You are in need of a loan at MCredit but have come across a lot of information that MCredit scam – MCredit loan sharks. So are these sources of information true or not? Check with Banktop specifically in the article below.

What is MCredit Financial Company?

What is MCredit Financial Company?
What is MCredit Financial Company?

MCredit’s full name is MB SHINSEI Finance Company Limited. Established in 2016, MCredit is a cooperation between Military Bank (MB Bank) and Shinsei Bank (a financial corporation from Japan. Both of these names are large and prestigious banks in the market. current school.

MCredit was born to provide convenient financial solutions for customers. MCredit’s products are: Cash loans, Installment loans, Credit cards without collateral, just need to prove income through salary. In addition to salary loans, MCredit also has many loan packages for many subjects such as:

  • Mcredit unsecured loans according to bills: electricity, water, internet, cable TV, postpaid mobile…
  • Mcredit unsecured loan via bank account balance
  • Mcredit unsecured loan via Motorcycle Registration
  • Borrowing Mcredit via Life Insurance Policy or Health Insurance Card.
  • Mcredit unsecured loans for business households.

MCredit scam – Is MCredit loan shark real?

MCredit scam - Is MCredit loan shark real?
MCredit scam – Is MCredit loan shark real?

There are many rumors that MCredit is a scam – MCredit is a loan shark. So what is the truth of this story?

Currently, there are many customers who want to borrow money at MCredit but cannot access official loans, leading to misplaced trust. Taking advantage of that vulnerability, many crooks pretended to be MCredit’s employees to help customers borrow money to appropriate customers’ assets.

That’s why many people think that MCredit is a scam. But in fact, the official MCredit never scams customers.

Besides, there is also a lot of information that MCredit is usury. But in fact, the loan interest rate at MCredit is regulated according to the State’s standards, ranging from 1.76% – to 3.22% per month depending on the loan package. So high interest or not depends on your profile is nice enough to enjoy the low interest package or not.

Why are MCredit customers fooled by fake objects?

Although the trick of impersonating MCredit employees is familiar, many customers are still scammed. The reason is that the object of the scam is too sophisticated, hitting the right psychology of customers who want to borrow money quickly, with low interest rates. Then it will “bait” the borrower to transfer a deposit in advance to enjoy a lower interest rate.

Should I borrow money from MCredit?

MCredit has an extremely solid foundation which is the cooperation between Military Bank (MB Bank) and Shinsei Bank (a financial corporation from Japan. Both units are very reputable and well-known in the banking and finance industry. Therefore, customers can rest assured to borrow money at MCredit. However, please find an official loan source to avoid being scammed by people impersonating MCredit.

Information about loans at MCredit

Information about loans at MCredit
Information about loans at MCredit

Understanding loan information at MCredit will help you be more proactive while borrowing. It also makes the loan process faster and more convenient.

Conditions and procedures


Vietnamese citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 when applying for a loan at MCredit need to meet ONE of the following conditions:

  • Receive salary in cash or transfer at least 3 million VND/month.
  • Receive salary via Military bank account (MB Bank).
  • Having income from business activities for more than 3 months.
  • Have a motorcycle registration certificate in the customer’s name
  • Have a checking account at a bank that has been active for more than 6 months.
  • There are electricity bills in the name of the owner or in the name of a spouse, parent, or child.
  • Being named as the buyer in a life insurance policy of more than 1 year.
  • Have a valid health insurance card.
  • Have or have another loan at Mcredit or at another credit institution.
  • Have a credit score assessed by reputable organizations that work with Mcredit.


After meeting the loan conditions at MCredit, customers need to prepare the following documents:

  • Valid ID/CCCD/Passport
  • Passport/driver’s license
  • Other documents as prescribed by Mcredit

Interest rate

The current regulated Mcredit interest rate is only from 1.76% – to 3.22%. This interest rate will be adjusted by Mcredit from time to time and each borrower.

Loan limit and term

Mcredit lends money with a limit of 2-100 million VND and the term is from 6 to 36 months. Depending on your loan needs, you can choose the appropriate loan limit and loan term.

Experience borrowing money to avoid fraud at MCredit

To avoid encountering fraudsters when borrowing money at MCredit, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • Absolutely do not share your Internet Banking/Mobile Banking username, password, OTP authentication code, CVV number, credit card number sequence, etc. to anyone, on any software, application, or website of unknown source. original or on any social networks.
  • Do not make transactions through strange links.
  • Mcredit has only the following bank account numbers dedicated to collecting money:


Account number: 003-116-668-6868

At: Military Bank – MB Thanh Xuan Branch, Hanoi

FAQ – Some frequently asked questions about loans at MCredit

Can bad debt borrow money at MCredit?

If the customer has a history of overdue debt at other credit institutions or banks under 10 days at the standard debt level, MCredit still creates conditions for customers to borrow capital as usual. If the customer has a history of overdue debt of more than 10 days in the group of 2,3,4,5 bad debts, MCredit will refuse the loan application.

Having a loan at MCredit, can I borrow more?

Loans that have been accepted and financed at Mcredit must be fully repaid by the customer for at least 04 consecutive periods. After that, if the customer needs to borrow further, Mcredit will continue to consider providing a loan according to Mcredit’s regulations from time to time.

What is MCredit’s contact information channel?

If you still have any questions regarding Mcredit, you can directly contact Mcredit via the contact information below for support.

  • Hotline: 1900 63 67 69.
  • Customer care email: [email protected]
  • Zalo address:
  • Facebook address:


The above article has answered your questions about rumors Mcredit scam – Mcredit loan shark. It can be seen that Mcredit is a scam or loan shark that is completely incorrect. Therefore, you can completely rest assured to borrow money at Mcredit. However, make sure to borrow money from an official source to avoid being scammed by Mcredit impostors.

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