To get the idle assets of 900 million in hand is not an easy thing for anyone. You don’t want it to stand still, nor do you want to “adventure” risk. So, should there be 900 million to invest effectively? What to do to keep this amount growing? Let’s refer to the suggestions below to have a smart investment direction with this 900 million capital.

Advice for you before you invest 900 million

Identify goals when you invest – What should you invest 900 million in?

Identify goals when you invest - What should you invest 900 million in?

Is it possible to define a goal to have a clear path, to know if the achieved results are correct or not? For example: buying a house, buying a car, traveling; The cost of children’s education, preparation for a retirement plan, etc. can all be reasons for you to decide to invest. Although the ultimate goal of investing is to make money; but you need to be more specific about the purpose and reason of that amount. From there, you will have a basis to orient yourself which channel to focus on investing in; with how much profit is most suitable; or what is acceptable risk appetite.

Assess your own financial situation

This factor will directly affect the type of investment you are about to choose. Set aside a specific amount to ensure you have enough to cover basic living expenses; such as food, living expenses, education, health care, etc. And to be safer, it is advisable to set aside a reserve fund before deciding how much capital to invest.

A detailed, clear financial plan will help you easily identify a budget for each of your expenses. From there, you can calculate the amount of capital you can afford to invest. At the same time, when listing out the expenses, you can also cleverly adjust the budget and expenses; cut unnecessary expenses and increase your investment capital.

Prepare knowledge about investment and finance

Prepare knowledge about investment and finance

“The marketplace is the battlefield”, a place that can help you get rich overnight; but can also make you lose everything after just a moment. Make sure you know the basics; even specialize in investing and finance before starting to invest. There is no need to know everything; But the basic knowledge of how cash flow and the economy work will give you a better start.

Having a solid knowledge base will help you minimize your risk when choosing the most promising investment opportunity from the multitude of investment options on the market. This also creates a premise for cultivating more information and in-depth knowledge from personal experiences or learning from those who have gone before.

Keeping a long-term investment attitude – What should you invest with 900 million?

Except for risky forms of surfing investment; All other forms of investment are a long journey, requiring patience. The nature of the financial markets is that they fluctuate continuously from day to day, even hour to hour. But when considered for a long time, the market will change according to a certain rule; and they both tend to return to the equilibrium point.

Good investors don’t have to have a lot of money; they are the ones who always take the time to research the market and seize opportunities; and calculate how profitable they can be in the long run. They often don’t care to be swayed by daily fluctuations; and only affect the market in the short term.

Common risks when investing

Common risks when investing

Business risk

The risk that actual business results are contrary to expectations. There are many types and levels of risk in business caused by many factors; such as cost, revenue, law, level of competition. To minimize this level of risk, we can diversify investment portfolios, products.

Inflation risk

Inflation reduces purchasing power and profitability. An example of the impact of inflation to show you this risk: with a plan to buy a house by the end of 2022, you need to save 3 billion or more. So you decide to deposit a 1-year term at the end of 2021 with an amount of VND 3 billion, interest rate 5%/year; expected to get 3 billion 150 million at maturity. However in 2022 the inflation rate will increase by 3%; so the price for the house increased to 3 billion 90 million; and the real interest rate you will get from your savings is only 2%.

To reduce inflation risk, investors can find safer havens such as precious metals (gold), strong currencies (USD), etc.

Market risk

This term refers to the losses that the investor is likely to face; from many factors that affect the performance of the entire market. This is also known as systematic risk; is a factor that is always associated with investment activities in the financial market.

Portfolio diversification does not help you reduce this risk; because of its impact on the entire financial market. Some risks lie, for example, political situation, economic recession, natural disasters, terrorism, etc.

Currency risk

Also known as foreign exchange risk, this is the type of risk that arises when your investment involves many different currencies; and there is a change in the price of one currency relative to the others.

For example, an investor in the US buys shares in Vietnam; they not only face the risks associated with the trading of that stock; but also face foreign exchange risk when converting income from VND to USD. If they predict a 10% profit from investing in stocks in Vietnam; but in fact VND depreciated 5% compared to USD. Therefore, the actual return that investor receives is only 5%. To avoid currency risk in this case; This investor should choose countries with stronger currencies than USD to invest. In addition, using derivative financial instruments; such as swaps will also help hedge against currency risk.

With 900 million, what should be invested with high profit quickly that few people know about?

Deposit profitable savings

Send profitable savings

This is always considered a safe haven, low risk for the currency, with high stability, good liquidity, etc. The average interest rate is about 5-7%/year.

However, if there is an inflation risk, the value of the money you deposit will be reduced, and the interest rate will also decrease deeply. It can be clearly seen since the time of the Covid epidemic occurred.

Having 900 million, what should I invest this year? Vintage style cafe business

Having 900 million, what should I invest this year? Vintage style cafe business

Currently, very diverse coffee shop models are constantly growing everywhere. In particular, Vintage coffee style is also increasingly loved by young people. In the midst of a “surprise” by countless choices of coffee destinations; many countries around the world have found a unique solution for the space to enjoy coffee; it is “nostalgic” for the past but still retains the modern, unique and modern features; They create an emotional space. And those are called vintage cafes with classic style, a bit old and nostalgic.

Different from luxury and modern coffee models; usually located in large buildings, city center premises; fully equipped with air conditioning, high-speed Wi-Fi, constantly innovating trending drinks and foods; Vintage cafes are in a completely different direction. They choose to lie quietly, not too busy, noisy, not special food and drink; But it attracts customers by its unique style. It’s a unique idea that you can be more creative when thinking about what you should invest 900 million in today.

Trading in imported cosmetics

Cosmetics business is currently one of the exciting and competitive investment business fields. However, with a large young population in Vietnam; this is really always a potential and fertile land; with the increasing demand for beauty and self-care.

Seeing this great opportunity, many young people have taken careful preparation steps to be ready to participate in this retail market. They are not only fully equipped with financial resources; but also constantly investing in professional self-improvement; and methods of operating their own cosmetic business model.

What should I invest with 900 million? – Invest in a secondhand shoe shop

What should I invest with 900 million? - Invest in a secondhand shoe shop

Doing business has never been easy. With the 2hand clothing and footwear market extremely vibrant as it is today; 5 buyers – 10 sellers, you face many difficulties from competitor competition; hone product quality to how to attract customers.

Did you know that, for a successful secondhand footwear business; they need to focus human resources, capital, time, everything on selling; as soon as to find business ideas, products that match consumer needs. This is an extremely necessary thing that anyone entering this market should follow.

Real estate investment – ​​Risk goes hand in hand with super profit

At the present time, if you save money with low interest rates, you may even face inflation risks; gold market, currency fluctuates up and down; risky stocks and cryptocurrencies; Real estate with the advantage of preserving capital flow and increasing value over time is being liked by many investors when asking what should be done with 900 million.

Of course, with only 900 million in hand, investors will hardly be able to buy a luxury apartment; a townhouse or beach villas costing millions of dollars. But with the segment of land plots, mini apartments or condotels; then this amount is completely doable.

For example, when investing in an apartment, a hotel, a resort is considered to have good profitability with a profit of about 8-10%/year. Obviously much higher than bank deposit, but also increase with time value. Risky goes hand in hand with super profits.


For the rich, maybe 900 million is not much; but for ordinary workers, it’s money that takes a long time to accumulate. Therefore, when investing should consider carefully; cannot be arbitrarily, blindly listen to the consequences. The best way to limit risks and maximize profits; it is still not advisable to invest all 900 million in a single channel recklessly; but should divide the capital into many different channels to minimize risks. The choice is yours, but think carefully before choosing wisely!


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