What business should people do business? New advantage in terms of the five elements? Let’s explore ourselves to find the strengths to exploit the best! Below this article, let’s find out the answer to the question of what items do business in Tho!

Overview of Tho people – what business should Tho people do?

Tho people in general are people who like stability; someone you can trust, so you are usually very popular with those around you; especially bosses at work. However, people destined for Tho are not very assertive; and lack of recklessness in doing business, especially outside business.

Overview of people destined for earth

What year is Destiny?

How do you know what you belong to? Considering the five elements, there are five elements that make up life: Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire Earth. In it, the Earth sign represents the land. This is an extremely important factor for human survival. People with the Earth destiny are also considered to be nurturing and mutual helping others to develop.

Look up your year of birth to see if you belong to the Tho par:

Year 1938, 1998 – Lunar New Year

Year 1961, 2021 – New Ox

1930, 1990 – Canh Ngo

1939, 1999 – Year of the Rabbit

1968, 2028 – Mau Than

1931, 1991 – Tan Mui

1946, 2006 – Binh Tuat

1969, 2029 – The Rooster

1947, 2007 – Dinh Hoi

Year 1976, 2036 – The Year of the Dragon

1960, 2020 – Canh Ty

1977, 2037 – Dinh Ty

Characteristic characteristics of people destined for Tho

In terms of feng shui five elements, people par Tho have quite special characteristics; has very unique characteristics compared to other zodiac signs; After studying carefully you will realize many extremely interesting things.

Manh Tho inherently represents the land, in other words the Tho man is the place where plants and animals are nurtured and developed; This is the place where all life originates, symbolizing peace and luck.

The Tho people have a rather mild and gentle personality; loved by many people around. Besides, they are also very hardworking, always keeping a certain sense of reason and modesty. They are often seen as practical people; always live and work according to a specific, clear plan in life activities, work and relationships.

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The reason people with the Earth destiny should choose a suitable career for development

What business should Tho people do – Each person will have their own personality traits, and have ideals; different ambitions. We can choose a few jobs that we love; However, it must be suitable with the ability, capacity and needs of the society.

In fact, things are not as easy as we would like. Not everyone can find exactly what they really love and dedicate themselves to for a long time.

Choosing the right career will help people with the Tho par in particular and other destinies in general have a lot of luck and fortune; easier to succeed on the career path. In addition, choosing the right career according to the five elements also helps bring many opportunities to develop talents for yourself; easily improve social status as well as work smoothly.

What business should Tho people do?

In terms of the five elements and personality, people with the Tho par are very suitable for workplaces at the center. At the same time, people of Tho par are also quite suitable for industries related to trading in goods such as real estate; real estate, civil works, building materials, astrology, feng shui, production of ceramics; and occupations related to agriculture or livestock production.

Besides What business should people do business with – To choose the right career, you should try to apply the law of the five elements, which will produce more results. In the next part, learn about the force of mutuality – contrast to find another job that is suitable for people with Earth destiny!

What business should earth people do?

What business should Men of Tho do business – What profession does Menh Tho suit according to the theory of five elements?

Similar jobs with people destined for Earth

What business should Tho people do should choose jobs related to land?

Tho people can also choose jobs related to Earth par as mentioned above which will be very suitable and bring a lot of luck.

In addition, consider more about the characteristics of people destined for Tho as: What color is the Earth destiny in 2022? usually characterized. This person is usually very inclusive, stable, steady, and extremely rational. In addition to the work as analyzed above; What business should people do business with – will be very suitable for jobs such as: working as a lawyer, consultant, guest speaker, judge; hotel restaurant manager, butler, designer, secretary, accountant, senior manager, or study soil, stone trade,….

What business should Tho people do should choose jobs related to land!

Work related to fire – Fire par

According to the law of the five elements, the Fire destiny will coexist for the Earth destiny. It means that the jobs of the Fire par will help you always have luck and can easily reap riches later. So What business should people do business?

The Fire attribute profession is characterized by enthusiasm, strength, violence, and respect for etiquette. Therefore, they are often suitable for specific occupations as follows: working in culinary, restaurant business; hotels, factories, opening department stores; work related to optics, photography, eyewear production, electricity, electrical equipment; fireworks, metallurgy, alcohol, hairdressing beauty industry, cosmetics, jewelry, fire medicine; work as a firefighter, thermal power engineer, solar energy production & sales…

Work related to fire - fire par (mutual)

Jobs that are incompatible with people destined for Earth

Work related to metal – par Kim

According to the five elements theory, Tho and Kim are also two mutual lives because Tho gave birth to Kim. However, in this case it is different; Because Earth is born, it will be weakened to support Kim. Therefore, only Kim is the beneficiary, while Tho is the complete opposite. Work related to par Kim will also be difficult to support Tho; making this destiny unable to thrive, trading at a constant loss…

People who are destined for Earth should do whatever business they need to avoid, occupations in the five elements of Kim, which are mainly related to machines, are decisive, controllable and authoritative. Including industries such as: related to iron and steel, metal, building materials, metal repair, metal trading, electronics and telecommunications, satellites, mechanical machinery, computers, electrical components death; copper fabrication, aluminum alloy making, jewelry processing, machine tool sales, etc. In general, these are tough and assertive professions.

Work related to metal – par Kim (should be avoided)

Work related to plants – par Moc

Manh Moc has the opposite characteristics of par Tho, so it will inhibit the development of Tho (Simply understood because the tree will absorb all nutrients from the soil, making the soil prone to dryness). Therefore, people destined for Tho, especially if they don’t want to face many hardships at work; easily suppressed, petty people harm, cause failure, making life harder and harder, so avoid doing things that belong to the Wood destiny!

The characteristics of the professions belonging to the Moc par are educational, religious, compassionate, related to plants, prolific and prolific. For example, occupations: woodworking, agricultural production, cultivation; Oriental medicine, horticulture; related to building materials, food, literature, culture, stationery; products on education, publishing, music, teachers, justice, politics, religion, research…

Work related to plants - par Moc (should be avoided)

Work related to water – par Thuy

Finally, there is the Thuy par. According to the five elements, Tho Khac Thuy (because the earth can block the flow of water). Therefore, people with Earth destiny will not have much advantage if they do pure Thuy jobs. If you really love it, you can still consider doing work related to this network.

The characteristics of the group of occupations belonging to the Thuy par are related to wisdom; fluidity, high weldability. For example, occupations such as: fishery, maritime, irrigation; petroleum, production of beverages and alcohol, production of raincoats, rescue workers, swimming pools, water sports athletes, reporters, diplomats; study marine species; hydroelectricity, tour guide, shipping, advertising, aviation, animal circus; Import-export, business consulting are all related to the Five Elements of Water.

Water-related work – par Thuy (should be avoided)

Real Estate Investment – the ideal direction for people of the Earth destiny

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