Surely all of us want to become rich even once. However, “saying is one thing, doing it is not easy”. Wanting to get rich must be based on many different factors such as will, ability, skills…

Currently, there are many people who are worried that they do not have a large amount of capital to start a business to get rich. Don’t worry, today we will reveal it to you ways to get rich with little capital most effective, simple and easy to implement. Don’t miss this post!

How to get rich with little capital in the field of fashion

Online sportswear business

Currently, people’s health awareness is increasing, outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular, the number of people participating in sports clubs is increasing, That means a huge demand for sporting goods. Therefore, the sports fashion business is gradually becoming one of the ways to get rich with little capital that many people choose.

Online sportswear business
Online sportswear business

Doing business in sportswear online will not require the cost of renting space, setting up a store, hiring employees, etc. The amount of capital spent will depend on the sportswear segment you are aiming for. There are many wholesale addresses that also support you to pick up goods according to the quantity in the first order, and starting from the following orders, you can get a small quantity, a sample of about a few pieces. In addition, you can receive orders first and deliver later, so you will not need a large capital, and reduce many risks.

If you want to have a stable and effective sportswear business, don’t forget to research the market carefully and determine the target customers you really want to reach.

Furniture rental service

For many people, especially women, they always like to beautify themselves, so shopping for clothes is indispensable. However, not everyone can afford to shop regularly, especially party wear that is rarely used, even used only once. Tapping into that mentality of customers, the rental service business form is increasingly blooming.

This is a pretty unique idea suitable for those who are new to business. With only a capital of about 70-100 million VND for renting space, buying costumes and decorating shops…

Image investment is very important for the fashion industry, make a good image and then market your store through social networking sites to attract more customers to know, help your business grow. favorable.

Children’s goods store

As fathers and mothers, who doesn’t want to shop for their children the most beautiful clothes. The common point of fathers and mothers is that they will never regret investing in their children. Therefore, investing in opening a children’s shop will be a good direction.

Children's goods store
Children’s goods store

Children’s clothing business, you need to prepare a capital of about 100 million VND or more to spend on marketing, premises, importing goods, setting up… Compared to selling adult clothes, children’s clothes have a lower price, suitable for those with little capital.

With a high children’s population structure, leading to a greater demand for children’s goods, you absolutely do not need to worry about the output, but focus very well on competing with competitors and attracting customers.

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Ways to get rich with little capital in the field of beauty care

Selling cosmetics online

The need for beauty is an indispensable thing for every person. Today, whether men or women, they all care a lot about skin care. Therefore, online cosmetics business is an idea and a trend. direction of young people who want to start a business.

Selling cosmetics online
Selling cosmetics online

If you are having a hard time with a lack of capital to open a cosmetic shop, don’t worry, you can still do business online with just a small amount of capital, an affordable source of goods, and a social network account. If the society is well cared for and interacts well, it can do the job of selling cosmetics.

Your favorite online cosmetic sales experience for you is to clearly define the audience you are targeting, to regularly solicit feedback from customers who use your cosmetics, and at the same time create trust to be able to do business most effectively.

Open a bridal salon

This business form is suitable for those who have passion, persistence and love for makeup. This business model requires you to know how to catch makeup trends, regularly hone your skills to perfect your skills and attract customers.

To open a bridal makeup shop, you need to invest in setting up the shop, makeup tools… Particularly, the cost of buying makeup tools will depend on the quality and brand that you choose to buy, which can fluctuate. from 15-50 million VND.

It is advisable to combine bridal makeup with hairdressing, because often customers will choose to go with combos, if only makeup is not done, it will be very inconvenient and less chosen by customers.

Eyebrow tattoo supplies shop

An equally hot business area in the beauty industry is opening a shop selling eyebrow tattoo tools. This is one of the ways to get rich with little capital that cannot be ignored for those of you who want to start a business

With the trend of “people and families tattooing eyebrows”, beauty addresses always need a large number of tattoo spray tools. Your job is just to invest capital to import high-quality goods and supply them without having to pay for space rental or store decoration. Doing business in this field is very competitive, the amount of capital is not much, only about 100 million VND is enough for you to do business.

The most important thing for a stable business is to create relationships with customers who are tattooists, or spas… Do good customer care so that they become your acquaintances. friend.

Hairdressing service

Hairdressing service business is a form of business that brings high income because hairdressing is always an inevitable and regular need. To open a hairdressing service, you need to consider the location of the premises, hairdressing equipment. , hire workers…

Hairdressing service business
Hairdressing service business

If you want to save money, you can consider carefully researching the old hair salons that lease the premises, which will save the effort of redesigning from scratch. The capital spent will depend on the types of services you intend to open, usually opening a men’s hairdressing service will cost less than women’s hair.

