According to market experts, real estate investment in the land segment is a low capital investment channel but extremely profitable. However, land investment There are also potential risks around, if you are not careful you will lose. Before choosing to buy, investors must prepare themselves carefully about the basic knowledge to get started.

What is ground land? Why is land investment considered the safest today?

Land investment

Ground ground is the land that has not been affected by humans for construction. This is also the difference of the land plot with apartments, townhouses, shophouses, etc., places where construction is completed.

Soil is usually divided into 3 types as follows:

  • Project land
  • Residential land
  • Adjacent land.

In today’s popular real estate, land investment is the safest channel. Especially in the context of the real estate market being heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic; when both buyers and investors are more cautious. Besides, various types of real estate are increasingly invested methodically in terms of utilities as well as living space; to meet the stringent requirements of consumers. But with the general mentality of Vietnamese people, land plots are still loved with a lot of potential for price appreciation, asset accumulation and private ownership. So how should we invest in land?

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7 golden rules for effective land investment

7 golden rules for effective land investment

  • Principle 1: Learn about the project location to know how to invest in land. This is a particularly important factor when choosing real estate investment. The profitability of the project is high or low depending on the location of the project and the surrounding utilities.
  • Principle 2: Project legality, only capital should be poured into the land areas that have red books or have transparent legality; for later resale or transfer to future customers.
  • Principle 3: Only invest in “living” land, near existing residential clusters; or the project is located right on the land with the policy of forming a residential cluster in the future.
  • Principle 4: Valuing before choosing to buy, refer to the price of land in the area you want to invest. You should only buy money when the difference between the selling price of the land and the market price is not more than 5%.
  • Principle 5: Use reasonable financial leverage, do not invest in land beyond the financial limit. Bank loans should not exceed 50% of the product value and should not pay capital interest more than 50% of income per month.
  • Principle 6: Choose to buy products with high liquidity; to make judgments about the appropriate short-medium-long-term investment strategy.
  • Principle 7: Surrounding facilities and living environment are extremely important factors affecting the profitability of land plots.

Funding support for businesses to develop projects

Funding support for businesses to develop projects

Hope the information shared above has helped you have more knowledge about land investment. If you do not have much in-depth experience and are willing to invest in venture capital; then accompanying and supporting capital for enterprises to develop large projects will be the right choice at this time.

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Accompany Nature landscapethe investor will:

  • Guaranteed by a loan agreement.
  • Free insurance package up to 230 million VND.
  • Chance to win Honda SHi – Toyota Camry.
  • Discounts from 10% – 30% of services for investors.
  • Full legal contract, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

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