Making money online has become so familiar in the current 4.0 technology era. As long as you have a smartphone or computer with an internet connection, you can earn a steady income every day.

So, today’s article nganhangnongthon will update Top 10 App to watch videos to make reputable money on android, ios (iphone) 2022. So that your time is not wasted, take advantage of the opportunity to earn money every day with these simple ways!

Overview of how to watch videos to make money on Android, iOS

FormMake money online on your phone/computer
  • Attendance
  • Watch video
  • Perform other tasks
RewardMoney transfer / scratch card / game card / discount voucher,…

App to watch videos to make reputable money on android, ios (iphone) 2022 is it real?

The form of making money through online platforms – MMO is becoming a new trend in the market. So many people will ask, is this a scam or not? Does the truth make money as advertised? All will be answered shortly.

Watching videos to make money online is a part-time job at home. People can take advantage of their free time outside of school hours / rest time at the office to “plow” to earn more. The subjects that are suitable for this type of making money such as: students, students, office workers, nursing mothers, etc.

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The specific task of the player every day is to access the app, take attendance, then click to watch the videos suggested by the application. Just turn on the phone and let the video play automatically, you can accumulate money into the wallet on the app easily.

However, players must note that:

  • The level of income from this job will not be high, it is the small money that you earn in your free time.
  • You should refer to all the apps/websites to make the right choice according to your abilities, to avoid being scammed by virtual apps.
  • Some applications will not support you to receive money via ATM, instead there will be an intermediary to convert the bonus.

Thus, making money by watching videos is completely real. People can take advantage of their time in the day to earn extra income for themselves through reputable apps on the market.

Top 10 App to watch videos to make reputable money on android, ios (iphone) 2022

The main content of today’s article will be a summary of the App to watch videos to make money on Android, ios Latest for everyone to grasp.

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App Mofiin – Earn prestige money on android, ios

Mofiin is known as an application developed by Yeah1 Network that helps users make money on mobile platforms with internet connection.

Specifically, players will experience diverse features such as reading newspapers, watching videos, doing tasks, and inviting friends to join. For each successful task, the app will convert into bonus points and from the bonus points will have the corresponding bonus level.

Ways to make money from Mofiin

Read articles on the app10 VND/day
Watch recommended videos10 VND/ video
Share the link on Zalo/Facebook associations/groups3,000 VND/time
Invite friends to earn reward points5,000 VND/successful invitation

Everyone needs to work hard to access the Mofiin app and complete these tasks every day to accumulate reward points. The form of payment is a scratch card with two denominations of 50k and 100k for all Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone networks. There have been many players who make easy money and feel satisfied with their efforts.

*Note: After making a withdrawal, people will not receive scratch cards right away. Instead, you need to wait for the system to approve for 24 hours, excluding Saturday and Sunday (holidays will not be approved).

App Trailers – Make money online easily

App Trailers is a money making application whose main task is to watch videos. On average, with each video you will watch in about 30 seconds if using 3G network and 20 – 25 seconds if using Wifi.

Each video that can be viewed, players will be able to accumulate from 50 cents to 100 cents. This point will be converted into an itune giftcard, amazon gift card by App Trailers or can be withdrawn directly to your PayPal account.

However, this application will have the limitation that it only supports the Android operating system. Players who want to participate will need a certain upfront fee, about $ 3.9. This amount will be paid back after you earn enough $ 3.9 or more from watching the video.


+ The minimum amount to be withdrawn from the app is $ 0.5. Thus, you can withdraw at any time when the wallet balance is 0.5$ or more.

+ App Trailers does not support Vietnam, if you want to use this app to make money, you need to fake the IP address on your phone to download the app. Because, this is a foreign application and a form of payment in USD.

VN today – Watch videos to make money for free

VN today is the application to read newspapers, watch the hottest videos in Vietnam at the moment. You only need 01 Smartphone with internet connection, you can make money easily at home.

When making money with VN today, you will accumulate coins, the coin conversion rate is as follows:

  • 1 cent – ​​100 dong.
  • 100 cents = 10,000 dong.

When you get coins, you can exchange them for scratch cards/ redeem gifts/ withdraw money to your bank account. The withdrawal condition is that the minimum balance must have 10,000 coins corresponding to 1 million VND.

The tasks of making money in Vietnam today

New Soldier Quest
  • Get the fortune tree.
  • Read 01 article.
  • Share apps.
Daily quests
  • Gently earn coins.
  • Read newspaper 15 minutes.
  • Watch promotional videos.
  • Pick up fun.
  • Catch crabs to receive rewards.

With each completed task, you will immediately add coins to the wallet on the app and accumulate every day to reach the withdrawal level. Work hard to visit VN today and do missions in your spare time to earn extra income.

Veeu App – A reputable money-watching video application

Veeu App is famous as a foreign-developed money-making video viewing application that is very hot today. Players will be paid bonuses via Paypal or Amazon Gift Card.

Earning tasks at Veeu App

  • Watch recommended videos.
  • Upload videos.
  • Share Post.
  • Invite friends to join.

With each completed mission, players will receive the corresponding amount of Coins to convert into bonuses.

In addition, every day you will be participating in Lucky Spin. Specifically, at the main screen to watch videos of Veeu App, click on the star inside the yellow circle. If you are lucky, you will receive 2,000 Coins/turn/day.


+ When watching a lot of videos, your level will increase faster, the higher the level, the more bonus Coins from the app.

+ When your balance reaches 10,000 Coins or more, you can withdraw. Everyone choose Redeem and withdraw money to Paypal wallet or exchange for Amazon voucher to use.

App Yogo Video – Make simple money at home

Yogo Video is an app that makes money from the main task of watching videos and inviting friends to join. To be able to earn money, people need to download the app to their smartphone and fulfill the suggested requirements.

However, Yogo Video currently does not support Vietnamese users, so you need to download the APK app to be able to run the application and earn money.

Ways to make money from Yogo Video

  • Watch videos every day, with each completed video over 30s you will receive the corresponding Coin. Every day you will receive a maximum of 5,000 Coins.
  • Share videos on social networking sites like Zalo/ Facebook to receive 600 Coins/time.
  • Watch 5 recommended promotional videos to get more 100 Coins/video.
  • Share the link to refer friends to receive 300 coins/successful turn.

*Note: The amount of coins received will be exchanged for gifts and paid to your Paypal account, the minimum cumulative amount of coins to be exchanged is 30,000.

In addition to the above money-watching apps, people can refer to some of the following suggestions:

  • App Cashapp – Earn money to withdraw to Paypal.
  • App Kwai – A reputable money-making video watching application.
  • App Alivar – Make money safely on your phone.

Here is the total Top 10 App to watch videos to make money on Android, ios (iphone) 2022 latest updated. If you are interested in this form of making money, please save the article for easy tracking. In today’s modern technology era, making money online has become a stable source of income for many people, how about you, try your hand at this field!

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