Phu Quoc’s land goes through each stage with different fluctuations when there is a land fever. How will the land price of Phu Quoc in 2022 change when this is a potential real estate market with many investors trading and buying land here? Let’s find out how much the land plot of Phu Quoc and Phu Quoc land costs this year!

The situation of land in Phu Quoc in the past year 2021 and previous years

The period from mid-2018 to 2021, the land market in particular and the real estate market in general in the whole country is gloomy and even Phu Quoc.

After many sudden price increases and a lot of public opinion about the special economic zones located here, the real estate market here gradually becomes slower.

There have been many large and small investors directly participating in Phu Quoc Real Estate quite early, and among them, there are many successful investors with their decisions and many have to sell quickly to recover capital. Land price in Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang district, increased and decreased abnormally. Land transactions here also decreased sharply during the provincial decree decisions on special economic zones as well as the right to subdivide plots here.

After that, even if there is information about the planned land, it is not possible to stimulate demand to the nearest peak, so the land plot in Phu Quoc is currently in need of more development directions.

Situation of land in Phu Quoc in 2022

The objective situation affects the land of Phu Quoc

In the first months of 2021 up to now, thanks to many government policies, there has been a lot of interest from real estate investors in Phu Quoc City; when it was officially upgraded to a city. Old and new investors all expect this to be a good stepping stone to promote the Phu Quoc real estate market after a period of nearly 3 quiet years.

The objective situation affects the land of Phu Quoc

When the pandemic situation has been stabilized, 2022 will be the most explosive year for the real estate industry in the country and even Phu Quoc. The establishment of Phu Quoc city creates enough momentum to stimulate the market, but there will be no rapid and high land price increase like previous fevers and will be controlled in the government’s intentions.

The potential of the real estate market in Phu Quoc

At present, the potential of land plots in Phu Quoc is still very attractive to investors, typically the situation of land price in Phu Quoc subdivision is currently still anchored at a high level and shows no sign of decreasing despite the objective influence. and subjectively causing prolonged depression of the general market.

Because now in Phu Quoc city, real estate investment here will bring real value to the right investors and be more attractive because:

Phu Quoc tourism industry is constantly developing to attract millions of visitors every year along with the infrastructure that has been invested over 5000 billion dong, modern roads, the resort meets 5-star standards and international airports. international standards and seaports are about to come into operation…

Many real estate projects and tycoons who also favor Phu Quoc are also attracting foreign investors with strong added value – from 10-15%/year.

Situation of land in Phu Quoc in 2022

Real Estate Investment Nature Landscape Company – Phoenix Villa riverside villa project

When it comes to real estate investment, it is impossible to ignore the current largest Gia Lai riverside villa project of the landscape company Nature.

With the scale of the project to build villas on 247 large and small apartments, at least 500m2/apartment, the total area is about 35ha and the cost is up to 1600 billion won; You will enjoy all the rights and benefits from this villa.

Real estate investment Nature Landscape Company - Phoenix Villa riverside villa project

What you will get when accompanying with Nature Landscape JSC:

  • Guaranteed TRANSPARENCY, CLEARLY by loan contract.
  • Opportunity to “accumulate small to big” with experience from 50 million VND.
  • Enjoy a 20% – 30% discount when using services at the company doing business.
  • Project liquidity is high, capital withdrawal is quick.
  • Commitment to pay interest on time.

Currently, the project is still receiving capital contribution in phase 1 160 billion won. If you are wondering where to invest, please contact us for more direct advice on the project!



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