You are interested in supporting bank Standard Chartered unsecured loans What are the conditions and procedures to get a loan, what are the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing at this financial institution, etc… Then through today’s article of Banktop will help you have the most general information about this loan. Let’s follow along.

What is Standard Chartered unsecured loan?

What is Standard Chartered unsecured loan?
What is Standard Chartered unsecured loan?

Unsecured loans at Standard Chartered bank support customers to borrow money with high limit but do not need to mortgage personal assets. Customers can borrow capital to use for many different consumption purposes and must pay interest on time every month according to the loan documents set out.

Advantages of Standard Chartered consumer unsecured loans

Some outstanding advantages of unsecured loans at Standard Chartered customers can refer to as:

  • Is a reputable and safe financial unit.
  • Dossier, simple procedures, fast disbursement time.
  • Customers do not have to mortgage personal property.
  • Support limit is up to 900 million VND with flexible loan period.
  • Experienced staff, dedicated customer support, fast.

Limitations when applying for Standard Chartered unsecured loans

Besides, when borrowing money at Standard Chartered, there are also some limitations such as:

  • Standard Chartered Bank does not support customers with bad debts.
  • Limited loan support in some provinces.
  • Support customers who must have a monthly salary of over 10 million VND.

Information about Standard Chartered unsecured loan package

General information about the Standard Chartered unsecured loan package is shown in the table below:

Loan form

Unsecured loan

Loan limitUp to 900 million VND
Interest rateFluctuating 12 – 22%/year
Support periodUp to 5 years
Payment methodsPayment according to the initial balance or decreasing balance (depending on the loan package)
paper recordsID card + household registration book + salary statement of the last 3 months and proof of income.
Loan conditionsNo bad debt at the bank

Standard Chartered Loan Conditions

Conditions for customers to borrow money at Standard Chartered:

  • Being 21 years old or older, being a Vietnamese citizen.
  • Have full personal papers such as ID/CCCD or Passport.
  • Having a stable income of over 10 million VND per month.
  • There is no bad debt at the financial or banking unit.

Standard Chartered loan procedures

Standard Chartered loan procedures
Standard Chartered loan procedures

Customers need to prepare the following documents to complete the registration dossier:

  • Loan application form at Standard Chartered (will be provided by the bank).
  • Personal papers ID/CCCD or Passport.
  • Household registration book or application for registration of temporary residence or absence, certified by the locality.
  • Salary statement of the last 3 months, labor contract.
  • Attach other documents if required.

What is the Standard Chartered loan interest rate?

The loan interest rate at Standard Chartered ranges from 12-22%/year depending on the loan package with large or small loan limit. In addition to interest, when borrowing money at Standard Chartered, customers will have to pay additional fees such as: late payment penalty fee, early settlement fee, fee for copying loan documents, etc. All information will be shown in detail. details in the contract in which you borrow money.

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Limit of Standard Chartered unsecured loan package

Standard Chartered supports loan limit up to 900 million VND. This is a relatively large customer support limit compared to other financial companies and banks.

Should I get a Standard Chartered unsecured loan?

Standard Chartered is one of the reputable banks with 100% foreign capital. Always provide and bring the best financial products and services to customers. It can be seen that this is a bank that has been operating for a long time and has a lot of experience in the financial field, gaining the trust of customers.

Therefore, if you are in need of a loan with a large limit, you can refer to Standard Chartered financial institution about the advantages that the unit has and provides to its customers.

The most detailed guide to Standard Chartered unsecured loans

Below is a simple and quick guide to the process when you apply for a Standard Chartered unsecured loan so you can track and prepare everything perfectly.

  • Step 1: Coming to the unit, branch of Standard Chartered bank to ask for support on unsecured loans.
  • Step 2: The bank staff will provide you with an application form to apply. Please fill in your personal information correctly and double-check it before submitting it to the bank staff. With terms you do not understand, you can actively ask for the fastest support from the staff.
  • Step 3: Standard Chartered will accept your application. During the inspection, the staff will actively contact you to verify or request more missing documents.
  • Step 4: Standard Chartered banking system will review your loan application.
  • Step 5: If the documents are valid, the two parties will sign a contract and you will receive the money disbursed to your account right after.

Loan payment process at Standard Chartered

Loan payment process at Standard Chartered
Loan payment process at Standard Chartered

When taking out a loan, you need to pay attention to the periodic payment time to avoid being late, which will incur additional unwanted fees. At Standard Chartered, customers can pay the loan term through methods such as: Online payment via banks, e-wallets, payment through collection points.

Some important notes when applying for Standard Chartered unsecured loans

Some notes when Standard Chartered unsecured borrowers should know to be able to apply:

  • Before agreeing and signing a loan contract, you should read through the important terms written in the contract to stay informed.
  • Balance and choose the right loan for your personal finances to have the right ability to pay.
  • Follow promotions at Standard Chartered to receive preferential interest rates when borrowing capital.
  • If you have questions about the loan, please ask the support staff to answer the information.

FAQ – Some questions about Standard Chartered unsecured loans

Does Standard Chartered’s unsecured loan accept bad debt?

Standard Chartered Bank currently does not support customers with bad debts at other financial companies and banks.

How to get Standard Chartered loan approved quickly

In order for a loan at Standard Chartered to be approved quickly, you need to fill in all the information in the loan accurately and completely. For customers who can prove that their monthly salary is over 10 million, they will also be approved for loan applications more quickly.

How long does it take to disburse a Standard Chartered loan?

Loan disbursement time at Standard Chartered is usually 2-4 days when your application is approved successfully.


Standard Chartered unsecured loan packages are diverse with extremely high support limits. This can be the choice of many desired customers. Hope through the article of Banktop instructions on the loan process at Standard Chartered, you can apply when you need to use it.

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