In addition to the traditional way of going directly to the transaction office to pay the F88 loan, in today’s technology era, you can make payments at home or anywhere with just a phone or computer. computer with internet connection. The following article Banktop will guide you in detail How to pay F88 loan fastest and simplest.

About F88

F88 whose full name is F88 Business Joint Stock Company, was established in 2013 with the aim of changing social stereotypes about the traditional pawn industry. F88 is a pioneer with a nationwide online pawn model to make the process faster and more convenient.

About F88
About F88

F88 is currently providing mortgage lending services with a variety of assets such as: motorcycle pawn/motorcycle registration, car/automobile registration, laptop, mobile phone, etc. There are also many convenient services. Other benefits such as: car/motorcycle CIT, hospital allowance insurance, collection and payment of electricity and water, installment payments and financial utility services Momo, Payoo, PTI, Lazada…

Up to now, F88 has more than 500 branches in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. In the future, F88 will expand further and improve to bring the best service to customers.

Advantages when borrowing money, pawn F88

As a large-scale financial company invested by the world’s largest Mekong capital and Granite Oak funds, F88 offers many outstanding advantages such as:

Quick, simple browsing

Procedures and loan documents at F88 are simplified, making the pawn and loan process simpler and faster. The essential fees required will be clearly and transparently stated in the contract.

Time to evaluate the application is quick, it only takes about 15-30 minutes after the application is approved, the money will be disbursed to the account.

Do not appraise relatives, friends

Loans at F88 are small and medium, with short terms. Therefore, when you borrow money from F88, you will not need to be assessed through friends or relatives. Thanks to that, you do not need to worry about relatives or friends being disturbed like when borrowing money at some other financial companies.

Simple procedure just need ID card, household registration

The process as well as the procedure to borrow F88 is very simple, after you have selected the loan and desired limit, you just need to follow the instructions on the website and prepare some documents such as:

  • Property you want to pledge (for pawn services).
  • Original ID/CCCD.
  • Registration book.

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Instructions for fastest F88 loan payment

There are many ways to pay F88 loan, here are some ways that you can refer to:

Pay F88 loan online at home

Paying F88 loans at home is the way many people choose because of the simplicity and convenience it brings. You can make loan payments via wire transfer, e-wallet and many other methods.

Pay F88 loan via Momo/ Payoo

Pay F88 loan via Momo/ Payoo
Pay F88 loan via Momo/ Payoo

F88 has links with Momo and Payoo to help users operate more easily and quickly. In addition, when paying via Momo and Payoo, customers also receive many attractive gifts and incentives. How to pay F88 loan via Momo specifically as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the Momo application and then select the payment section.
  • Step 2: Select Pay for F88 loan service and then fill in the necessary information including: Contract code, ID card/CCCD number.
  • Step 3: Click confirm and enter the OTP to complete the payment.

Pay F88 loan by bank transfer

Paying by bank transfer is extremely convenient, saving time and effort. The specific payment method is as follows:

  • Use the account granted by F88 right from the time of application review.
  • Transfer the loan payment to this account number.
  • Capture payment information and present it upon request.

Pay F88 loans directly at the system

As mentioned above, F88 currently has more than 500 branches in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Therefore, you can easily pay F88 loans directly in any area. Here, F88 staff will guide you on how to pay specifically and in detail. You can completely pay at different facilities.

Is it possible to pay off the loan early at F88?

Is it possible to pay off the loan early at F88?
Is it possible to pay off the loan early at F88?

F88 supports customers to pay off loans early, but when borrowers need to pay off before maturity, they need to fully meet the conditions and regulations set forth by F88. At the same time, customers need to notify F88 of the settlement time in advance. If the mortgaged property is a car, the customer needs to notify 10 days in advance.

How much is the F88 settlement fee?

For cash loans at F88, there will be a maximum limit of 10 million VND with a term of 6-12 months. The closing fee will be 5% x the remaining principal of the loan.

For example: You have a loan of VND 8,000,000, you have paid VND 5,000,000 and have the remaining VND 3,000,000 that you want to pay early. Then the early payment fee that you will have to pay is: 5% * 3,000,000 = 150,000 VND.

Some questions when paying F88

Late payment of F88 loan is bad debt?

F88 is a transparent and reputable financial company in the financial sector. Therefore, when you are late to pay your F88 loan, you will still be charged bad debt as usual, depending on the number of days of late payment, you will be classified as a bad debt group.

Not only that, but you also have to pay a high late payment fee, which is clearly stated in the contract. The best thing to do when you have borrowed money is not to think about breaking out of debt, because you will definitely have a bad credit score. In addition, F88 will have the right to own the property that you have mortgaged if the debt defaults.

Is there a penalty fee for 1-3 days late on installment payment at F88?

Late payment of the loan from 1-3 days, you will still have to pay a penalty fee. According to F88 regulations, the penalty fee will be 50,000 VND/day and maximum 150,000 VND/payment period, which means you can only pay late for a payment period up to 3 days.

Already paid F88 but the system has not recorded what to do?

If you have already paid but have not yet seen the F88 system record, please check your payment information in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Method 1: Check payment information at F88 application.
  • Method 2: Contact PGD F88 at the phone number listed on the contract or the number on the nearest store directory for support.

Note: After each payment, keep the receipt or take a screenshot of the transaction to be processed quickly in the above situation.

How does F88 collect debt if the loan is not paid on time?

When borrowing money at F88, customers will have to provide personal information including: full name, phone number, working and living address, ID card/CCCD….If the customer does not pay the loan on time, first F88 will text, call to remind.

If the borrower still does not pay the debt, F88 will continue to send the promissory note to the address where you are working or living. If the loan is over 2,000,000, F88 can completely sue you for fraud and property appropriation.


Above is some information about F88 and other devices How to pay F88 loan that you can refer to. Hopefully the above information will help you be more proactive in the payment process of F88’s loans, avoiding the case of late payment of fees that are too high and leave many consequences later.

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