Payoneer has just introduced a new brand identity globally, no longer the Y symbol in the stylized “Pay” word, but now Payoner uses a circle with many colors around it.

Previously, orange was Payoneer’s trademark color. Now, the new color is boldly “global”, reflecting our promise and commitment to all people everywhere.

The new icon is a circle – We call it “Halo” – a circle with many colors, light surrounding and revolving around everything. A single entity, where all are connected, all connected in many parts of the world. All is for you.

New global brand for a future of global trade.

Payoneer is forever a partner in digital commerce everywhere in the world. From cross-border digital payments to global e-commerce growth, we are committed to providing technology, connectivity and confidence to any business, in any market, to they maximize their potential.

Our ecosystem of businesses, marketplaces and e-commerce platforms places us – as well as Payoneer’s network of customers and partners – at the heart of the new global economy.


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