After using Agribank bank account, but you want to change to another bank or suspend the account to save maintenance fee? The following article Nganhangnongthon will guide you how to read in detail delete, cancel and close Agribank e-mobile banking account the fastest 2022. Please read the content below quickly to find out for yourself!

Conditions for canceling or deleting Agribank bank accounts

Canceling the account or continuing to use it is the decision of the account holder, the bank will not interfere. When you want to cancel or delete your Agribank bank account, the bank will not ask for any additional conditions.

Therefore, if you intend to close your account and no longer use it, you can do it as usual. Particularly for postpaid accounts, credit accounts, the bank forces you to pay all previous debts before they are allowed to delete or close the account.

Instructions for deleting, canceling and closing Agribank e-mobile banking accounts

Depending on the usage needs of each customer, they should close or continue using Agribank e-mobile banking account or not. Deleting, canceling and closing an Agribank e-mobile banking account is not too difficult, almost anyone can do it.

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Currently, banks always create conditions for customers to take the initiative, so there are many ways for people to delete their accounts. You can refer to one of the ways below to find the most suitable and easy way for you.

Delete, close Agribank e-mobile banking account

Closing an account of Agribank e-mobile banking or Internet Banking is the same. Both of these services are provided by Agribank to support customers in using online banking.

Currently, Agribank has not updated the feature of deleting and closing Agribank e-mobile banking online accounts. However, you can only delete or close your Agribank card temporarily. To Delete, close Agribank card on e-mobile banking temporarily on mobile phone, please follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Log in to the Agribank E-mobile banking application on your phone.
  • Step 2: At the home screen, select “Tag Services”.
  • Step 3: Continue to select “Query card information” > Select the type of card you want to block.
  • Step 4: Select “Enable/Lock Card” as desired.
  • Step 5: Receive OTP code from phone message > Enter OTP to confirm transaction.
  • Step 6: Select “Agree” > Successfully close the Agribank card.

Delete, cancel Agribank account at bank counters

One of the popular ways that many people use is thanks to the support of bank staff. You can go directly to Agribank’s transaction counter to request deletion or cancellation of your account as you wish. This method is extremely suitable for those who are not familiar with technology, want to handle it quickly and safely.

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Instructions for deleting and canceling Agribank accounts at bank counters are as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to the nearest Agribank transaction counter, dial the order number, and wait for your turn to transact.
  • Step 2: Presented to the employee that he wanted to delete or cancel his Agribank account.
  • Step 3: Provide ID/CCCD and other information requested by bank staff.
  • Step 4: The teller will check, verify information and proceed to delete your Agribank e-mobile banking account on the system.
  • Step 5: Return the Agribank ATM to the bank with any additional fees, if any.

Note, this method usually takes more time than doing it on the phone, but the accuracy is high. In addition, people when going to the bank should pay more attention to the working hours of Agribank.

Agribank’s working hours are as follows:

  • Open weekly from Monday to Friday
  • Morning: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Afternoon: 13h00 – 17h00
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays Agribank does not work

Cancel, close Agribank account via call center

For those who want to cancel or close their Agribank account at home without having to wait for a long time, they can call the switchboard number for assistance. The Agribank switchboard is always available 24/7 to receive questions and problems that need to be resolved from many customers.

For those who want to cancel their Agribank account, you can do the following:

  • Step 1: Call the Agribank switchboard hotline 1900 558 818.
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions to meet the operator.
  • Step 3: Inform the staff that you need to cancel your Agribank account > Explain the reason, if any.
  • Step 4: The employee asked for some necessary information.
  • Step 5: Wait for the staff to check your information on the system and verify the cancellation of Agribank bank account.
  • Step 6: Canceling Agribank bank account successfully.

Note, in case you can’t meet the operator because the line is busy, wait for about 15 minutes and then call to connect with the operator to handle the problem of canceling your account.

Distinguish between canceling Agribank E-mobile account and canceling Agribank E-mobile service

To distinguish Agribank E-mobile account cancellation and Agribank E-mobile service cancellation, please refer to the following comparison table:

Canceling Agribank E-mobile accountCanceling Agribank E-mobile service
  • Perform actions that cause Agribank account to be permanently deleted from the banking system.
  • After cancellation, no further transactions will be made.
  • If you want to use it again, the only way is to register a new account.
  • Canceling the service is only canceling the included utilities, not affecting much to the Agribank account.
  • After canceling, still perform the transaction as usual.
  • If you want to use it again, just re-register for the E-mobile service.

