If you want to own an East Asia ATM card and want to register make East Asia card Bank online at home to save time. Please refer to the article below of Bankcuatoi.com to better understand how to do it. Dong A ATM card is a card issued by Dong A Commercial Joint Stock Bank.

Cards have functions and tasks to help customers make transactions and payments without having to bring cash. Currently, DongA Bank is issuing 7 different types of ATM cards for customers to choose from. Currently work open Dong A Bank card completely simple. Customers will easily register a card with full utilities without having to go to a bank transaction office.

Can I make Dong A Bank ATM card online?

Dong A has developed e-banking services to help customers easily experience and register for the service. Including utilities make ATM card DongA Bank online. However, many customers do not understand this feature well. You still mistakenly believe that the cards of ordinary payment accounts can be registered online.

But in fact, only Visa/Credit cards of Dong A bank are allowed to register online. The usual domestic debit cards that we still use will not be able to register online. About how to register for a Dong A credit card online, I will guide you in another article.

Therefore, if you want to register to open an DongA card, normally, customers are required to bring identification documents to the DongA bank transaction office.

Conditions and procedures for making Dong A Bank ATM card

When make Dong A ATM card Customers need to meet the following conditions and procedures.

make east asian card


  • Customers are 15 years of age or older and have full capacity for civil acts.
  • There are all kinds of identification documents such as identity card or citizen identification.


1/ For individual customers

  • Original valid ID card/CCCD in accordance with regulations.
  • An account opening registration form is issued at the counter.

2/ For corporate customers

  • Valid ID document
  • Business license in accordance with regulations.
  • Application for registration of service use for businesses according to the form of Dong A bank.

Register for Dong A Bank card at the counter

Customers move to the nearest Dong A bank transaction office to register for the service.

make east asian card

  • Step 1: Prepare the documents according to the instructions above and the account registration fee.
  • Step 2: At the counter, please notify the staff of your request to open a card.
  • Step 3: They will advise and introduce the type of card you are applying for, then provide an application form.
  • Step 4: Fill in all the information on the application form and then return it to the staff, pay attention to the signature part because the signature you will need to sign later is the same as when you initially registered your account.
  • Step 5: Pay the fee in accordance with regulations and receive an appointment to receive the card.

How long does it take to open an ATM card of Dong A bank?

It only takes about 15 minutes for you Register for Dong A Bank ATM card at the counter. But then we’ll have to wait from 4 to 7 days Only then will you receive the card. The time to receive the East Asia card is clearly stated on the appointment letter. On the day of receiving the card, just bring your appointment letter and ID card to the counter and receive the card.

In addition, when your ATM card has been completed, the bank will proceed to send a notification to the bank’s service registration phone number. Avoid the situation that customers forget the time to pick up the card at the bank.

Is there a fee to make Dong A Banking card?

Many customers wonder if there is a fee to register for an ATM card of Dong A bank? To this question, we would like to answer you no. When you register for an ATM card, you will have to deposit 50,000 VND into your account.

This amount is not a registration fee to open a card and will be added directly to your bank account. This amount will be the minimum amount in the customer’s ATM card account and will be the customer’s service maintenance fee during the usage period.

Notes after making East Asia card

When customers successfully make Dong A Bank ATM card, they should note the following points to avoid trouble during use.

  • After receiving the card, you need to activate the card, to activate the card you need to go to Dong A ATM and then change the PIN code.
  • Remember the account number written in the envelope so that when needed, it will be brought out for transactions. The account number is not listed on the card.
  • Please register for convenient services such as SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking for better account management.
  • DongA ATM card can withdraw money at more than 16,000 ATMs nationwide. But note that transactions can only be made at the ATM of the associated bank.
  • Do not ask others to change the PIN for you and do not reveal the password to the second person.


The above article shows you how to quickly and easily register for a Dong A Bank card. With information about the process of registering and using the bank’s ATM card. If you have any questions, please leave a comment to be answered and still free of charge.

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