The growing society brings modern technologies deeply into our lives. In particular, Internet Banking is a convenient banking service favored and used by many customers. In this article, I will introduce the service Internet Banking MBBankonline payment gateway of Military Bank MB and answer some information such as:

What is MBBank Online?

How to register for MBBank Internet Banking service?

Function, how to use?

Instructions for registering and using Internet Banking MBbank Online
Instructions for registering and using Internet Banking MBbank Online

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Internet Banking What is MBBank?

MBBank Online is an online service provided by MB Bank provided for customers to perform transactions on their accounts. When connected to the network, internet banking Mbbank It helps users to manage their accounts and conduct online transactions at home very conveniently. Typically, look up account information, transfer money, pay purchase bills, pay electricity and water bills, pay taxes…

Internet banking service mbbank
Internet banking service mbbank

Outstanding features of MBBank Internet Banking service

Some features of MBBank Online service:

  • Look up account information
  • Balance lookup
  • Transaction lookup
  • Bank transfer
  • Transfer money to another bank
  • Payment of electricity
  • Review recent transactions
  • Pay for plane tickets or train tickets
  • Payment for hotel, travel, insurance, …
  • Paying for mobile or internet usage

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Advantages of MBBank Internet Banking Service

Wouldn’t it be great if we could sit at home and do currency transactions quickly, wouldn’t it? That is the outstanding benefit of internet banking application for you! Currently, Internet Banking Mbbank owns many preeminent features:

  • Help users manage bank accounts effectively.
  • For a relatively small fee, the service offers 24/7 uptime wherever you are.
  • Very simple operation on the smartphone, you can transfer, send and pay money very quickly instead of having to go to the transaction office like traditional.
  • Support online savings deposit, register bank unsecured loan Online right on this app.
  • Safety and security:
  • Transfer money in and out of the country quickly and conveniently.

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Instructions to Register for Internet Banking MBBank

Is it difficult to register for Mbbank internet banking service? What do we need to prepare to use convenient online banking?

Conditions for Registration of MBBank Online

First of all, to use MBBank Online service, you need to open an account at Military Bank. And to open an account at MBBank you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Account holder is 18 years old or older
  • Have full ID card or CCCD. (In the case of users from 15 years old who need to register for the service, they need a guardian to accompany them.)
  • The current bank card has been integrated with the Mbbank payment account.

MBBank Internet Banking Registration Profile

  • Original ID/ID/passport to the bank transaction office.
  • Application form for registration of Internet Banking service

Register on MBBank app

Here, you just need to fill in your personal information on the form provided by the bank. Then wait for the teller to receive and approve. Upon successful registration, you will receive a MBBank Internet Banking account. Finally, proceed to log in to check and use.

Normally, when you open an account at Military Bank, the staff will introduce you to MBBank Online service and you can register right now. However, if you have not registered at that time, you can refer to the following registration method.

Register for MBBank Online On Your Phone

  • Step 1: Download the internet banking app to your phone and access it.
  • Step 2: Click on the account registration list and correctly fill in your information. Including ID number, ATM card number, pin code.
  • Step 3: Enter the confirmation code to activate the service.
  • Step 4: Wait for the notification message “registration successful”. Receive account password in SMS and use login.

Link to download MBBank Online application:

  • On Android: here
  • On iOS: here

Register for Internet Banking MBBank on Website

Step 1: Go to MB banking website > Select Digital bank > Select Personal.

Step 1
Step 1

Step 2: Click Sign Up.

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3: Confirm agree to the terms > Click Next.

Step 3
Step 3

Then you need to enter your card information then press Validate.

press Verify
press Verify

Step 4: The MBbank Internet banking registration process will begin. When completed, MB Bank will notify you that you have successfully registered.

MBBank Internet Banking Service User Manual

For the most part, the operations performed on internet banking Mbbank are all very simple. Depending on the purpose, customers can use the service as follows:

  • Look up account information: Click on the “account” category on the screen interface to check the existing amount, loan account, deposit …
  • Make a money transfer: Click on the “transfer” category, then fill in the information about the recipient’s account, the amount to transfer, click Ok and check.
  • Pay bills: Click on the “payment” category, find the bill to pay and make the transaction.

Fee Schedule for MBBank Online Service

firstFast money transfer via card number or account10,000 VND/transaction
2Transfer money usually via account number
Transactions worth less than 500 million VND10,000 VND/transaction
Transactions with a value of 500 million VND or more0.027% amount/transaction, maximum fee is 1,000,000 VND


The article is for those who are wondering “internet banking Mbbank what?” and its functional advantages. Hope this useful information will help you to use online banking safely and conveniently.

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