Currently, online business is considered as a popular startup job for everyone. But on the market there are countless items with reduced consumer demand. You don’t know what to trade in? Online shopping How to be more effective, please refer to the below!

online business knowledge

What is online sales?

Online sales (also known as online business) is a form of online trading through Internet sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, … or e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki,….

Advantages and disadvantages when starting to sell online


Save time and space

You can easily approach and transact with customers anytime, anywhere with your phone.

Besides, the buying and selling process also becomes fast. For busy customers who do not have time to shop, they prefer to shop online.

You do not have to pay the premises every month. As well as the cost of hiring staff, operating costs of the store such as furniture, electricity, water, etc.

Operating 24/7

With media businesses such as stores, shopping centers, .. all regulate opening / closing times. Customers can shop anytime, anywhere and choose home delivery to save their time. This is an advantage aimed at customers who like to shop but are too busy and do not have time.


With the above advantages, selling online also has some disadvantages of its own.

Delivery cost and time

Unlike traditional sales, customers come directly to buy and will have the product. Then selling online will be inconvenient in terms of long delivery time. At the same time, shipping costs will also be high.

Too many competitors

At this time, the more popular online sales are, the more people participate in this field. That leads you to face quite a bit of competition. To stand up, your Marketing strategy must be strong to help increase customer reach.

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Hottest online sale items today

Should you sell online?

If you are wondering what to buy online? Then below are suggestions for the best selling items online today that you can refer to to sell online.

Clothing fashion

Clothing is a necessity for each of us, so this item is best-selling in the field of online business. Although this is a hot-selling item, not everyone can successfully trade this item.

If you want to sell this item without fail then you must have a bit of fashion knowledge. Or knowledgeable about fabrics, grasping trends in clothing and fashion sense. Consumers tend to buy products with beautiful, not boring and unique products.

You must ensure the quality of the product is exactly the same as the product you sell.


online sales source

The era of 4.0 development, not only women have beauty needs. But men have begun to take care of their appearance more.

This is also considered a best-selling item in the fashion industry. However, this is an industry that few people can trade online. Because, you must have knowledge about skin care, cosmetic lines to be able to confidently advise customers.

If you run a cosmetics line, you won’t be limited to customers. Explore and offer many different products to customers.

Cosmetics are things that will be used directly on the face, so you have to make sure the source you get is really reliable and has a reputable brand.


This is a business that requires little capital but generates high revenue. However, you will have to spend a lot of effort and have a bit of knowledge about the food you want to sell.

Currently, many people are afraid to go out in hot, dusty weather. They tend to order food through apps like Grabfood, Gojek, Baemin, etc. Surely this is an advantage for you to sell food.


Footwear products require you to have an aesthetic taste and fast trending trends. Always update the hottest products today. If you run a shoe business, choose a minimum of two suppliers. To avoid price pressure as well as sell out what customers do not want.

Functional foods

For the above items, this is a special category. Because this item is related to human health.

With the Vietnamese market in recent years, people tend to be interested in functional foods. To take care of your appearance as well as your health. This is an item that will grow strongly and have potential. You can pocket this item.

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Answer questions when starting to sell online

What to do if online sales are sluggish?

If your online sales are sluggish, your marketing strategy is not effective.

  • Lack of advertising: Any business line must have an expense to invest in advertising. If you don’t run ads, customers won’t see your products. So you should spend some money to run ads before it’s too late. To increase the number of followers of your website or fanpage, help your products reach more people.
  • Customer care: Customer care is an important step to help your products be sold quickly. You should take care of customers to know how to fix the product quality.

What to do when selling online?

Where to source for online sales?

It can be said that this is also considered an important step in selling online. You will have to spend a lot of time looking for good, quality goods to combine for a long time. However, this work is time consuming but brings effective business results. To hunt for sources with reasonable prices, good product quality. Check out the resources below.

  • The largest wholesale markets in Vietnam: Binh Dien, Binh Tay, Cai Be, Nga Bay,…
  • E-commerce platform in Vietnam: Tiki, Lazada, Shopee,…
  • Websites specializing in providing the hottest products in foreign markets: Taobao,, Tmall, Amazon, etc.
  • Factory

Should you sell online?

For stable jobs such as teachers and offices, there will be a stable salary. However, that salary will not be high, not enough for them to take care of their lives. Therefore, now more and more people are engaged in online business to earn extra income.

This is a job that is not constrained by time like an office job. Besides, you can work anywhere and communicate with customers just on the phone. In particular, depending on the item you want to sell online, the capital cost is not high. Sources to get rich, updated hottest products on the market. With the above information, you will surely decide whether to sell online.

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With the information mentioned above, it must have helped you with some knowledge about online trading and what are the hottest items today. Always research and provide knowledge and products to bring more customers and revenue for you. good luck !


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