7 fast transfer
  • Step 3: Enter the recipient’s information including STK, bank, transfer amount
  • Step 4: Confirm OTP to complete the transaction

The way to transfer money through this app is more convenient. You will control transaction information and keep trading account information easily.

Electronic wallet

In addition to the above inter-bank money transfers, you can also make money transfers via Momo e-wallet. Momo wallet has been preferred by young people to use because it brings convenience when making other transactions. However, the interbank money transfer fee on Momo is also quite high, so you need to consider carefully before using the service.

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How long does it take to receive interbank money transfer?

Once the interbank money transfer has been successfully done by the above delivery methods, how long will it take for the recipient to receive the money? This is a question many people ask when they are new to this service.

To optimize the interbank money transfer service, all banking systems have developed two methods of transfer and receipt: interbank money transfer in the form of quick transfer and regular transfer.

24/7 money transfer service helps to transfer - receive money quickly
24/7 money transfer service to help transfer – receive money quickly

Fast transfer means that the recipient will immediately receive the money when the receiver confirms the completion of the transaction. This form helps the recipient receive money in all hours outside of office or on weekends.

Regular wire transfers may take longer. The time the recipient receives the money will fall within 1 day or beyond the next working day. For money transfers on Fridays and Saturdays, the reception time may be slower. But normally it won’t be more than 3 days. In general, the reception time will be longer.


Above are detailed information about money transfer fees and issues related to interbank money transfer fees. Hopefully this knowledge will help you choose the right and economical delivery method.

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