Residential real estate what? Where should I invest in residential real estate? At what price should I buy? These are mostly questions asked by many investors when participating in this real estate market. Residential real estate is a rising name in the real estate market in recent years. Therefore, there are many new things that investors need to know. Follow the article and go deeper into this topic.

What is residential real estate?

Residential land is a phrase used to refer to land for habitation. Including rural land, denoted ONT and urban land, denoted ODT. Therefore, residential land is a type of land that is not regulated by law. It’s just a common name for people.

Currently, residential land is used the most in the construction of buildings and houses. Appears with many high frequencies in many localities. Because of that, the price of land in many places has increased dramatically. Causing confusion for many investors. Residential real estate

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Classification of residential land and agricultural land

Residential land belongs to the non-agricultural group. Therefore, to be recognized as residential land. Then the owner must carry out the procedures for transferring the use purpose. Specifically here is the non-agricultural purpose. The question now is what is the difference between residential land and agricultural land? Follow the next part of the article to go deeper into this issue.

To clarify this issue, we should first clarify what is agricultural land? Agricultural land is land used to serve activities such as aquaculture, rice production, food, food, etc.

Unlike residential land, agricultural land is not used for residential purposes. If you want to build a house on agricultural land. Then the owner has to do the legal issues and convert it to the intended use. One note that agricultural land when sold will not be priced as high as residential land. Residential real estate

How much does residential land cost?

How much does residential land cost? The question is getting a lot of attention and interest from investors. In fact, the valuation of residential land also depends a lot on the economic conditions and context of each locality. Below is a basic price list of residential land in plains, midland and mountainous communes.

  • The first to be mentioned is the delta area with prices ranging from 100,000 VND/m2 to nearly 29,000,000 VND/m2.
  • Next is the Midland communes with prices ranging from 80,000 VND/m2 to 15,000,000 VND/m2.
  • Finally, in mountainous communes, prices range from 70,000 VND/m2 to 9,000,000 VND/m2.

Participating in capital contribution with businesses – The fastest way to help investors have money to buy land

Are you really looking to settle down and settle down in a beautiful residential land? However, the price is too high for the current amount. And struggling not knowing how to solve it? So why don’t we try to use that money and move into a parallel direction called “LOAN FOR BUSINESSES”. Specifically, here is the project Phoenix Villa of the Nature Landscape Joint Stock Company. An investment project that promises much success on your own way of getting rich.

Nature Landscape Joint Stock Company – Bringing nature closer to you

Born in 2019, up to the present time. Nature Landscape has been operating for 3 years in the economic arena. The main areas of activity include providing services, designing and constructing natural landscapes. Although only with 3 years of operation. But the company has collected a lot of “trophies”. It is understood as the second largest landscape project in Ho Chi Minh City area.

Some of the great projects that have made the name of Landscape Nature are most mentioned are Millennium Thao Dien, TSL Science Co., Ltd. project, Saigon Pearl project, Alma Cam Ranh resort project, etc. series of projects of medium and large scale. The most prominent and successful of the company cannot fail to mention the resort villa project Phoenix Villa Gia Lai. A project is considered the most investment of the company during the past 3 years. Why use the phrase “most invested” to refer to this project? If you want to know, follow the next part below.

Contributing business capital with Phoenix Villa Gia Lai – Bringing the opportunity to get rich closer to you

Phoenix Villa is one of the projects of Nature JSC. With a project scale of up to 1,600 billion VND. A huge number. Next to it is an area stretching up to 35ha and 247 villas. Building density up to 45%. Accompanying is a combination of entertainment areas such as floating restaurants, Barclub, marina, exhibition area and general commercial center. With meticulous investment from finance to service. Affirm one thing that “all of us when lending to businesses”Will definitely be profitable“. So what will investors get when they contribute capital to the business?

  • The first is the interest rate. High and stable interest rates. Investors will receive that amount of interest every month. In this regard, investors are completely secure. Businesses always give an interest rate that investors will definitely have to “fall” money from the first transaction.
  • Customers when lending to businesses will be guaranteed safety by loan contracts. Financially and legally secure.
  • Besides, investors will receive many discounts from 10%-30% when using all services at Nature.

Too many offers are waiting for customers at Phoenix Villa Gia LaiNature. Please accompany the company in 2022. Promises to be the fastest way to make money to help you realize your dream of buying residential land for yourself and your family.


Buying residential land also depends on many factors. From economic to financial context. Therefore, give yourself many combined investment options. That way you can make a lot of money. And quickly come close to the dream of buying residential land. Good luck.

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