Smart OTP BIDV is the safest and fastest verification method today in online transactions. Today’s article, Banktop will help you summarize in detail information related to Smart OTP BIDV and common mistakes when you use this feature.

What is BIDV Smart OTP?

BIDV Smart OTP or OTP code for short, this is a must-have code when you make online money transfer and withdrawal transactions through the bank’s applications. This is also considered a security code to help protect BIDV’s bank account when customers use Smart banking or other online payment services.

About BIDV Smart OTP
About BIDV Smart OTP

Advantages of using Smart OTP BIDV

Currently, BIDV’s Smart OTP has been directly integrated into Smart Banking application when customers install it. Compared to the old version that will send OTP codes via text messages, this version has more outstanding and convenient advantages.

  • This integrated version you only need to install the application to be able to use both.
  • Completely free and can be registered on the application easily.
  • When transaction OTP code will be automatically generated, you just need to confirm without having to re-enter.
  • Security and safety when using the bank’s Smart Banking application..

Which customer group should use the integrated BIDV Smart OTP?

Customers such as:

  • People in need, often have to do online transactions to serve their work, large limit transactions.
  • People who do not have much time to go directly to the branch or have difficulty traveling.
  • People who like speed, convenience and security.
  • etc….

That is one of the customers who should use online banking through Smart Banking application for more convenience in all work and life.

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Instructions for registering and using Smart OTP BIDV

Register for Smart OTP BIDV

To register for Smart OTP BIDV, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access and log in to Smart Banking application
  • Step 2: Go to Settings -> Select Smart OTP and activate Smart OTP
  • Step 3: You proceed to enter and set a 6-digit PIN for Smart OTP BIDV
  • Step 4: An OTP will be sent to your phone number, enter it to confirm.
  • Step 5: Finished, the system will notify you that you have successfully activated the application.

Smart OTP code will automatically be activated when you make 3 online transactions with the old method of sending SMS OTP codes to your phone.

Note: After registration, Smart OTP will start working after you make 3 financial transactions with the old method (SMS OTP)

Using Smart OTP BIDV

To use Smart OTP BIDV, you can refer to the following steps:

  • Step 1: To transfer money, select “Transfer” and enter the account number you want to transfer.
  • Step 2: Enter the amount, content of the transfer and click Continue.
  • Step 3: Enter the PIN you set when registering Smart OTP
  • Step 4: OTP code will be displayed then press Continue
  • Step 5: Confirm and notify successful transaction.
Instructions for registering and using Smart OTP BIDV
Instructions for registering and using Smart OTP BIDV

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Why activated Smart OTP BIDV but still need to enter SMS OTP code?

To increase security and safety when transacting, after installing and activating the PIN code, you still have to enter the verification code by SMS OTP with transactions. However, you will not have to perform SMS OTP transactions with transactions such as savings, phone top-ups, bill payments, etc. with a transaction value of less than 5 million VND.

Forgot PIN Smart OTP BIDV how to do?

If you forget your BIDV Smart OTP PIN, you can reset it:

  • Log in to BIDV’s Smart Banking
  • At settings -> select Smart OTP
  • Select forgot Smart OTP PIN and follow the instructions.

This only applies when your account has not been locked due to entering the wrong PIN more than 5 times.

Why didn’t I receive the BIDV Smart Banking OTP code for money transfer?

Do not register for BIDV Smart banking OTP service

The reason you did not receive the first BIDV Smart Banking OTP code is that you have not registered for this service at the bank. To register, you will go to the bank’s transaction office or you can register online on the app.

Registered phone number not working

The phone number you registered for OTP Smart Banking code may not work due to reasons such as:

  • Sim is blocked 1 or 2 way due to unpaid balance for sim or overdue.
  • Sim locked because wrong phone card 5 times.
  • Sim is permanently locked due to a long period of non-use.

Phone messages are being blocked

Check the list of blocking messages and calls to see if you have added the wrong object to block. The failure to receive BIDV OTP code messages from the bank sometimes happens.

Incorrect PIN OTP BIDV

If you enter the wrong BIDV OTP PIN, you will not be able to confirm the account and the bank will not be able to send the OTP code to the phone message. This is an important OTP PIN you must remember to make all your online banking transactions.

Phone lost signal

Phone loss is also one of the many reasons why you do not receive the OTP code on your phone. So please pay attention to this when you want to make transfer transactions and need to use the OTP code, try to check your phone sim to see if the network and signal are stable.

Error in BIDV banking system

BIDV banking system will sometimes encounter an error or during maintenance, this will lead to you not receiving the OTP Banking code when making a transaction. This is often unannounced.

Notes when using BIDV Smart Banking OTP code

To use the BIDV Smart Banking OTP code to bring the most optimal and safest, you should pay attention to some of the following contents:

  • The device or sim used to send the OTP Smart Banking code needs to work and avoid basic errors as above.
  • Personal information and passwords, Smart OTP BIDV of your bank should be stored carefully and should not be disclosed to anyone to protect your assets.
  • When a stranger or an impersonator claiming to be a bank employee asks you to provide information with the BIDV Smart OTP code, you should pay attention. Because the bank will never ask customers to provide such information.


Thus, through the article Banktop introduced what Smart OTP BIDV is, how to use and install. You have also been able to grasp the detailed information, hopefully this will be useful information that you can apply when there is a need to do about your account without asking anyone for support.

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