Unsecured loan from BIDV bank salary is a product that many customers are looking for. This is a preferred product for customers to use because this loan is very easy to disburse. If you are in need of some money to be able to spend for personal purposes and needs. Sign up for an unsecured loan package at BIDV with many attractive incentives.

For unsecured loan products, BIDV is always one of the leading banks. Pioneering in reducing loan interest rates for users. And create the most favorable conditions for customers to easily apply for loans.

Introducing BIDV’s unsecured loan by salary

For unsecured loan package according to salary at BIDV bank. This is an unsecured loan package applied by BIDV to customers with stable monthly income. Currently, banks are divided into 2 types of salary loans including:Unsecured loan from BIDV bank

  • Unsecured overdraft loan: With this form, BIDV bank will grant you a certain usage limit. And can proceed to use more than the amount in your account. Interest will be charged when you use the amount from the bank’s allocated limit.
  • Bank unsecured consumer loans: This is a form of customer borrowing to use for personal purposes and needs of close friends.

BIDV’s unsecured loan products include:

  • Loan according to salary, ATM card of the bank.
  • Loan support for business owners.
  • Borrow by motorbike registration.
  • Loan support under life insurance contracts.
  • Use money bills for unsecured loans.
  • Borrow under a 3rd party credit contract.
  • Loan to buy Auto.
  • Study abroad loan.
  • Borrow housing needs.
  • Borrowing for production and business.
  • Mortgage loan.
  • Unsecured consumer loans.

Advantages of unsecured loans from BIDV

BIDV is always committed to bringing customers the best products. And this is the reason why this bank is being trusted and used by many customers. When registering for an unsecured loan package at BIDV. This loan package will have the following outstanding advantages:

  • When applying for a loan, no collateral or guarantor is required.
  • For the customer’s account receiving salary, it is not necessary to be an account of BIDV.
  • Interest rates on unsecured loans from BIDV are low and many incentives.
  • Customers can borrow up to 15 months of their own income. And the loan amount can be up to 500 million VND.
  • The loan term of the bank is very long, maybe up to 5 years.
  • The bank’s interest rate is calculated according to the principal balance and actually ensures that customers will receive the best benefits when using it.
  • Customers can use the bank’s credit card products at the same time.

Find out about BIDV unsecured loan interest rates

In order to support customers to use capital for personal purposes such as building a house, sending their children to study abroad, BIDV always supports and provides customers with products and services with attractive interest rates. most leading.

For the purpose of using the customer is a consumer loan. And the interest rate that the bank offers for the unsecured loan package according to the salary is: 11.9%/ 1 year. The interest rate will be changed depending on the customer’s loan profile with BIDV. With this loan package, you will be able to borrow a maximum of 500 million VND and have a term of up to 60 months.

Conditions and procedures for unsecured loans according to BIDV’s salary

To be able to conduct unsecured loan package at BIDV bank. Everyone needs to find out information related to the conditions and procedures of that loan package. Here we will introduce to you the conditions and procedures that BIDV bank stipulates for this loan package.

Conditions for unsecured loan package of BIDV

  • Everyone must live or work in the location where the lending bank’s branch is located.
  • The age of customers who can get unsecured loans from banks is from 18 to 55 for women, to 60 for men.
  • Customers need to have a stable source of income and ensure the ability to repay the bank’s debt.
  • The bank does not support customers who are in bad debt at any other organization or bank.

Procedures for unsecured loans at BIDV

  • Loan letter according to the form of BIDV bank.
  • Salary statement of the last 3 months of the customer.
  • Borrower’s health insurance.
  • Labor contract documents confirming employment at the workplace.
  • Passport/KT3/Passport.
  • Identification documents including ID card/CCCD with expiry date.
  • And some other documents according to your loan package.

The process of unsecured loans from BIDV according to salary

So after completing the application for loan registration. What is the registration process at the bank? Here, we will introduce you to the process of getting an unsecured loan package at BIDV. Please join us for the following reference:Unsecured loan from BIDV bank

  • Step 1: Prepare the required documents and then go to the bank branch in the place where you work or live.
  • Step 2: The customer will then meet the bank’s counselor. And notice that you want to register for a bank’s unsecured loan package.
  • Step 3: You will then need to apply according to the loan application form of the bank fee provided.
  • Step 4: After registration is complete, it will take some time for the bank to confirm and check your information.
  • Step 5: Then the bank will call you to inform you that you are fully qualified. More information about the bank’s expected loan limit and interest rate comes to you.
  • Step 6: If you are fully qualified, the bank will approve and issue a loan notice to you. The two parties will enter or sign a loan agreement directly at the bank. And must be responsible for complying with the provisions of that contract.
  • Step 7: Proceed to sign the contract after a period of time, the bank will contact you again to get the money disbursed.

How to calculate unsecured loan interest rate of BIDV

For example, a customer is borrowing an unsecured package at BIDV bank of VND 100 million for a period of 36 months. So the following is the amount and time you will pay the debt calculated as follows:

DayInterest ratesMonthly payment amountProfit amountPrincipal amount
October 1, 202211.90%3.769,444991.6672,777,778
November 1, 202211.90%3.769,444991.6672,777,778
01/01/202311.90%3.769,444 991.6672,777,778
May 1, 202511.90%3.769,444991.6672,777,778

Thus, the amount people will have to pay when taking an unsecured loan at a bank each month is 3,769.444. People will keep this amount payable for 36 months until the debt is paid off.

How long is BIDV’s disbursement time?

For the disbursement time of BIDV bank in the form of salary loan of the bank is very fast. For loans without risk assessment, the bank’s disbursement time is only one day. One day from the time the bank has fully received your application. Unsecured loan from BIDV bank

For a bank’s risk assessment loan, it will take up to 3 days. Since the receipt of sufficient documents and documents of the borrower.

Note when applying for unsecured loans with salary at BIDV

To be able to proceed with unsecured loans at the bank is the most convenient. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Customers need to ensure the amount of the holy goods to pay to the bank. Consider spending on demand. Prioritize the amount to be paid to the bank each month to ensure timely repayment to the bank.
  • Everyone needs to prepare all the documents as well as the terms and conditions offered by the bank. Follow the bank’s regulations for the fastest loan approval.
  • Everyone needs to learn about the fees that may arise during the loan process at the bank. Such as: Fee for early repayment, late payment penalty fee, Overdue debt penalty fee, etc. In order not to have to lose fees that are not available when borrowing.


So unsecured loan from BIDV Salary is very simple, isn’t it? Customers can easily access capital that can be used for personal purposes. If you have any questions, please leave a comment to get it Nganhangmobile.com Free support and advice.



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