Do you know how to look up the HD Saison contract how many months are left? Many people when applying for an installment loan but are not interested in the loan contract, until a serious problem occurs such as overdue debt, incorrect interest rate, then they begin to learn and look up the Saison contract.

So in the following article, will provide readers with “Top 4+ Ways”. look up how many months left in HD Saison contract” most convenient and fastest.

Information about HD Saison installment contract

HD Saison’s predecessor is HDFinance, a financial company under HDBank (2013). Then with the strategic investment capital contribution from Credit Saison financial group (Japan).

In 2015, HDFinance officially changed its name to HD Saison Finance Company Limited (HD Saison). This is a financial company specializing in providing financial services with good products and services and competitive preferential interest rates, attracting many customers who need loans without collateral.

Information about HD Saison installment contract
Information about HD Saison installment contract

HD Saison supports a variety of installment loans on products such as installment loans for motorbikes, cars/light trucks, electronics, household goods, phones to weddings, travel… to satisfy your needs. Loans from customers with incentives such as:

  • Loan limits vary from 10 to 500 million, depending on your needs and financial ability, you will borrow and pay with preferential interest rates.
  • Flexible installment terms, designed to suit customers’ repayment plans.
  • Conditions and loan application procedures are simple, no collateral required, you can apply for a loan online to save time.
  • Flexible form of payment such as: installment payment by term (1 month, 6 months), installment payment with interest rate, 0% installment payment applied to items such as phones and computers. Depending on the customer’s wishes.

Therefore, if you are looking for a loan or have an installment loan contract at HD Saison, you need to know how to look up the contract. So what information will the HD Saison contract provide to the borrower?

What information does HD Saison contract lookup show?

HD Saison installment loan contract is the signing of a loan agreement between two parties, with high legal value and binding, helping to ensure the interests of both parties such as the borrower’s responsibility and obligation to repay the loan on time. according to plan. Any violation will be handled according to the law.

What information does HD Saison contract lookup show?
What information does HD Saison contract lookup show?

When looking up the HD Saison contract, the borrower will know and check loan-related information such as:

  • Debt repayment history
  • Number of remaining payment terms
  • Trading contract code
  • Insurance status
  • Check the amount you paid
  • Information such as interest rates, debt repayment penalties, loan contract violations, etc.

Looking up the HD Saison loan contract will help customers track repayment as well as plan to repay the loan on time.

Top 4+ How to look up HD Saison contract exactly how many months left will introduce to readers the Top 4+ How to look up the most accurate and simplest HD Saison contract that anyone can do.

Instructions to look up HD Saison Online installment contracts

Instructions to look up HD Saison Online installment contracts
Instructions to look up HD Saison Online installment contracts

Customers can completely look up the installment contract online at HD Saison’s main website without going to HD Saison branches and offices. The search is done through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit HD Saison website:
  • Step 2: Select “Loan Lookup” on the homepage
  • Step 3: Enter the contract code and ID card/CCCD to look up the loan contract. Then click “Search”
  • Step 4: The system will process and retrieve HD Saison loan contract data.

How to look up HD Saison installment contract via Payoo

Payoo is a smart e-wallet that many financial companies choose to cooperate with, including HD Saison, so customers can look up their installment contracts at Payoo through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the address:
  • Step 2: Fill in all information: “Contract number”, “Confirmation code” and click “Continue”
  • Step 3: The data information is retrieved, you can check the information.

The process of looking up the HD Saison installment contract via the call center

Customers can also look up contracts via HD Saison switchboard. HD Saison switchboard, in addition to receiving – responding to customers’ comments and answering questions, can also help customers look up information on installment loan contracts.

To look up information on HD Saison installment contract via call center, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Call the hotline 1900 558 854 and follow the instructions.
  • Step 2: Press 4 to automatically look up the loan (need to provide information such as “Contract number”, CCCD/CMND. The system will look up and automatically send a text message to your contract information).
  • Step 3: Check the information, if you have any questions or need advice, call the hotline number again and press 5 to be connected to the HD Saison receptionist.

How to check information on credit contract

The HD Saison installment contract will show all information such as: loan, interest rate, term, periodic payment amount, payment date, commitment terms of the two parties…

After signing the contract, HD Saison will give the customer a copy of the contract to keep, so you should keep the contract carefully to avoid losing or dropping it because this is an important document used as a basis for handling as well. protect the interests of participants.

