Sacombank Bank is one of the leading prestigious banks in Vietnam, meeting almost a full range of financial services and products on the market. About the service Sacombank money transfer fee Related to this product is also quite a lot of customers interested.

And today’s article, Banktop will summarize for you the most complete information.

Introducing Sacombank’s money transfer service

Domestic money transfers

The form of domestic money transfer when using a Sacombank bank account is that customers can only make domestic transactions and payments. The methods of money transfer that customers can use are:

  • Transfer money directly at a bank branch/transaction office.
  • Transfer money at an ATM.
  • Transfer money through Internet Banking/Mobile Banking.
  • 24/7 interbank money transfer via app.
Introducing Sacombank's money transfer service
Introducing Sacombank’s money transfer service

International money transfer

Customers can also use international money transfer service at Sacombank. The procedure to perform is quite simple, requiring customers to have identification documents and money transfer codes provided by the bank to be able to perform the transaction.

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Latest updated Sacombank money transfer fee

Money transfer fee or transaction fee is a fee that is also interested by many customers using the service. Below we will summarize a full range of money transfer fees with many different transfer methods for you to easily track.

Sacombank money transfer fee directly at Transaction Office/Sacombank Branch

To transfer money directly at a transaction office/branch of Sacombank, you will pay the following fees:

In the systemSame province, city where the bank account is openedFreeFree
Different province, city where the bank account is opened9,000VND/GD
  • 0.01%
  • min: 1 USD max: 20 USD
Get your ID card
  • 0.03%
  • Minimum: 15,000 VND.
  • maximum: 900,000 VND.
Outside the systemSame Province/City where the bank account is opened
  • 0.02%
  • Minimum: 15,000 VND.
  • maximum: 900,000 VND.
  • 0.03%
  • Minimum: 2 USD.
  • Maximum: 50 USD.
Different Province/city where the bank account is opened
  • 0.045%
  • Minimum: 25,000 VND.
  • maximum: 900,000 VND.
  • 0.05%
  • Minimum: 5 USD.
  • Maximum: 50 USD.
Get your ID card
  • 0.045%
  • Minimum: 25,000 VND.
  • maximum: 900,000 VND.

Fee for transferring money from Sacombank via ATM

For convenience and quick completion of transactions, you can also transfer money through ATMs at the bank. Specifically, the fee schedule when transferring money at an ATM is as follows:

Bank transfer fee
  • Sacombank: 2,000 VND
  • Napas: 3,300 VND
Transfer fee to other system5,000 VND
Fee for transferring money to another bank’s Visa card
  • Top up Visa prepaid card: 7,000 VND
  • Visa credit card payment: 7,000 VND
  • Transfer money to Visa payment card: 7,000 VND
Money transfer fee – receive by mobile5,000 VND

Fee for transferring money from Sacombank via e-banking

The fee schedule for Sacombank’s money transfer via MBanking and EBanking is as follows:

Cash transfer fee from Sacombank via e-banking
Transfer within the same systemSame Province/CityFree
Other Province/City8,000 VND
Transfer money in the system from the card received by the account8,000 VND
Transfer in the system receiving ID card
  • Fee: 0.024%/total amount transferred
  • Minimum: 15,000 VND
  • Maximum: 900,000 VND
Money Transfer – Receive by Mobile8,000 VND
Money Transfer to Visa Card15,000 VND
Transfer outside the systemSame Province/City
  • Fee: 0.018%/total amount transferred
  • Minimum: 15,000 VND
  • Maximum: 900,000 VND
Same Province/City
  • Fee: 0.041%/total amount transferred
  • Minimum: 25,000 VND
  • Maximum: 900,000 VND
Quick transfer (receive by account/Card)
Under 100 million12,000 VND
From 100 to 200 million VND15,000 VND
Over 200 million won17,000 VND

Mobile money transfer fee (CARDLESS)

The fee for money transfer received by mobile (CARDLESS) is 5,000 VND/transaction.

This is a form of money transfer, you just need to provide the withdrawal code to the recipient, then the recipient will use this code to enter the ATM, Banking apps then enter the code sent to the phone as the transaction is considered successful. labour.

Money transfer fee via Sacombank Pay

  • Fee for transferring money via Sacombank Pay in the same system: Free.
  • Fee for transferring money via Napas cards to other banks: 2,500 VND/GD.
  • Transfer fee from Visa/Mastercard number to another bank: 6,000 VND/GD.

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How much is Sacombank’s money transfer limit?

Sacombank money transfer limit at transaction counters

Customers when making money transfer transactions directly at transaction counters, branches of Sacombank banks will not be limited to transfer limit.

Sacombank eBanking money transfer limit

Money transfer limit Sacombank eBanking will have a transfer limit of VND 500 million/transaction and a maximum of 1 billion VND per day.

Money transfer limit at Sacombank ATMs

Money transfer transaction with limit at Sacombank ATM:

  • Can transfer up to 10 million VND/transaction.
  • The maximum transfer amount per day is 100 million VND.


In the above article, Banktop has helped you to summarize the most complete information about Sacombank money transfer fees. You can refer to and better understand the fees that are being applied at the latest Sacombank. We hope that this is the information you are looking for.

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