After using VPBank account for a period of time, but you want to stop using it for a period of time, what should you do? The article below, Nganhangnongthon will guide you delete, cancel and close VPBank NEO online account 2022. Please refer to all the content below to know how to act in times of need.

Conditions for canceling or deleting VPBank NEO accounts

For popular domestic payment accounts, customers can cancel or close the account at any time as needed. But with a credit account, you need to ensure the following conditions:

  • Pay off all outstanding balances in credit accounts including principal and interest.
  • Pay all service fees and expenses incurred monthly and annually.

How to delete, cancel and close VPBank NEO online account

Delete, cancel and close VPBank NEO account at the bank

The traditional and simplest way is to go to the bank’s transaction counter to perform the procedure of deleting, canceling and closing your VPBank account. Note, because banks usually work during office hours, every day of the week except Saturday, Sunday. You pay attention to go to the right time period for support.

Steps to delete and close VPBank accounts at banking counters are as follows:

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  • Step 1: Bring your ID/CCCD to the nearest VPBank transaction counter in your locality.
  • Step 2: Wait until the transaction session> Ask the staff to close and delete the VBBank account.
  • Step 3: Fill in the form to delete the account > Provide ID/CCCD for staff to verify identity.
  • Step 4: After receiving the information, the staff will process and notify you of the successful account closing procedure.

Although this method takes a little time to wait, it will be very easy for those who are not familiar with the application, technology, etc. space for the bad guys to steal. Therefore, you can refer to other ways to do it right below.

Delete, cancel and close VPBank NEO account by text message

Today, there are many technology criminals looking for ways to steal user account information. To protect their assets against these very sophisticated tricks, everyone also needs to prepare themselves with the necessary knowledge. Currently, VPBank has allowed users to temporarily lock their accounts with just a message on the phone.

Instruct customers to proactively lock their accounts as soon as they suspect that fraudsters are fake or have their accounts stolen due to information disclosure according to the syntax: VPB NHDT KHOA to 8149.

Delete, cancel and close VPBank NEO online account on mobile phone

Another option to help you quickly close your VPBank account is through the VPBank NEO application on your phone. With just a few simple steps, everyone can close an account extremely quickly and proactively.

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You can see more actions to close accounts to increase personal property protection below:

Method 1: Delete, cancel and close VPBank account without logging in app

Step 1: Open VPBank NEO app > Note do not log in.

Step 2: Select “Support” > click “Lock VPBank NEO account”.

Step 3: Fill in all the information of the account to be locked > Enter OTP verification code > Receive successful lock notification.

Method 2: Delete, cancel and close VPBank account must log in app

Step 1: Log in to your VPBank NEO account > Select “Expand”.

Step 2: Continue to select “Settings” > Click “Lock VPBank NEO account” > Enter lock reason.

Step 3: Confirm key > Receive successful lock notification.

Delete, cancel and close VPBank NEO online account via call center

In addition to the above account cancellation methods, people can also cancel their VPBank NEO account online via the switchboard. You just need to make one call to VPBank’s support center and the staff will support you wholeheartedly. In particular, in urgent cases where you need to immediately lock your account, this method is very effective.

However, many times you will not be able to meet the operator because of your line. But you can pause for a while, then the call will be right. Instructions to delete, cancel and close VPBank NEO online account via the following switchboard.

  • Step 1: Call VPBank hotline 1900 54 54 15 and follow the instructions to meet the operator.
  • Step 2: Present your need to close your account > Provide a reason, if any.
  • Step 3: Provide information including: account number, full name, ID card/CCCD, phone number, etc. for staff to authenticate.
  • Step 4: Receive a notification from the staff confirming that the account will be temporarily closed.

Questions related to deleting, canceling and closing VPBank NEO online accounts

When should you delete, cancel and close your VPBank NEO account?

Currently, many people have the same concern as to how to cancel, close or cancel VPBank NEO account? In the process of using a bank account, there will be many cases that make us have to delete the account.

