Concepts of blockchain games, NFT games, especially play games to withdraw money to Momo or other similar electronic wallets such as VNPay, Zalo Pay, Moca, etc., are no longer new to the Vietnamese gaming and MMO community in recent years.

If you are also learning about this potential money-making market, don’t ignore 7 gaming apps to withdraw money electronic wallet reputation below.

The truth about the form of playing games to make money online

Although applications, gaming apps withdraw money Momo, Zalo Pay, VNPay, etc. have appeared for a long time, but many people still have doubts about this form of making money. This concern stems from the type of MMO making money that has too many risks, besides, the internet has never been safe for society.

However, for those who really understand and grasp the core of the MMO form, they will find that playing games to make money through apps and app games is completely easy and safe. The market for making money from games no longer just stops at you having to become a famous gamer or streamer, we don’t need to be that professional anymore.

The concept of playing games for money has become much broader
The concept of playing games for money has become much broader

When you really take this as a serious business. Game apps on CH Play or App Store are the working environment. The skill that helps you to play well in the game is the specialty of a position in the company. And if you choose the right type of game to avoid wasting your time, it is completely true that you make money.

Conditions for playing games to make money withdraw to Momo

Most of the current electronic wallets on the market have the same operating process and system, so in this article Banktop only shares information about playing games to make money withdrawing to Momo e-wallet to you. .

So what are the conditions to play the game to withdraw money to Momo?

  • A smartphone with a configuration suitable for the type of applications and games you want to play
  • Your phone already has Momo cryptocurrency wallet app installed
  • Your Momo wallet needs to be linked to your personal bank to withdraw money to your account.
You can easily withdraw money to your e-wallet when playing online games
You can easily withdraw money to your e-wallet when playing online games

Find out how to top up Garena card to pay via Momo in detail

Top 6+ Gaming App to earn real money withdraw to the most prestigious Momo e-wallet

Puppy Town

This is a dog-raising game that took the game community by storm at the time it was released. Your task in the game Puppy Town is to breed and breed dogs to receive the corresponding amount. Once you have accumulated the required amount, you can withdraw it to your personal crypto wallet.

  • When you cross-breed a dog or a cat, you will receive money corresponding to the rarity of that breed of dog or cat
  • You can also watch recommended promos for surprise rewards
  • Complete the daily tasks given by the system to get bonuses, new breeds of dogs and cats

Sicbo roll the dice

Sicbo is the game that many gamers in Vietnam are most interested in today. With a beautiful, easy-to-use game interface and attractive rewards after each bet, it is not too difficult to understand why Sicbo is so popular with so many players. Sicbo has the following bets:

  • Over/Under: payout ratio is 1:1
  • Correct total score: payout ratio is 1:6
  • Bet on an exact number on a dice: payout ratio is 1:1
  • Even/odd bets: payout ratio is 1:1


MistPlay appeared on the market in 2016, developed on two systems, phones and computers. This application allows you to play games to withdraw money to Momo as follows:

  • Daily attendance on the app
  • Invite your friends to download the app to get a commission
  • Complete the missions given in the game
  • Play the game to gain experience and get corresponding rewards

Blockchain Game

Blockchain Game is a product developed from the Blockchain technology system. Games built on the Blockchain system are decentralized. The game’s server is not fixed as usual, but always allocates resources between players’ devices.

Currently, the famous Blockchain Games on the market cannot withdraw money directly to ordinary cryptocurrency wallets. Players will transact with each other through Crypto virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc. In you will withdraw money to your bank account through Crypto virtual currency exchanges.


Among the games or money making apps mentioned in this article, CashonGame is the highest rated and has the highest number of players today. Because of the way it works, it really has a close interaction with the user.

You just need to play games on CashonGame and you will receive 5 coins per game. After experiencing it, you can give comments and comments so that the developer can optimize them well. And you will get 5 coins after each turn when these comments are really valuable and not spam with the purpose of earning coins.

