How to send money from Australia to Vietnam? For customers who are living and working in Australia. The issue of transferring money back home to family members is a matter of great concern. So with a few posts today we will show you how to transfer money from Australia.

Australia is an attractive environment that Vietnamese people still choose to live, study and work. In recent years, the demand for money transfer from Australia to Vietnam has increased dramatically. But not everyone knows how to transfer? And what is the transfer fee? Without keeping everyone waiting, I will answer these questions. If you are planning to study abroad or work in Australia, you should find out in advance how to transfer money in the fastest and safest way.

What are the fastest ways to transfer money from Australia to Vietnam?

How to transfer money from Australia to Vietnam in particular and money transfer from abroad to Vietnam in general is always a matter of concern to everyone. There are many ways to transfer money. This includes both legal and illegal ways. Some of the ways chosen by Vietnamese people in Australia are as follows:

  1. Transfer money via bank in Australia to Vietnam.
  2. Transfer money through international fast money transfer companies such as Western Union, Money Gram…
  3. Transfer money through the black market….

In which, transferring money through banks and via Western Union is legal. And transferring money through the black market is not protected by law. You need to think carefully before choosing this way. Because many people have been scammed to appropriate the money transferred without knowing who to call to get their money back.

In today’s article, I only introduce in detail 2 ways to transfer money legally.

How to transfer money from Australia to Vietnam via bank

How to transfer money to Vietnam?

Transfer money to Vietnam via bank

In the digital age, most international banks are linked. Banks in Australia are also linked with big banks in Vietnam such as: Agribank, Vietcombank, Sacombank, Techcombank, Vietinbank, ACB… So you can go to the bank to transfer money to Vietnam quickly and safely. absolute safety.

When you go you need to bring identification (ID/Passport). In addition to the amount to be transferred, you also need to prepare additional fees.

You will be given an international money order slip by the staff. Read and fill in the required information:

  1. Information about the money remitter: Full name, phone number, address, account number (if any).
  2. Recipient information: Full name, address, phone number, account number (if transferring money to the account). ID number…
  3. Information about receiving bank: Name of receiving bank and bank branch in English.
  4. Amount to be transferred and content of money transfer.
  5. After the money arrives at the bank in Vietnam, the staff will actively contact the recipient to come to the counter to carry out the procedures to receive the money. Recipients need to bring ID and provide some necessary information to receive money.

Transfer money to Vietnam via ATM card

If the sender and the receiver both have a visa card, you can transfer the money directly to the recipient’s bank account. That way, you won’t have to go to the bank to make transactions anymore.

  • For Vietcombank Visa Debit card: You can transfer up to 2,500 USD/time. And the recipient will receive the money only after 5 minutes of transferring.
  • For ACB Visa Debit card: You can transfer up to 2,500 USD/time. The time to receive the money is about 30 minutes after the transfer.

Time to transfer money from Australia to Vietnam via bank

If you transfer money to the recipient’s bank account, the money will arrive in 5 to 30 minutes. But if the recipient does not have a bank account and must transfer through an intermediary bank. Time will be longer. Ranging from 3 to 7 working days.

Bank transfer fee from Australia to Vietnam

When going send money from Australia to Vietnam Please note the deposit fee schedule. Each bank will apply a different fee schedule by region and country. So the fee schedule will be calculated as a percentage of the amount sent. Regarding this fee schedule, customers need to go to the bank to know exactly.

Limit for sending money from Australia to Vietnam via bank

Note, when sending money, we must not send more than the limit. The amount sent back must be within the control level in accordance with state regulations. The limit for sending money from abroad to Vietnam is 3,000 USD. Please note that the higher the value of the currency converted into VND, the lower the deposit amount.

How to transfer money from Australia to Vietnam via Western Union

Western Union is a popular international fast money transfer service. Because, transferring money in this form is both fast and safe, protected by the laws of the two countries.

How to transfer money to Vietnam?

Steps transfer money from Australia to Vietnam via Western Union as follows:

  • Step 1: Bring your ID/Passport to a Western Union counter in Australia. If you are new here and are not fluent in the language, please bring some friends with you, someone who is fluent in the local language to help you translate and guide you to fill out the information on the form.
  • Step 2: Give your ID/Passport for the staff to check. They will then give you a money order slip for you to fill out.
  • Step 3: Read and fill in the information printed on the money order.
  • Step 4: Sign then return the form. Staff will help you check the information again to minimize errors.
  • Step 5: Pay the amount to be transferred with the transfer fee. The staff counts the money and gives you a money transfer receipt for you to sign. The bank will keep 1 receipt and you will keep 1 receipt.
  • Step 6: The staff gives you a 10-digit secret money transfer code. You remember this code and only give it to the recipient in Vietnam.
  • Step 7: Call to provide this code to the recipient in Vietnam.
  • Step 8: Recipients bring ID card to Western Union transaction counter in Vietnam to receive money. Provide a secret code for authentication. If you match, you will receive money.

Time to transfer money from Australia to Vietnam via Western Union

This is an international express money transfer service. Therefore, the transfer time is also very fast. After completing the remittance transaction in Australia. Just wait a few minutes for the information to be updated on the system, the recipient in Vietnam can go to the counter to receive the money. Usually this process only takes about 30 minutes to 1 day.

If the recipient does not receive the money after 1 day of transferring the money, it may be because the transaction has gone wrong. You need to report back to the staff to double check and refund if necessary.

Western Union money transfer fee from Australia to Vietnam

General regulations on the fee schedule for sending money from Australia to Vietnam by Western Union is 0.3% total amount sent. You should prepare this amount in advance before sending for fast transactions.


In general, transferring money from Australia to Vietnam does not take much time. There are 2 common, legal ways to transfer money. It is bank transfer and western union money transfer. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free answers and support by

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