Change BIDV’s phone number used by many bank customers when they no longer use the old phone number. The fastest and simplest way to change BIDV phone numbers.

Phone number is one of the important personal information that you need to register correctly with the bank when doing the procedure to open an ATM card. Because it is directly related to a service such as notification of changes in ATM card account balance, access to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, OTP transaction confirmation code, etc.

So the fastest and simplest way to change BIDV bank phone number. Let’s find out with Alo Open Card.


When should I change my phone number?

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When should I change BIDV’s phone number?

There are many different reasons why customers have to change their registered phone number at BIDV. Specifically below.

The phone number is no longer in use or locked

When the user’s phone is locked in two ways and cannot make or receive incoming calls, you will miss the information from the BIDV banking system. Therefore, you need to actively update your new phone number information so that you can receive news from the bank and use the card, ensuring account security.

Customer changed new phone number

When customers change their new phone number, they should also change all the phone number information registered for services at BIDV and change the phone number registered for BIDV ATM card to protect their bank accounts and capture get news.

Your phone number changes from 11 to 10

There was a time when BIDV bank informed customers about the information that Viettel’s network operator changed from 11 to 10 numbers to be consistent with old subscribers. Many bank subscribers can transfer by themselves, however, some specific subscribers need to contact the bank to confirm that the customer is in this category and need to contact the bank to update information.

How to change the phone number of BIDV’s ATM card quickly

Up to now, Internet banking BIDV, BIDV online has not applied the information change feature on the application. Therefore, if customers want to change their information, the best and only way is to go to BIDV’s transaction office/branch to do so.

How to change phone number at BIDV

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the nearest BIDV transaction office/branch

Step 2: Go to the counter and present your ID/CCCD/Passport for assistance in changing ATM card phone numbers.

Step 3: After verifying that you are the ATM card holder, the bank staff will issue you a slip to fill in the necessary information, pay attention to provide the required information correctly, especially the phone number. your old and new phones. The information includes

  • First and last name of the account holder
  • CCCD/ID/Passport number, date of issue, place of issue
  • address
  • Email
  • Contact phone number
  • Phone number to register for BIDV ATM card
  • Service registration account number
  • The name of the bank where you request to change information
  • Your new contacts
  • Account number changed
  • Changed phone number
  • Other service changes (if any) such as balance change notifications, account inquiries via SMS…
  • Sign the confirmation

Note: Information needs to be honest and clear when customers declare it.

Step 4: Submit the application and wait for the transaction staff to check for changes.

Step 5: After completing the procedure to change your ATM card phone number, your new phone number will be updated in about 10-15 minutes. You can then use the new phone number to perform related transactions.

A few notes when changing BIDV’s phone number

In addition, to make the change process faster and better, the bank provides information files on the website. Customers can download and fill in the information before coming to PGD.

However, in the process of changing BIDV’s bank phone number, customers should note the following issues:

  • When you change the new ATM card phone number, the SMS Banking service registered with the old phone number will also be cancelled. To continue using SMS Banking with a new phone number, you must re-register.
  • Similarly, for Mobile Banking and Internet Banking, you also need to re-register with a new phone number.
  • In case you are using the e-wallet deposit-withdrawal service, you need to change your phone number with the e-wallet management unit.

In fact, changing phone numbers is very simple and fast, but for changing phone numbers, customers are required to go to the transaction office / BIDV bank branch to change information. If you have any questions, please contact the bank for the best answer.



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