Status Sacombank card is locked It’s very common nowadays, so don’t worry when you encounter this problem. Surely many customers have asked the question of how long does it take for Sacombank ATM cards to be locked? Currently, each bank has its own regulations for ATM cards.

Therefore, in the process of using it improperly or without knowing about the regulations of the bank. This will cause everyone’s ATM card to be locked. So what to do when Sacombank ATM card is locked? How to unlock Sacombank ATM card? Let’s find out in the article below.


Reasons why Sacombank ATM card is locked

There are many customers wondering why their ATM card is locked. And to solve this problem for you, here are the reasons why your ATM card is blocked. Then you can avoid these problems so that your ATM card is not locked.Sacombank card is locked

  • Each card type of the bank will have an expiration date. When it is time specified by the bank if you do not go to the bank to make the due date. Your ATM card will be automatically locked and no more transactions can be made.
  • If you are signing up to open an ATM card of Sacombank, you have not used any transaction for a long time. So your card will be locked one way by the bank.
  • For customers who make withdrawals at ATMs. If you enter the wrong PIN of your ATM card more than 3 times. Doing so will also cause your card to be locked and even be swallowed at the tree.
  • Customers actively block ATM cards because of card loss or card drop to ensure safety.
  • For customers who do not know which bank Sacombank is associated with. Thus, it is very easy to have transactions at ATMs that are not associated with the bank. If you make a transaction at an ATM that does not link your card, your card will be blocked.

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How to check if Sacombank card is locked?

To be able to check if your ATM card is blocked, it can be in many different ways. Therefore, to be able to check, you can refer to some of the following ways:

  • Directly to the counter to remind the bank staff to check for you.
  • Go to the bank’s ATM to make a transaction. If your card is locked, the screen will display a message to you.
  • Check on the e-banking service, please log in to the service then go to the card service management section. If your card is locked the application will display information to let you know.
  • Or you can proceed to call Sacombank’s switchboard for assistance with questions. Sacombank bank switchboard number: 1900 5555 88.
  • ….

Sacombank card is locked, what to do?

So when Sacombank ATM card is locked, what to do? Here we will guide you how to quickly and simply unlock your Sacombank card when locked. People can proceed to unlock Sacombank card by the following ways. Please refer below.

Unlocking locked Sacombank cards at transaction counters

If your card is locked for reasons such as: Entering wrong PIN more than 3 times, card expired, transaction at unlinked tree. You will need to go directly to the bank to be able to open the card. Unable to open ATM card when locked for the above reasons. The following is the card unlocking process at Sacombank:Sacombank card is locked

  • Step 1: Please bring your ID/CCCD and then go directly to the nearest Sacombank branch or transaction counter.
  • Step 2: Then see your bank counselor and tell them that your ATM card is locked.
  • Step 3: At this time, the bank staff will confirm on the system whether your ATM card is locked. Or not being able to trade for some reason.
  • Step 4: After confirming that your ATM card is locked, the bank staff will continue to confirm your information. See if you are the cardholder. This is a mandatory step of the bank to ensure the safety of your card in the event of a drop or theft.
  • Step 5: Everyone will need to submit their ID/CCCD followed by some information related to your ATM card and yours. So that the bank staff can confirm who the cardholder is.
  • Step 6: Once successfully confirmed, you are the locked ATM cardholder. The bank staff will proceed to issue you a new PIN. To be able to unlock and activate, people need to change the PIN of the card.

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How to unlock Sacombank card on phone

You can also proceed to unlock your ATM card right on your phone. But provided that your card is locked by you, you must register for Sacombank’s Banking service. To unlock your Sacombank card on your phone, please refer to the following instructions:Sacombank card is locked

  • Step 1: Everyone please open Sacombank Pay app installed on your phone. Then proceed to log in with the account and password you registered with the bank.
  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, select the “Card and account management“. Then tap the card you want to unlock.
  • Step 3: In the next section you will see the line “Card is locked“You tick to unlock ATM card.
  • Step 4: Then people need to confirm by entering the mCode. After filling in, the system will display a message that the card has been successfully unlocked.

How to unlock Sacombank card with SMS syntax

Finally, the ATM cards of Sacombank are unlocked by SMS syntax. With this method, customers need to register for the bank’s SMS Banking service to be able to do this. To proceed with unlocking, compose a message with the following syntax:Sacombank card is locked

  • To unlock the compose tag: THE (MOKHOA) Last 4 digits of card number to send 8149
  • To activate Sacombank ATM card, compose: THE KICHHOAT to send 8149.


Here is the article that answers the question Sacombank card is locked what to do? Instructions on how to unlock ATM cards when locked are quick and easy to understand. Thank you for reading the article of If you have any questions, please come back to the feedback that has been answered.

Reference: How to activate Sacombank ATM card on mobile phone


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