If you are wanting check Vietcombank transaction history but don’t know how to do it. Here are the 5 fastest ways to check Vietcombank transaction history. Through these steps you can see the transactions that the account has made. Please apply the ways that Thongtinbank.com guides below.

Check Vietcombank transaction history for what?

Transactions arising from your bank account are recorded in history. When the customer wants to know the details of the arising transactions, he can reopen the transaction section to check.

When viewing Vietcombank transaction history, you can know how to look up vietcombank money transfer history. Or other information from arising transactions. As follows:

  • Check the correct account balance information after each transaction.
  • Check account number, amount, transfer time, recipient.
  • Manage your personal finances more effectively by regularly controlling your accounts.

Ways to check Vietcombank transaction history

To View Vietcombank’s transaction history Please do the following.

1/ How to check Vietcombank transaction history with VCB – [email protected]

How to view vietcombank transaction history?

How to look up Vietcombank transaction history will help customers quickly know the transaction history made at home.

Step 1: Go to https://www.Vietcombank.com.vn/IBanking

Step 2: Then log in your Internet Banking account information.

Step 3: Now you will be able to see 5 transactions made recently, to see full click “View details”,

Step 4: Next, there will be a section displaying information such as interest rate, current balance, transaction date … you click “View statement” to review the transaction history.

2/ How to check Vietcombank transaction history via VCB-Mobile [email protected]

VCB-Mobile [email protected] application is installed on the phone, this is also an electronic banking utility application to help customers manage transactions quickly. To view Vietcombank money transfer transaction history Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to VCB-Mobile [email protected] application installed on thojia phone.

Step 2: Click on the “Account information” section in the main screen interface.

Step 3: Select the type of account to check transaction information.

Step 4: Finally, click on “History” to check the details of the transactions.

Note: Customers must register for this utility at the counter to do such steps.

3/ Look up transaction history at Vietcombank

If you do not register for electronic banking facilities. Then go to Vietcombank’s transaction office to check transactions. Remember to bring your ID/CCCD with you when you go.

How to view vietcombank transaction history?

Step 1: Go to the nearest Vietcombank branch.

Step 2: Then present identification and ask for a statement of the account’s transaction history for a certain period of time.

Step 3: The staff will proceed to help you with a statement of the account’s transaction history as required.

Step 4: A statement showing full transaction information that the account has completed.

4/ Review Vietcombank transaction history via SMS Banking

How to view vietcombank transaction history?

SMS Banking is a utility function that helps to notify the account balance whenever there is a fluctuation. SMS Banking works without Internet and will automatically be sent to the linked phone number.

To review the transaction history, just click on the message sent by Vietcombank. Or you can compose a message with the syntax “VCB GD send 6167 VND” fee of 1,000 VND / message to know the transaction history.

5/ Look up transaction history Vietcombank baefng Mobile BankPlus

If you have registered for the BankPlus utility of Vietcombank, please see the Vietcombank transaction history here.

Step 1: Click on Account Lookup/Balance Lookup > Select OK.

Step 2: Enter PIN > Click OK

Step 3: Then the application will automatically display your transaction information.


How long does Vietcombank transaction history keep?

Each account pays when making transactions. The system will automatically record and save that transaction information. And this is called transaction history.

The purpose of saving transaction history is to help customers know the transaction information that the account has made when necessary. It is also a database for bank reconciliation.

Transaction history is permanently saved on the system. Transaction history information of Vietcombank account will be saved from the time the account is opened until the account stops using.

Can you delete Vietcombank transaction history?

Many of you are wanting to delete Vietcombank Digibank transaction history. However, this transaction history cannot be deleted. Customers cannot access the banking system to delete transaction information. Even Vietcombank employees are not allowed to delete this information.

Here are the how to view Vietcombank transaction history fastest ever. If you are still wondering about the account’s transactions, you can follow the above method.

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