Currently, there are many customers using the bank’s banking service. And entangled in the case OTP code not sent to phone. Causing everyone’s transactions to be interrupted. So how can this problem be overcome when encountered? With today’s article, will guide everyone about the cause of this situation. And how to fix such a case.

Find out information about what is OTP code?

OTP code is abbreviated by the English name One Time Password. This is an indispensable confirmation code in every customer transaction on the system. This code is randomly generated by the system when you make any transaction. This code is used to authenticate everyone’s transaction information. And ensure the security of safety when customers conduct a certain transaction on the bank’s system.OTP code not sent to phone

With OTP code, customers can only use it once and are valid for a certain period of time. After the specified time, the OTP confirmation code will no longer be valid. And this code will be sent to the phone number or Email of the account holder when setting up. Therefore, the OTP code is considered as the second layer of protection of your bank account. Avoid outside intrusions to your bank account.

Types of OTP verification codes today

Currently, banks have many different types of authentication codes. And the effects and modes of operation of each of these codes are not the same. So here we will introduce everyone to the types of OTP codes of banks. Please feel free to join us below.

SMS OTP Authentication Code

With this type of code, when making any transaction, the system will be sent to everyone’s personal phone number. But this requires that the phone number be a registered number associated with the bank you are using.

Smart OTP authentication code

This is a new type of authentication code of the bank and applies to customers’ online transactions. In order to receive the Smart OTP verification code, customers must use the bank’s Banking service. And everyone’s device must be connected to the Internet to be able to use it.OTP code not sent to phone

To be able to generate a Smart OTP code, everyone needs to enter the previously registered password. Then the system will automatically receive the code and automatically fill in the system. Smart OTP confirmation code is valid from only 30 seconds. Therefore, everyone must conduct confirmation quickly after conducting a certain transaction.

OTP Token Verification Code

For this type of code will be automatically generated suitable for customers who often have to spend in unstable network areas. With the OTP Token confirmation code, no phone number and Internet connection are required. To be able to confirm, you just need to log in and press the OTP Token code to confirm. Very quick and easy.

Why is the OTP code not sent to the phone?

When you make a transaction and get to the OTP confirmation step. But this code is not sent to everyone’s phone number. So what is the cause of this? Please join us for the following reasons.

OTP code is automatically filled on App

If you are using Smart OTP confirmation method when making transactions on the system. The reason you do not receive the OTP code on your phone may be because of this reason. When you use the Smart OTP verification code, the confirmation code will be sent to everyone’s Banking application. And this code will be automatically entered into the system without having to send it to everyone’s registered phone number.

The phone is blocking SMS messages

If in case you use the phone but do not receive any SMS. So it may be because your phone has been set to block messages. Everyone needs to double check by sending a random message to everyone’s phone number. If you do not receive it, it means that you have blocked receiving SMS messages.

Customer’s phone sim is locked

One of the many reasons users encounter that is. Everyone’s sim has been locked in two ways, making it impossible for customers to receive any messages from the bank. So everyone needs to call the switchboard of your network and check the Sim’s status.

Customer’s phone has no signal

If everyone is in a place with no phone signal. And everyone’s phone is not receiving any signal. This also means that the OTP code will not be able to send to everyone’s phone number. And for phone sim that is roaming to another country. Customers also cannot receive OTP codes to their phones.

You have changed your registered phone number

Each customer account created will be associated with a phone number. And your phone number will be used to receive the confirmation code. So when you have changed your phone sim to a new sim. It is necessary to notify the bank you are using to be able to change the phone number to receive the bank’s confirmation code.

How to fix the error OTP code is not sent to the phone

For the reasons we have informed you above. Here are ways to fix it when the OTP code is not sent to your phone. Please feel free to join us below.OTP code not sent to phone

OTP code sent directly in the App: For this reason, you just need to proceed with the transaction as usual. Then press get the code and wait for 3 to 5 confirmation codes will automatically fill in everyone’s transactions.

Unblock text messages on your phone: Everyone proceeds to their phone settings. Then find the message section on the phone. Then choose to turn on the iMessage feature and navigate to the blocked contact section to be able to unblock it.

Sim locked phone: Everyone needs to make a call to the customer service network operator that is worth using. Then tell the staff about the status of your sim if it is locked. If it is locked, ask the operator to help you unlock it.

Customer’s phone has no signal: With this cause, there will be no way to fix it. Customers who want to conduct transactions can only go to a location with stronger waves. Only then can you receive a confirmation code of your transaction information.

Change sim registration service: Please bring identification documents such as ID card/CCCD and then go directly to the bank’s branch or transaction counter. Ask the bank staff to support changing the phone number to receive message notifications for everyone.

Some notes when using OTP confirmation code

When using OTP confirmation code, customers need to pay attention to the following things. In order not to affect the quality and security of everyone’s bank accounts. For specific information, please refer to the following:

  • Do not give OTP code to anyone when people conduct transactions. By this code will decide whether you can execute your transaction or not.
  • When entering the confirmation code, the customer should pay attention to avoid entering the wrong one, affecting the quality of the transaction.
  • If you encounter an error during a customer’s transaction, please immediately contact the bank switchboard you are using. To be able to get help answering.
  • It is necessary to double check the information before proceeding to enter the confirmation code to transact.


The above article answers you about the case OTP code not sent to phone. Find out what causes your phone number not to receive the confirmation code. We hope that the above information will be helpful to everyone in the process of using the service. If you have any questions, please leave a comment for a free answer.



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