PNJ and SJC are the two most famous brands selling gold and silver in Vietnam today. These are two brands that have chain stores across the country and have many popular products. But you don’t know should buy gold PNJ or SJC it’s better? Which one has a low price and when it sells for a good price, loses less.

To answer that question, in this article will go with you to compare PNJ gold with SJC.

Should buy gold PNJ or SJC

In fact, the gold of PNJ or SJC are both famous types of gold and have standard pure ingredients. Of course, each product will have different specifications.

Should buy gold PNJ or SJC

According to experts, both PNJ and SJC brands are reputable. You can choose either of these two brands to purchase. But when buying we need to refer to the information.

  • Compare the current gold price of two brands SJC and PNJ.
  • Choose the type of gold that suits your needs.
  • How is the liquidity in the future?
  • If you want to buy gold bars to store, you should choose the SJC brand. Although the price is higher than that of PNJ, the gold bar at SJC ensures quality, prestige and has a better price when sold.

If you buy gold to make jewelry, you should choose PNJ gold because it is hard and has many beautiful designs. If you buy for the purpose of hoarding and trading, you should choose SJC gold because of its purity and ability to keep a good price when selling.

Why is SJC gold more expensive than PNJ gold?

In terms of price, gold at PNJ is lower than that of SJC. However, when it comes to gold, SJC has to talk about quality.

Different from gold used to make jewelry containing alloys, mixed metals for easy processing. But for SJC gold, it is cast entirely in pure gold without metal alloys.

Some characteristics of SJC gold:

  • The value of SJC gold is higher due to its high purity without adding other metals. And SJC gold is often bought for the purpose of hoarding and business investment because it always keeps its price.
  • Because it is pure gold, it will be softer and more flexible than PNJ gold. Therefore, SJC gold is also easily distorted and scratched by external forces. Therefore, SJC gold is often cast into pieces instead of jewelry.
  • SJC gold does not tarnish over time or show signs of discolouration or loss of its natural inherent color. Less susceptible to oxidizing effects from the external environment.

Compare the difference between PNJ and SJC gold

To choose whether to buy PNJ or SJC gold, you need to understand about both these types of gold.

What is PNJ Gold?

Should buy gold PNJ or SJC

PNJ this is a brand of gold, silver, and gems operated by Phu Nhuan Jewelry Company with the process of processing, manufacturing and selling.

PNJ’s products have many advantages and product quality. In addition, the models are also very diverse, the outstanding feature of this brand is luxury and nobility. The products here are made by skilled artisans. Therefore, the jewelry at PNJ always has its own characteristics unlike any other brand.

Advantages of SJC gold


PNJ is considered a good quality gold and is trusted by many customers. PNJ’s products are clearly marked with age and purity information.

When buying gold at PNJ, you can be assured of its quality. There is never a case of adulteration, fake gold or poor quality gold. When buying PNJ products, those jewelry will always be covered by a free lifetime warranty.

Beautiful, top

In terms of product sophistication, PNJ is ranked No. 2, no brand is No. 1. With the superiority in designs, grasping today’s tastes. Therefore, PNJ regularly launches new and beautiful products.

Many facilities, branches

PNJ is one of the strong gold brands in Vietnam. When in all provinces and cities, this unit has establishments, branches or retail partners.

Where to buy PNJ gold?

To buy genuine PNJ gold products, you should go to PNJ’s official store locations. Currently, PNJ has stores in all provinces and cities across the country.

You can look up the exact address information on google. When you come to buy, you will be served wholeheartedly and ensure to provide full invoice information, warranty card.

What is the price of PNJ gold?

TypeGold purchase priceSaleprice
Gold PNJ5,500,000 VND/tael5,610,000 VND/tael
Ring PNJ 24K CZK5,500,000 VND/tael5,600,000 VND/tael
24K CZK Jewelry5,440,000 VND/tael5,520,000 VND/tael
18K CZK Jewelry4,015,000 VND/tael4,155,000 VND/tael
Jewelry 14K CZK3,104,000 VND/tael3,244,000 VND/tael
10K CZK Jewelry2,171,000 VND/tael2.311,000 VND/tael

What is SJC Gold?

Should buy gold PNJ or SJC

SJC brand is a long-established gold brand established in 1988 and after 23 years of operation, it changed its name to SAIGON GOLD SILVER COMPANY LIMITED – SJC. The SJC gold brand has become a trusted name for many people because of its excellent product quality.

SJC Gold is one of the famous names not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia. This brand is one of the top national brands when it is ranked 4th in the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam.

SJC’s outstanding product is gold bars with a purity level of up to 99.99%. We often call this type of gold with an easy-to-remember name, four-nine gold.

The type of SJC gold that is cast into pieces also has the same calculation as other units for easy calling and easy storage. Currently it is divided into various types and units such as .

  • Type 1 weighs only 3.75 grams
  • Type 2 weighs only 7.5 grams
  • Type 5 weighs only 18.75 grams
  • Type 1 equivalent weight 37.5 grams
  • The 1kg type is equivalent to 26,6666667 gold.

Advantages of SJC gold

There are many models: There are many different SJC gold products from popular to high-class. All products from jewelry, jewelry, jewelry sets, necklaces, bracelets… are available at SJC. But typically, the 24k 9999 gold product is chosen by many people to buy for hoarding.

Good quality: It is not by chance that a gold brand has existed for so long. To do that, the products need to meet the standards of quality and the design must be beautiful. And that at SJC can do.

Diversified branch system: SJC has 1 parent company, 6 subsidiaries and 6 affiliated companies with 13 investment enterprises. The branch system has 23 branches and 200 stores, and 43 official agents and 3000 retail stores nationwide.

Where to buy SJC gold?

With a system of branches and affiliate partners spread across the country. You can buy gold at all SJC stores nationwide.

Or you can go directly to SJC’s head office at 418-420 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City to buy. In addition, SJC also supports you to buy online through the website

What is the price of SJC gold?

Gold price in general and SJC gold price in particular are always volatile and change continuously from day to day. So the price of gold does not have a stable price. Currently, SJC gold is listed at the following price.

TypePurchase priceSaleprice
5 cents, 1 thread, 2 cents56,600,000 VND/tael57,330,000 VND/tael.
5 points56,600,000 VND/tael57,320,000 VND/tael
1 tael, 10 taels56,600,000 VND/tael57,300,000 VND/tael
Gold ring SJC 99.99 1 thread, 2 thread, 5 thread56,650,000 VND/tael51,650,000 VND/tael


So through this article you already know should buy gold PNJ or SJC. You can choose to buy any brand because the two brands PNJ and SJC are reputable. However, if you buy gold to hoard, you should choose SJC gold. If you buy jewelry with many beautiful designs, you should choose PNJ.




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