If you have a savings book at the bank, but the payment deadline has passed. However, it is not possible to personally go to the bank to receive the principal and interest according to the signed deposit time. At this time, you can ask relatives and friends to go to the bank to make transactions for them. However, in order to do this, it is necessary to have sample authorization letter to withdraw passbook according to regulations. This is a type of transaction authorization letter for another person made by the passbook holder.

Here, let’s go with Thongtinbank.com to find out about the power of attorney to withdraw the passbook for others in the article below.

Find out what is a power of attorney to withdraw a passbook?

Sample authorization letter to withdraw savings book is a type of document proving the right to perform transactions on behalf of the passbook holder. This paper needs to be made according to the form required by the bank and has full information of the name of the authorizer and the authorized person, the effective date of the paper, what the transaction is and the signature of both. 2 people.

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When you go to the bank, you only need to produce a valid authorization letter to be able to make transactions quickly. To be able to do this, customers only need to go to the bank’s transaction office to ask for a paper sample. Then fill in the information according to the instructions. Or you can do it yourself at home, then fill in the necessary information and then go to the ward or commune office to ask for a notarized seal.

Regulations on authorizing others to withdraw money from savings books

The provisions of article 18 in Decision No. 1160/2004/QD-NHNN clearly stated. Authorization for transactions at a bank requires a document called a power of attorney made by the owner. The paper form must be made at the request of the bank and contain all necessary information.

Power of attorney is only valid for a certain period of time. In addition, the authorized person is only allowed to perform transactions as specified in the power of attorney. If there is any mistake, we will take full responsibility.

Main content on sample authorization letter to withdraw passbook now:

  • Personal information includes: Full name, identity card number, living address of both authorized and authorized persons.
  • Passbook number or authorized account number.
  • Transaction content: Specify the content of authorization and the authorized person can only follow this content.
  • Authorization time: The number of effective days of the power of attorney.
  • Signature: Please sign both the first and last names of both people.
  • Notarized stamp: In addition, there must be a notarized seal of the bank or the competent authority.

Procedures required when withdrawing a passbook

If you want to withdraw money from the passbook on behalf of someone else with a power of attorney. Then you need to prepare the following documents.

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  • Identity card or citizen identification of the person going to the bank to make a transaction.
  • Authorization letter to withdraw savings book.
  • Original passbook or savings card.
  • Some papers related to passbook.

Steps to withdraw a passbook using a power of attorney form

The following will be the steps to guide you to withdraw your savings book by power of attorney. If you do not know, please refer to this to understand more about this issue.

Download the power of attorney form

Step 1: Make a power of attorney according to the instructions and regulations of the bank.

Step 2: After completing the paperwork, bring the power of attorney, passbook and ID card to the bank branch that made the deposit.

Step 3: At the counter inform the bank staff that you want to withdraw money for your loved one.

Step 4: Present the prepared documents to the teller for them to check.

Step 5: Next, you need to fill in the information on the passbook withdrawal according to the instructions of the bank.

Step 6: The trader will follow the specified content on the authorization letter.

When using the form of authorization letter to withdraw a passbook, it is important to keep in mind

There are a few important things that you need to keep in mind when using the power of attorney to withdraw a passbook.

  • Power of attorney is only valid and used when it is made according to the form of the savings bank.
  • The authorized person will bear the full responsibility if this paper is not created by the passbook holder.
  • The power of attorney must contain all clear information, especially the signatures of both parties.


Above are instructions on how to make a power of attorney to withdraw a passbook and instructions on transactions using this document. When you have a problem that you can’t go to the bank yourself, you should make the above paper for transactions.



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