How to forget HD Saison contract number?

If you want to look up the contract but forgot the code, you can directly call the HD Saison switchboard via hotline: 1900 558 854 and follow the instructions to connect with a consultant for help.

To facilitate the process of looking up and confirming information, borrowers need to note:

  • It is recommended to use the phone number that has been registered for a loan before so that the system can easily find information
  • Prepare necessary information in advance such as: CCCD/ID, bank account number receiving money matching registered number so that staff can easily access information and avoid losing time.

In addition, in case of contract loss, customers can go directly to HD Saison transaction office to check. Note when going, remember to bring your ID/CCCD for the staff to check for you.

In which case should HD Saison installment contract be liquidated early?

Early liquidation of HD Saison installment contract is the early termination of the contract in case the customer has conditions to pay in full in one go. The early liquidation of the contract helps the borrower reduce the burden of monthly debt payments, but also causes damage to HD Saison. Therefore, if the borrower is liquidated in advance, there will be a fee (prepayment penalty fee).

So when should the contract be terminated?

Borrowers should only liquidate the HD Saison installment contract before the due date in the case “The prepayment penalty is lower than the interest payable”. If the penalty fee is larger than the interest to be paid, it is better not to liquidate the contract, but to make periodic payments until the end. Usually the penalty fee is much lower than the interest paid.

Some frequently asked questions when looking up HD Saison contract

In addition to providing a way to look up HD Saison installment contracts, in this section will help readers answer some questions about HD Saison loan contracts.

Is there any fee to liquidate HD Saison contract before maturity?

Is there any fee to liquidate HD Saison contract before maturity?
Is there any fee to liquidate HD Saison contract before maturity?

Of course yes, because:

The early payment of the contract means that the customer has violated the terms of the credit contract of both parties. Therefore, according to the terms of early liquidation of the contract, the customer must bear a penalty fee. This fee is to compensate for the loss of HD Saison when raising capital for customers, they have to pay an interest rate to the depositors (HD Saison is the bridge between those who have capital and those who need capital). Therefore, when liquidating the contract early, the borrower has to pay a certain fee. Specifically:

  • If the installment contract is paid early, the penalty fee will be 6% of the remaining balance and at least VND 1,650,000 for a loan with a small outstanding balance.
  • If the payment time is changed earlier than the original plan, the penalty fee is 4% of the remaining amount.
  • Besides: If the customer pays late, the late payment penalty fee will be 150% calculated on the current interest rate. Penalty fees that are accrued on a monthly basis will result in a very large payment and can affect your repayment plan or cause bad debt.

How to pay HD Saison installment contract?

Currently, borrowers can pay HD Saison installment contracts by paying through units that HD Saison affiliated with such as: payment via bank, payment by post, payment via e-wallet applications or Internet Banking of HD Bank.

For example, to pay for a contract via Momo, a customer can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the Momo application, at the main interface select: “Consumer loan payment”.
  • Step 2: In “Consumer Payments” select the unit “HD Saison”.
  • Step 3: Enter “Contract number”.
  • Step 4: Fill in the payment information and check the information before paying.
  • Step 5: Confirm and complete the payment of HD Saison installment contract.

In addition to the contract payment method via Momo, the borrower can also pay in other forms such as payment via Payoo, Internet Banking with the same operations as payment with Momo.

How to contact HD Saison financial unit?

To contact HD Saison financial unit, customers can directly go to HD Saison transaction offices nationwide for direct support and advice.

The addresses of HD Saison that you should know:

HO CHI MINH CITY (Headquarters)

  • Address: Floor 8, 9, 10, Gilimex Building, 24C Phan Dang Luu, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Phone: (84-28) 5413 7483

HANOI (Branch)

  • Address: 3rd Floor, VIT Building, 519 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Phone: (84-24) 7306 3979

Look up the dealer system on the website through these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit website:
  • Step 2: Select Province, district/district and click “Search”
  • Step 3: The addresses of the nearest dealer transaction office will appear and go there for advice or support to answer questions.


Above is the article that has guided look up HD Saison contract how many months left The fastest and most convenient way that anyone can do and check the loan yourself with just a few simple steps.

The loan lookup is really necessary to be able to track the remaining payable amount, interest rate, penalty fee… so that the borrower has a better repayment plan to avoid unnecessary consequences later. Good luck.

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