Some of the reasons leading to deletion, cancellation and closure of VPBank NEO online account are as follows:

  • Customers own multiple bank accounts at the same time, making it difficult to manage accounts. They have to memorize and divide account numbers which is very annoying.
  • In addition, having too many bank accounts also wastes the monthly account maintenance money from the bank. Although, a few tens of thousands of months, but if added together within a year, it will be quite large. Locking your account will save you a significant amount of money.
  • In case your VPBank bank account is suspected of being exposed or your ATM card is dropped or stolen, everyone should immediately block the card to limit unnecessary risks. Canceling and closing accounts is a quick solution to help you protect user information and ensure safe assets.
  • Besides, the banking system will automatically close your VPBank account without notice before the account usage time is overdue. The account holder has not made any transactions within a year.

How to delete, cancel and close VPBank beautiful number account?

With good number VPBank accounts, how to delete, cancel and close? People just need to follow these instructions to cancel a VPBank number account:

  • Method 1: Contact the bank staff via hotline 1900 54 54 15 for advice on the procedure to cancel a beautiful number account.
  • Method 2: Go directly to VPBank’s branch and follow the staff’s request. Note, when everyone remember to bring ID/CCCD to present.

Some notes when closing a beautiful digital account you should grasp are as follows:

  • If you receive a hard card with a good number VPBank, you must return the card to the bank for processing.
  • Check if the account balance is still there, if there is, then withdraw the money before requesting to close the account.
  • If you go to the bank to close your account, please note the office hours for support.

How to quickly lock VPBank cards at ATMs?

In addition to wanting to lock your account, you can also lock your VPBank card at an ATM. Currently, VPBank’s ATMs are equipped with features to lock cards and close accounts in case of urgent cases that customers can’t get to the bank in time. You put your ATM card into the system, enter your password and choose to lock the card according to the instructions on the screen. After a few minutes, your card will be activated with a quick temporary lock function.

How much does it cost to close a bank account?

VPBank supports customers to close their accounts for free. Therefore, if there is a need, you can contact the bank to pay without paying any fees. Note, if you really want to stop using VPBank’s services, you should close it permanently, otherwise you can close it temporarily. Because, if you close it permanently and want to use the old account again later, you must register to open a new account.

Can I make transactions after deleting or canceling my VPBank account?

As mentioned above, once you decide to cancel or delete your VPBank account, you will not be able to perform any transactions including: transferring money, receiving money, withdrawing money, paying bills,…. If you want to use it again, you only have to reopen your account or create a new account if you delete it permanently.

Note when deleting, canceling and closing VPBank NEO account

Deleting, canceling and closing accounts is a bank feature that helps you ensure the safety of your account. When operating, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • The account lock feature on VPBank NEO app is only valid for 48 hours. After 48 hours, your account will be automatically reactivated normally. However, you need to renew your password when you log in.
  • In case you close your account on the app, if you lose your sim, change it, your sim doesn’t work, etc., you can click to receive the OTP code via email.
  • You should close your account without logging in if you suspect that a thief has stolen your account access to minimize the risk of losing your personal assets at the bank.
  • The way to lock an account on the app is only temporary, if you want to lock it permanently, you have to go directly to the bank.
  • Because the procedure to reopen a new account is time-consuming and complicated, you should consider carefully when closing your account permanently, especially a credit account.
  • When closing or canceling the main credit card, the secondary card will also be closed, you cannot use it anymore.
  • All bonus points should be used up before deciding to close the account.
  • The account should be closed for a good reason, should not be closed or canceled arbitrarily because it will affect the transaction process.

Thus, the above is useful information on how delete, cancel and close VPBank NEO online account that Nganhangnongthon has just provided to you. The bank always creates favorable conditions for customers to actively manage their accounts. Therefore, if you have any needs, please contact VPBank for timely handling. Wish everyone a successful operation to delete VPBank accounts!

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