In addition, when you refer the game to your friends or relatives, you will receive 20 coins, corresponding to which the referred person also receives. Funtap has a huge number of games and is often improved by the developer to make the interface more user-friendly.


Funtap is a webgame company Funtap released to the market in 2015 and now Funtap also has apps developed on two operating systems, iOS and Android. The way to make money on Funtap is quite simple, you just need to perform the daily task of the game you want to play to receive the reward amount.

Besides, you can also receive money into the game wallet after each ad viewing. Once you have met the requirements set out by Funtap, you can withdraw money to your personal e-wallet easily. Because of such a simple way of making money, Funtap has attracted more than 35 million players worldwide.

Lucky Box

In the year 2021, you can’t help but hear the motto of “Teacher Huan”: “Industrious … diligent”, then Lucky Box is the right game with this saying. As long as you are diligent and hardworking, you can earn money according to the following conversion system:

  • Joining with a friend referral code, you will be given 1 USD to your wallet by the system. In addition, when you refer your friends, you will also receive a commission. And you will receive 100,000 tokens if successfully invited.
  • Enter your friend’s referral code and you will receive 20,000 tokens
  • Scratching a free lottery ticket every day will help you get from 1,000 to 5,000 tokens
  • Play Lotto Jackpot, the system allows you to choose 6 lucky numbers, the reward of this service can be up to 100,000 USD
  • Make an offer to a 3rd party to receive tokens.

Lucky Box’s system for the conversion condition is 1 USD will correspond to 1 million tokens.

Money Dog

If you are an animal lover and are too bored with the way the above games and applications work, do not ignore Money Dog. With Money Dog, all you need to do is choose a breed, raise it and let it participate in the race. After winning the prize, you will be awarded the reward into your wallet.

The last thing is that you just need to follow the instructions of the game to withdraw money to your cryptocurrency wallet. Condition play games to withdraw money to Momo of Money Dog has easier requirements than other games on the market.

Board Fun game

Board Fun game is an application with a simple way to play the game, so this application does not require too much of the phone’s configuration. Your job is simply to play the game in the usual way and complete the daily tasks that the game offers. Besides, you will also receive more money through the game’s prize mechanism for the best player of the week and month.

Instructions for withdrawing money when playing games to make money

  • Step 1: Access the game, go to the wallet or prize wallet
  • Step 2: Each application or game has its own conditions for withdrawing money to an e-wallet. You choose the method of withdrawal to your Momo wallet.
  • Step 3: Confirmation for the withdrawal to be made
  • Step 4: Access the Momo wallet application, go to the notification section to check whether the transaction is completed or not.

Is playing games for money a scam?

Play the game to withdraw money to Momo quickly, safely and easily
Play the game to withdraw money to Momo quickly, safely and easily

With the proliferation of technology, blockchain games, NFT games, MMO monetization, many app and game publishers are catching up with this wave. Besides reputable publishers, there are still worms that make soup pots, specializing in developing applications and games with the purpose of deceiving users and players. With 3 main types of fraud as follows:

  • Requires players to make an initial deposit to buy characters and items, with the promise of withdrawing money after a period of operation. However, only a few months of release, this application or game will evaporate in CH Play, App Store, players lose their money.
  • An application with a mountain of information that requires updating personal information with the aim of stealing information about the player’s identity and personal image. Worse, players can also enter full information about their credit cards, personal bank cards on the application for fraudsters to take advantage of.
  • Users after installing the application will have to do many tasks such as playing simple games, reading information, counting steps. At the same time, users will have to watch a series of promotional videos. Conditions for withdrawing money to e-wallets are also very strict, even just to have to entice users.

These applications take advantage of advertising money when users experience. We will waste a lot of time without reaping any value for ourselves.


Information about games and applications that help you play games to withdraw money to Momo, VNPay, ZaloPay or other electronic wallets have more options for you. If you still have questions about this topic, please refer to other Banktop articles in the Blog section.

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