firstACEAn Giang Centrifugal Concrete Joint Stock Company2ACSTrade Construction Joint Stock Company 23ADPSon A Dong Joint Stock Company4AMSAMECC Mechanical Construction Joint Stock Company5ATBAn Thinh Joint Stock Company6B82Joint Stock Company 4827BDTDong Thap Construction Materials and Construction Joint Stock Company8BHCBien Hoa Concrete Joint Stock Company9BHTBach Dang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company TMCtenBMNJoint Stock Company 71511BOTThai Ha Bridge BOT Joint Stock CompanytwelfthBT6Beton 6 . Joint Stock Company13BTDThu Duc Centrifugal Concrete Joint Stock Company14BTNBinh Dinh Tuy Ne Brick Joint Stock Company15BTUBen Tre Urban Construction Joint Stock Company16BUDVietnam Science and Technology Joint Stock Company17C1212 . Bridge Joint Stock Company18C36Traffic Construction Management and Construction Joint Stock Company 23619C4GCIENCO4 Group Joint Stock Company20CC1Construction Corporation No. 1 – JSC21CC4Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 422CCMCan Tho Cement and Mineral Joint Stock Company23CCVVietnam Urban and Industrial Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company24CDGCau Duong Joint Stock Company25CDOUrban Development and Design Consulting Joint Stock Company26CDRDong Nai Rubber Construction Joint Stock Company27CE1CIE1 Industrial Equipment and Construction Joint Stock Company28CEGJoint Stock Company Construction and Industrial Equipment Group29CGVVietnam Ceramics and Glass Joint Stock Company30CH5Construction Joint Stock Company No. 5 Hanoithirty firstCHECKCam Ha Joint Stock Company32CI5Construction Investment Joint Stock Company No. 533CIDConstruction and Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company34CIPIndustrial Production and Construction Joint Stock Company35CMDHo Chi Minh City Interior Decoration and Building Materials Joint Stock Company36CNNJSC Consulting technology, equipment and construction inspection – CONINCO37CNTConstruction and Materials Trading Joint Stock Company38CQTQuan Trieu Cement Joint Stock Company VVMI39CT3Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company 340CT5JOINT STOCK COMPANY 319.541CT66 . Construction Joint Stock Company42CTAVinavico Joint Stock Company43CTNUnderground Construction Joint Stock Company44CTRViettel Construction Joint Stock Company45CYCChang Yih . Ceramic Tile Joint Stock Companyforty sixDAC382 Dong Anh Joint Stock Company47DC1Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company No. 148DCFConstruction and Design Joint Stock Company No. 149DCRCOSEVCO Ceramic Tile Joint Stock Company50DCTDong Nai Building Materials Roofing Joint Stock Company51DFFDua Fat Group Joint Stock Company52DGTDong Nai Traffic Construction Joint Stock Company53DICDIC Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company54DIDDIC-Dong Tien Joint Stock Company55DNDDong Nai Materials and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company56DSGDap Cau Glass Joint Stock Company57DVWDong Nai Water Supply Construction and Services Joint Stock Company58DX2319.2 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company59DXDInvestment and Construction Joint Stock Company – VVMI60E12VNECO12 POWER CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANYsixty oneE2929 . Construction Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company62EICEVN International Joint Stock Company63FICConstruction Materials Corporation No. 1 – JSCsixty fourG3636 Corporation – JSC65GH3Hanoi Traffic Construction Joint Stock Company66GNDDong Nai Brick and Tile Joint Stock Companysixty sevenGTHThua Thien Hue Traffic Construction Joint Stock Company68GTSSaigon Traffic Construction Joint Stock Company69H11Construction Joint Stock Company HUD10170HAMHau Giang Materials Joint Stock Company71HANHanoi Construction Corporation – Joint Stock Company72HC1Hanoi No.1 Construction Joint Stock Companyseventy threeHC3Construction Joint Stock Company No. 3 Hai Phong74HCIHanoi Construction – Investment Joint Stock Company75HEJVietnam Irrigation Construction Consulting Corporation – JSC76HFBHo Chi Minh City Ferry Bridge Construction Joint Stock Company77HGCCenter for Planning and Architecture of Hau Giang Province78HHVDeo Ca Transport Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company79HLEHai Phong Lighting Electric Joint Stock Company80HLYViglacera Ha Long Joint Stock Company I81HMSHo Chi Minh Museum Construction Joint Stock Company82HPPHai Phong Paint Joint Stock Company83HSPHanoi General Paint Joint Stock Company84HU4HUD4 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company85I10IDICO No. 10 Construction Investment Joint Stock Companyeighty sixICCIndustrial Construction Joint Stock Companyeighty sevenICIIndustrial Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company88ICNIDICO Petroleum Construction Investment Joint Stock Company89KCEKhanh Hoa Electric Centrifugal Concrete Joint Stock Company90KHLHung Long Minerals and Building Materials Joint Stock Company91KSKNon-ferrous Metallurgical Minerals Joint Stock Company92L12Licogi Joint Stock Company 12ninety threeL45Lilama Joint Stock Company 45.1ninety fourL63Lilama Joint Stock Company 69-395RELATEDLong An Construction Investment Joint Stock Company IDICO96LCCHong Phong Cement Joint Stock Company97LG9Mechanic and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 998LICLICOGI Corporation – Joint Stock Company99LM3Lilama 