You can earn 200-500 thousand VND/day by sitting at home and entering code for Momo, which is a form of online money that is offered by many online accounts. Find out the truth about information Is it real to enter momo code to make money??

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Real information about making money by entering code on Momo?
Real information about making money by entering code on Momo?

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About Momo e-wallet

Momo e-wallet is known as an e-wallet containing the most attractive offers and is currently being used by many people. The main function of Momo wallet is to support users to make online payments such as electricity, water, network, wifi, scratch cards or online shopping, . quickly without having to go to the place.

Momo wallet allows users to link diversely with many different banks such as visa cards, master cards, etc.

About Momo e-wallet
About Momo e-wallet

Is the job of entering code Momo to make money real?

Entering monetization code on Momo is real and is now becoming a super attractive program to help people increase their income. Specifically, after you successfully register a Momo account, you have officially added 1 Momo code, this code is your phone number.

As soon as friends and acquaintances successfully open Momo wallet by entering the referral code which is your phone number, both the inviter and the participant will receive many valuable gifts such as money directly into the original account, free gifts and gifts. Free scratch card or discount voucher when paying the above bill electronic wallet.

Entering money code on Momo is a scam?

Although this is a real incentive program on Momo, now there are many scammers who have taken advantage of posting jobs to enter codes for Momo, thereby creating a mistake to appropriate all the money they have. of the user.

Currently, this is a very sophisticated trick, they deliberately pretend to be Momo’s employees to post a large number of recruitment forums, leading to huge income numbers up to 1 million VND/day.

Is it real to earn money by entering code on Momo?
Is it real to earn money by entering code on Momo?

Therefore, when looking for online jobs, users need to pay special attention to avoid falling into the trap of these scammers and absolutely do not provide OTP codes to anyone. When linking with the bank, please refer to the specific instructions on the homepage of and do not access strange links that require payment.

With that, all your information will be 100% secure and no one but you can perform operations on the wallet.

Instructions on the simplest way to pay netflix via Momo

Instructions on how to enter the code to earn money on Momo

Conditions for making money on Momo

To start making money by entering code for Momo you need to meet the following conditions:

  • The Momo application has been downloaded to the device
  • Send the link to register for Momo wallet to people in your friends list on social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, ..
  • Sim card of the official phone to create a Momo referral code
  • Connected to a bank account with Internet Banking application

How to get monetization code on Momo

Each user will have a unique money-making code, which is the phone number of the owner who registered for the Momo wallet. In order for the inviter to enter the correct code and you will receive the money, go to My Wallet -> Refer Momo / Share Friend. Here Momo will have 3 referral code options for you which are:

  • Link: You just need to choose to copy the link, your friends install the Momo application with this link, they have successfully introduced.
  • Numeric code: This code is the phone number, friends must enter this code in the referrer section to receive money
  • QR Code: You just need to copy this code and send it to your loved ones to scan when installing the application is complete.

How to enter the code to earn money on Momo

After successfully inviting a new friend, you will receive a monetization code. To redeem this code for money or a gift, do the following:

  • Open the app and select Offers
  • Enter your code in the Enter Promo Code, Share first field
  • Select Confirm, money will be added directly to your wallet balance

Each successful login referral code you will receive 100K. Note that this code is only valid for 30 days, make a note and enter it quickly to avoid losing it.

Notes on making money MoMo

A few notes before making money on Momo
A few notes before making money on Momo

To turn the momo code entry into a “fishing rod” you should note a few things:

  • Except for the amount added to the original account, you can use whatever you want, the remaining gift cards or vouchers are only valid within 90 days (3 months) for the inviter and 30 days (1 month), from the date of purchase. code is activated
  • Each voucher or gift card is valid only once and cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be given to anyone.
  • Vouchers that are overdue will be forfeited and non-refundable
  • Any fraud or scam is detected, Momo side will revoke the gift card and may permanently lock your account.
  • All personal information related to Momo account such as: sim, personal photo, OTP code and bank card must be absolutely confidential.

Some frequently asked questions when making money on Momo

Is entering momo code really a scam?

Making money entering code with Momo is a real program. But now there are many subjects who are distorting this form, leading to many people having their personal information exposed, bank accounts exposed, even having their property appropriated. Therefore, only enter the code according to the official instructions above.

Is it okay to refer MoMo to get 500k 1 time?

No. The successful referral gift for Momo only ranges from 400-600K, which is gift vouchers, discount vouchers for payment of services and no cash.

Is it possible to earn millions of MoMo every day?

Since they are not cash gifts, but only payment vouchers, the value will increase depending on the number of friends successfully invited to register.

In which section to check gift vouchers?

To see how many gift vouchers you have in total, go to the Momo app – My Offers – My Gifts.


Hopefully, with the comments about entering the momo code to make real money that Banktop has compiled above, readers have had a more objective assessment, avoiding encountering cases of fraud and abuse in cyberspace. Continue to follow Banktop to update more useful information!

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