Currently, Youtube is the “boss” of the online video monetization platform worldwide. Next to that “tycoon” there is always a name that is a big competitor but few people pay attention.

And that name is none other than Vimeo. Let’s find out what is Vimeo? Way make money with Vimeo how? And how can Vimeo compete with the Youtube tycoon?

General introduction to Vimeo (

General introduction to Vimeo (
General introduction to Vimeo (

Vimeo was born in 2004, is an online video sharing platform rich in content with the best video quality that not even youtube can compete in this regard.

Vimeo was born from the actual needs of its founders. They wanted to find a platform to share online videos that focused mainly on video quality: resolution, color, sound, frame rate, etc. But at the time of 2004 there wasn’t any. a platform that can meet their needs, so Vimeo was born.

As of December 2021 Vimeo has over 260 million users, and more than 1.6 million subscribers to Vimeo’s service plans. Annual sales more than 160 million US dollars. In November 2020, the revenue reached more than 200 million USD due to the increased number of users due to the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Information about Vimeo application:

  • Platform: Android or iOS 12.4 or later.
  • Size: 82MB or more with iOS.
  • Publisher: Vimeo Inc.
  • Current CEO: Anjali Sud
  • Founding date: 11/2004
  • Headquarters: New York, New York State, USA.
  • Parent organization: IAC
  • Subsidiaries: Magisto, Livestream LLC, VHX Corporation

Currently Vimeo has account packages such as:

  • Vimeo Plus: for $7/month, up to 250GB/year of storage.
  • Vimeo Pro: Fee is 20$/month, storage capacity is up to 1TB/year.
  • Vimeo Business: Fee is $50/month, unlimited storage. Privilege of VIP customers, get priority support when something goes wrong.
  • Vimeo Premium: The fee is $75/month, Live Stream unlimited storage

Is it real to make money from videos on Vimeo?

Making money from Vimeo is absolutely true
Making money from Vimeo is absolutely true

Vimeo does not allow annoying ads when watching videos because the original purpose was to focus mainly on the quality of online videos. But still can help users make money through Vimeo on Demand (Vimeo on demand). This is the feature that helps Vimeo compete fairly with Youtube.

With this useful feature, users create and sell their videos by: selling directly to the fans of their channel, or participating in the Vimeo affiliate program.

Instructions for creating a Vimeo account

Vimeo is a social network that provides a free high-quality online video viewing service. So just a few simple steps, you can create an account for yourself and can upload videos to that account.

Simple steps to create a Vimeo account:

  • Step 1: Proceed to visit Vimeo’s homepage:
  • Step 2: Select “Join” to register an account
  • Step 3: On the main screen, a registration dialog box will appear, you can register with your Google account or facebook account. Often the Facebook account will be used to log in more.
  • Step 4: After creating an account successfully, Vimeo will send a thank you letter to the email address you registered.
  • Step 5: After receiving a thank you letter from Vimeo, Vimeo will recommend that you change your password to secure your account

Outstanding features of Vimeo

The following features will demonstrate how Vimeo asserts its position:

  • Replace video and keep the old URL: This is one of the most prominent features of Vimeo. For videos with high likes and comments, but with errors, you can replace the old video with a new edited video, but all likes, comments, shares are still preserved on that new video.
  • Password protection: This feature is like setting a password for a smartphone application. You can set a password for your video, and only people with the password can see it.
  • Embed domain restriction: This feature allows you to hide your videos on websites including Vimeo and make those videos appear on websites of your choice. This feature helps users to prevent video theft.
  • Building a web player brand: on Vimeo’s website you can edit the interface when playing videos, by inserting your own brand logo, helping you build your brand and advertise your website.
  • Advanced analysis: This feature depends on the account packages you subscribe to (Plus, Pro, …), in addition to the analysis of likes, average video watch time, can also get many other analytics such as: traffic, Google analytics integration…
  • Monetization, Pay Per View: Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo allows you to create dedicated VOD (Vimeo On Demand, video selection on demand) pages where viewers can pay to watch videos on their needs and preferences.
  • Watch videos offline with 4k Ultra HD quality: True to the original purpose, Vimeo allows users to watch videos with 4K Ultra HD quality when offline.

Instructions to make money with Vimeo by creating and selling videos

Instructions to make money from Vimeo
Instructions to make money from Vimeo

As mentioned above, Vimeo On Demand allows users to create and sell their own videos to fans, or participate in the Vimeo Affiliate program offered by Vimeo.

Besides, there is also Vimeo On Demand that allows users to create dedicated VOD pages, where viewers will have to pay to watch videos of their favorite topics.

Instructions for posting videos on Vimeo:

Step 1: You must first log in to your account

Step 2: Proceed to upload the video to Vimeo

At Vimeo’s main screen interface, select “Upload”, then select “Or Choose file” to upload videos from your computer to Vimeo.

Step 3: After selecting and clicking Or Choose Files, Vimeo will redirect to the download interface, here will display information options about your video, which you must enter: Video name, Video description, Privacy, lock security… Then select “Save” to save the options you just entered.

Step 4: Wait for the video to upload

That way you can make money from your videos.

How to withdraw money on Vimeo?

To withdraw via Vimeo, you need to link your bank card with Paypal (note that the bank card must be a Visa, Mastercard international credit or debit card and must verify the account before linking paypal) . Users only get 90% of the revenue from their videos, the remaining 10% will be commissions, taxes…


Above is all the information, and How to make money with Vimeo. Hopefully, the article will help you better understand Vimeo, as well as motivate you to make money on this platform.

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