3 . Joint Stock Company100MCIIDICO Materials Development and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company101MCTMaterials Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company102MECSong Da Mechanical and Machine Installation Joint Stock Company103MESElectromechanical Engineering Joint Stock Company104MVCBinh Duong Construction and Materials Joint Stock Company105NACGeneral Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company106NEDTay Bac Electricity Development and Investment Joint Stock Company107PBTPetroleum Housing and Trading Joint Stock Company108PCCJoint Stock Company Construction Group 1 – Petrolimex109PCMPost and Construction Materials Joint Stock Company110FITHong Ha Vietnam Joint Stock Company111PIDPetroleum Interior Decoration Joint Stock Company112PLEPetrolimex Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company113PNTPhu Nhuan Construction Technology Joint Stock Company114PSBSao Mai Ben Dinh Petroleum Investment Joint Stock Company115PSGSaigon Oil and Gas Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company116PTEPhu Tho Cement Joint Stock Company117PTOPost Office Services – Construction Joint Stock Company118PVANghe An Petroleum Construction Corporation Joint Stock Company119PVHThanh Hoa Petroleum Construction Joint Stock Company120PVVVinaconex Joint Stock Company 39121PVXVietnam Oil and Gas Construction Joint Stock Corporation122PVYPetroleum Rig Manufacturing Joint Stock Company123PX1Nghe An Petroleum Cement Joint Stock Company124PXMCentral Oil and Gas Construction Joint Stock Company125PXTPetroleum Tank Pipeline Construction Joint Stock Company126QCCTelecommunication Infrastructure Development and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company127QLDLang Son Traffic Construction and Management Joint Stock Company128QNCQuang Ninh Cement and Construction Joint Stock Company129QNTQUANG NAM CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY130RCCJoint Stock Company Railway Construction Corporation131RCDConstruction Joint Stock Company – rubber real estate132S12Song Da Joint Stock Company 12133S27Song Da Joint Stock Company 27134S72Song Da Joint Stock Company 7.02135S74Song Da Joint Stock Company 7.04136S96Song Da Joint Stock Company 9.06137SBMBac Minh Investment Development Joint Stock Company138SCCSHB . Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company139SCJSai Son Cement Joint Stock Company140SCLSong Da Cao Cuong Joint Stock Company141SD1Song Da 1 Joint Stock Company142SD3Song Da 3 Joint Stock Company143SD7Song Da 7 Joint Stock Company144SD8Song Da 8 Joint Stock Company145SDBSong Da Joint Stock Company 207146SDDSong Da Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company147SDHSong Da Infrastructure Construction Joint Stock Company148SDJSong Da Joint Stock Company 25149SDPSDP Joint Stock Company150SDXSong Da Construction Investment and Fire Prevention Joint Stock Company151SDYSong Da Yaly Cement Joint Stock Company152SHGSong Hong Joint Stock Company153SIGSong Da Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company154SJCSong Da Joint Stock Company 1.01155SJGSong Da Corporation – JSC156SJMSong Da Joint Stock Company 19157SNZIndustrial Park Development Corporation158TA3Thanh An Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company 386159TA6Thanh An Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company 665160TBTBen Tre Traffic Construction Construction Joint Stock Company161TCKConstruction Engineering Corporation – JSC162TDFTrung Do Joint Stock Company163TECTraenco . Joint Stock Company164TELTelecommunication Construction Development Joint Stock Company165TL44 . Irrigation Construction Corporation166TLTViglacera Thang Long Joint Stock Company167TNMConstruction and Import-Export Joint Stock Company168TRTTruc Thon Joint Stock Company169TS3Company Limited 532170TS5Truong Son Joint Stock Company 145171TVAViglacera Thanh Tri Porcelain Joint Stock Company172TVGTransport Construction and Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company173TVHMaritime Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company174UDJUrban Development Joint Stock Company – Becamex UDJ175UMCNam Dinh Urban Construction Joint Stock Company176USCSurveying and Construction Joint Stock Company – USCO177V15Construction Joint Stock Company No. 15178VC5Construction Joint Stock Company No. 5_Vinaconex179VCEEnvironment Construction Joint Stock Company180VCPVCP Energy and Construction Joint Stock Company181VCXYen Binh Cement Joint Stock Company182VE9VNECO Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company 9183VHHViwaseen Hue Construction Investment Joint Stock Company184VIHViglacera Hanoi Joint Stock Company185VLBBien Hoa Construction Materials Production and Construction Joint Stock Company186VMIVISACO Minerals and Investment Joint Stock Company187VPCVietnam Energy Development and Investment Joint Stock Company188VTAVitaly Joint Stock Company189VTSViglacera Tu Son Joint Stock Company190VVNVietnam Industrial Construction Joint Stock Corporation191VW3VIWASEEN3 Joint Stock Company192X77Thanh An Joint Stock Company 77193XLVSong Da Construction and Service Joint Stock Company194XMCXuan Mai Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company195XMDXuan Mai – Dao Tu Joint Stock Company196YBCYen Bai Cement and Mineral Joint Stock Company


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