You want to get a loan from Vietcombank but don’t know how to apply for a bank loan? Learn about “Conditions for unsecured loans of Vietcombank” through the article below.

Vietcombank unsecured loan packages are being deployed

Unsecured loans are loans that do not require collateral or a guarantor. As long as applicants for unsecured loans have a stable job with an income of 5 million a month or more, they will be able to get a loan. Loan limit is 15 times higher than income but not more than 500 million VND. There are also Vietcombank unsecured loans that do not need to prove income such as loans under mortgage products with valuable papers.

Vietcombank’s unsecured loan packages are currently available:

  • Loan money to buy real estate.
  • Mortgage loan to buy a car.
  • Loans for officials and employees.
  • Personal spend borrow.
  • Loans to executive managers.
  • Overdraft loan to Vietcombank account
  • Borrow business fortune.
  • Securities mortgage loans.
  • Borrow by pledging valuable papers.

Conditions for Vietcombank unsecured loans include:

Conditions for unsecured loans of Vietcombank These are the mandatory terms that the bank sets out for customers when they want to participate in any loan product. And loan applicants must fully meet these factors, otherwise the application will be rejected immediately.

Conditions for unsecured loans of vietcombank

Vietcombank is currently considered one of the banks offering the most attractive preferential policies with unsecured loan packages. Besides, Vietcombank unsecured loans are being favored by many customers because of the flexible loan conditions that the bank offers.
To get a successful loan at Vietcombank today, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens, in the working age range from 21 to 55 years old, are officials, employees, employees in the state or have a labor contract.
  • Customers are currently living and working in the area where there are banks or branches affiliated to Vietcombank.
  • Having an official labor contract, in case of loss of labor contract, it can be replaced with a work confirmation according to the form. Have a stable income, at least 5 million/month.
  • Proof of income ability to borrow Vietcombank’s salary by bank transfer or unsecured loan according to Vietcombank’s cash salary.
  • Customers must ensure that they have a credit rating of grade A according to Vietcombank’s standards. There are no bad debts at any banks or financial institutions.

Attractive benefits when customers borrow unsecured money at Vietcombank

  • Customers do not need to mortgage assets.
  • Loan support up to 10 times income.
  • Loan interest rate is only from 15%/year.
  • Flexible loan term 12, 24, 36, 48 months
  • Receive money disbursed within 24-72 hours.
  • Early settlement after 3 months of disbursement.
  • Can pay monthly interest and flexible principal
  • Quick and simple loan procedures and processes.

Procedures for applying for unsecured loans according to Vietcombank’s salary

The procedure for unsecured loans at Vietcombank is quite simple. With each loan product, the bank will ask you to submit the corresponding documents.

  • A bank loan application file will include:
  • Original copy of loan application form according to the bank’s form
  • Copy of ID card/CCCD/passport; Passport/Paper, temporary residence book of the borrower.
  • Certificate of working position at the place where you are currently working.
  • A copy of the fixed-term labor contract, the original of the last 03 months’ salary statement/payroll.
  • Some documents proving other sources of income (if any)

Note: The documents need to be original for the staff to compare directly when making the loan application.


Here is the full information Vietcombank unsecured loan conditionsHopefully, getting a quick loan will become easier and more convenient if you know the necessary information. If you have any questions, please leave a comment so that we can help you answer it as soon as possible.

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