Questions related to deleting, canceling and closing Agribank e-mobile banking accounts

What is Agribank’s e-mobile banking service?

Agribank’s e-mobile banking service is a service that includes outstanding utilities that Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam provides to assist customers in performing convenient financial transactions on an online platform.

When customers use e-mobile banking service Agribank will save time going to the bank. That is, instead of going to the bank to transact, people can actively work from home, flexibly transact anytime, anywhere, whenever there is a need.

Benefits of using Agribank e-mobile banking service:

  • Pay the bill.
  • Transfer money, withdraw money at any time.
  • Actively view the balance if there is a need.
  • Additional utilities: buy air tickets, train tickets, cars online, …

When to close Agribank bank account?

In the process of using Agribank bank account, there will be many reasons why you want to close your account immediately. Some of the common reasons are as follows:

  • The account holder no longer needs to use it.
  • Close the account so that you do not have to pay monthly maintenance fees and account management fees.
  • If you suspect that your account information has been leaked, close your account immediately to avoid bad guys stealing your property.
  • You no longer need to use Agribank bank account and want to change to another bank.
  • Agribank ATM card expires, the bank automatically closes your card.

Deleting Agribank account with account key is the same?

Deleting Agribank account with account key is the same? Actually, these two concepts are completely different. To no longer confuse the terms account deletion and account lockout, you can distinguish them below.

What is Agribank account deletion?

Deleting your Agribank account or canceling or closing your account means that your account will be permanently deleted from the banking system. At this time, all previously stored Agribank banking information will be permanently deleted. You can only use it again when you sign up for a brand new account.

Moreover, from the moment you delete your account, you will not be able to make any other transactions related to that account. Therefore, in order to avoid transaction interruption, everyone should consider carefully before deciding to delete, cancel and close their Agribank e-mobile banking account.

What is Agribank account lock?

Locking an Agribank account, or in other words, temporarily locking an account for a short period of time when there is no need to use it anymore. Unlike permanent deletion, after locking your account, you will be able to reopen and perform the same transactions as the original.

Is there a fee to cancel Agribank account?

Agribank or other banks support customers to cancel, close and delete accounts for free, simple operation. But this is only true for debit cards, payment cards because when canceling a credit card Agribank account, you have to pay all the fees and debts in the card to be allowed to cancel.

How long does it take to delete or cancel an Agribank account?

How long does it take to delete and cancel Agribank account? The process of deleting, canceling, closing an account usually happens very quickly, in just a few steps. As mentioned above, if you want to cancel your account, you can do it through: online on your phone, call the switchboard, or go to a bank counter. Normally, it only takes a few minutes for you to receive a notification that your account has been successfully canceled.

Is it possible to withdraw money after deleting Agribank account?

If you only delete your Agribank ATM card without deleting your bank account, you can still withdraw and use it as usual. Because the bank ATM card is only a tool used to withdraw and transfer money, the bank account is the information that determines whether you still use the account or not.

In case, you want to delete your Agribank account permanently, you need to pay attention to check the minimum balance in the account and withdraw before clicking delete.

Notes when deleting Agribank account

In order not to take much time, you need to consider carefully before deciding to cancel, close or delete your Agribank account. Some notes when deleting Agribank account that you should refer to are as follows:

  • The procedure for canceling Agribank credit cards is often very complicated, so if you intend to cancel your card, you must consider it carefully.
  • It is recommended to hand over the ATM card to the bank to destroy it to avoid losing information, and get back the balance of 50k when registering as an ATM card.
  • In order not to be wasted, everyone should use up all the bonus points in the card.
  • In order not to be affected by the process of using the card, you should have a valid reason to close the card or account.
  • When you close the main card, your secondary tags are also closed.

Thus, the article above nganhangnongthon has finished guiding the ways delete, cancel and close Agribank e-mobile banking account. Hope the above steps and important notes have helped you gain more useful knowledge. If you have any questions, please reply in the comments section below. Good luck to everyone!

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