The most important thing is that you must regularly plan online advertising strategies, build images on social networks to reach more customers.

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Ways to get rich with little capital in the field of food

Selling junk food online

Online snacking business is a form of business that does not require a lot of capital, does not require skills, and brings high income. With the advantage of saving costs such as space, hiring staff …, owning a large number of customers, from adults to children. This will definitely be a money-making model for those who want to start a business with little capital.

Selling junk food online requires you to have a rich menu, reasonable prices, and often improve the quality of junk food. Many food delivery advertising applications will help support and create an environment to sell snacks online for you. At first, with only a small capital of 10-20 million VND, you can try your hand at this business.

Open a breakfast shop

One of the ways to get rich with little capital that you should consider adding is to open a breakfast shop. Normally, the opening capital of a breakfast restaurant will not be as high as that of selling lunch and dinner.

Choose a location to open a shop in an alley to reduce costs, but that place must have a dense population. The location will determine whether you sell well or not, no matter how well cooked, choosing an inappropriate location will cause obstacles.

Focus on 1-2 dishes that you are best able to do, it can be bread, dumplings, vermicelli, pho… Also, choose good, safe and cheap ingredients. Cost of opening a restaurant Breakfast will be about 15-30 million VND, spent on items such as tables and chairs, tools, materials, premises …

Open a home-cooked milk tea shop

Milk tea is a popular drink and is popular among young people because of its delicious taste and easy drinking. Every day, thousands of cups of milk tea are consumed nationwide, enough to see the attraction of this drink. If you are interested in ways to get rich with little capital, do not ignore the business model of opening this home-cooked milk tea shop.

Milk tea is a popular and popular drink among young people
Milk tea is a popular and popular drink among young people

You can start a home-cooked milk tea business with just 10 million VND. Use this capital to allocate to expenses such as trolleys, materials, etc. Make your signs and carts eye-catching to attract customers. Choose places where many students, students and office workers pass by to sell milk tea.

Office restaurant

Today, the office world has become busy and few people can prepare meals at home to bring to work, instead they often go to office lunch shops to buy. Therefore, opening an office restaurant is a potential way to get rich.

To open a restaurant, you need to understand the market, identify the target audience and make a reasonable business plan. The initial investment capital for this model ranges from 100 million. It is necessary to outline a detailed cost table to easily manage and use capital in the most effective way

Barbecue shop

Another way to get rich that you should try is to run a barbeque business, grilled food is a favorite of many people, regardless of age, this is a favorite and delicious dish that is easy to eat. . To open a small-scale barbecue restaurant, you need to spend about 30-40 million VND depending on the method of selling barbecue you choose.

In addition to the factors needed to open a shop, you also have to focus on advertising for the shop if you want to do good business. You can advertise through social networking sites, websites, print flyers, reviewers…

Some other ways to get rich with little capital

Selling handmade goods

In recent years, the model of selling handmade goods is gradually becoming widely popular, this is a way to get rich with little capital chosen by many people because of the potential level that this model brings. An effective handmade goods business needs knowledge and ideas about this item, the amount of capital spent depends on the form of online sales or opening a store.

Selling handmade goods
Selling handmade goods

Keeping the car “terrible”

Currently, parking lots appear everywhere on the streets, even on festive days, or in crowded places, there are many parking lots with very high prices.

Because of that, many people in this profession become rich quickly. Every day, just keep a few hundred turns of the car, you can earn millions of dong, a not-so-small income level, right?

Selling iced tea – HOT business model in Hanoi

For those of you in Hanoi, perhaps it is not strange to sell iced tea, it can be said that this is a unique feature of Hanoi people. With the model of selling iced tea, you only need to spend a very small amount of capital to buy the necessary items to be able to trade iced tea easily.

Usually selling iced tea should be combined with other dishes such as waterpipe tobacco, tobacco, sunflower seeds, peanut candies… Every day, if you sell to a few hundred customers, you will have a stable monthly income.


I’m sure everyone is no stranger to the shipper- the job of making money on delivery trips. With delivery work, you can earn a monthly amount of 10-15 million dong when you have a relationship and ensure the number of orders. This job does not need to invest capital, as long as you are enthusiastic and hardworking, you can bring a stable income.


Here are suggestions for ways to get rich with little capital but extremely simple and effective that we have put together. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more ideas for the business that is best for you. Good luck!

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