You are finding Gold Exchanges in the World reputation to participate in the transaction. But now there are many online gold trading floors in the world sprouting up. Among them, there are many scam brokers.

For that reason, before joining an exchange, we need to understand that exchange well. This makes the investment process more secure.

Should you trade gold on online exchanges?

When trading gold in the traditional form (directly) can face many risks and costs. Both buyers and sellers incur additional costs of storing gold.

So now online gold trading platforms are established. This is considered as an intermediary portal that makes gold trading easier and overcomes the limitations of the old way of trading.

Some criteria to evaluate the quality of gold trading floor?

To select reputable and quality gold transactions. You need to choose according to the following criteria.

World Gold Exchange

Operating time: If the exchange has been active for a long time and is joined by many traders. Which means this is a quality, highly reliable broker.

Liquidity & order matching: When trading gold online on online exchanges, it only takes a few minutes. If it is a quality exchange, many people will join and that means high liquidity. On the contrary, if the exchange is of poor quality and few people participate in the transaction, the liquidity and order matching will take a long time.

Transaction fee: A reputable gold exchange is one that has a detailed and complete transaction fee table for traders to know. If the cost is high, few people will participate, but if the fee is low, it will raise suspicion about the risk. Therefore, an exchange with a reasonable transaction fee will be the first choice.

Gold exchange is also a foreign exchange: Gold exchanges also have other transactions than just gold trading. The exchanges will have many different activities such as Forex, securities, etc.

Advantages of online gold trading platform

Certainly, gold exchanges in the world and in Vietnam must have attractive points, so investors should choose this new form of trading instead of traditional transactions.

That benefit is for the following reasons:

  • Gold transactions through exchanges will be faster. Investors can operate on a computer or phone right at home.
  • The level of safety and security of the floors is very high. Ensure that relevant information will be kept confidential and not disclosed.
  • When trading through exchanges, your rights will be guaranteed. The reason is that each exchange, when established and operated, is guaranteed by a large or national organization. Your property will not be used for private purposes.
  • Participating in transactions on exchanges will enjoy incentives and transaction fees. And you also do not need to worry about the cost of preserving and storing gold.
  • The exchanges regularly update the market situation by hour, day. From there, you can seize investment opportunities.

Top legal gold exchanges in the world

Here are the most prestigious gold exchanges in the world that you can refer to.

XTB Exchange

World Gold Exchange

XTB is a broker established and put into operation since 2002. Up to now, this exchange has been operating for 20 years in the market. And XTB has been the first choice for investors.

XTB is licensed with FCA, CySEC, KNF, etc., so the level of credibility and transparency is very high. This exchange currently has 10 offices worldwide.

The highlights of the XTB floor you should know:

  • Free Swap and Swap Fees for Gold Sent products.
  • Just deposit 1 USD to be able to invest. And the minimum transaction block is only 1 Ounce.
  • Maximum gold leverage is 1:500 and you can also trade other metals like silver, platinum, aluminum, etc.
  • For accounts that have upgraded to Pro, they only charge a commission of 7 USD/lot.
  • Tradeable on MT4 and xStaion platforms.
  • You can trade for free on a demo account. You can try trading and get used to it before trading for real.
  • Support Vietnamese language and many other languages.


XM broker was introduced in 2009 in Australia. This is the most prestigious broker in the world today. XM is licensed FCA, CySEC, ASIC. ISFC.

Information about XM exchange:

  • Minimum deposit is 5 USD, minimum trade is 0.01 lot.
  • The leverage is 1:888 on gold trades and the average speed is from 2.5 to 3.5 Pips/lot.
  • You can easily buy gold and other precious metals. Free of commission for gold trading.
  • Support trading on MT4, MT5 and Broker platforms.
  • Withdrawals are free of charge and can be paid via e-wallets and Visa cards.

Exness Exchange

Exness is a broker with the fastest transaction processing speed. You will get free overnight shipping. This unit was established in 2008 and has all kinds of papers as prescribed by law.


  • To trade on Exness, please visit, where we can trade gold with 5 currency pairs: XAU/USD, XAU/EUR, XAU/GBP and XAU/AUD.
  • There are 4 different account plans: Standard, Pro, Raw Spread and Zero.
  • The minimum entry amount is 1 USD and in each transaction is at least 1 Ounce of gold.
  • The way the order will be protected against fluctuations after trading. This helps reduce the risk of loss for those who do not understand the market well.
  • Proportion of seven is 1:2000
  • The commission charged for Raw Spread and Zero accounts is 3.5 USD/ Lot and 8 USD/ Lot.


FXTM a very familiar floor for those of you who are learning about gold investment. This is a floor with a very high rating in terms of quality and reputation. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for an account.

  • Leverage is 1:500, you can trade 40,000 USD while having only 90 USD. But be aware that you may run into risks. Avoid having a negative account, but if you win, the profit will be very high.
  • When depositing money into FXTM floor will not be charged. In addition, insurance and overnight fees are not charged for gold products.
  • Can trade anytime, anywhere.
  • Get a 50 USD commission if you refer your friends successfully. A lot of people in Vietnam are participating in this program.
  • FXTM is currently using ND – No Dealing Desk technology to operate and manage.
  • But this broker has the disadvantage of high ECN account commission fees. The automatic trading root is not sensitive to market fluctuations. So when trading you need to research and place orders manually.

FX pro

FX Pro is currently available in 170 countries worldwide and promises to be available in many more countries in the near future. With many years of operation in the field of gold and foreign exchange trading floor. FX Pro has proven to be effective and reputable, if you are an investor it should not be missed.

  • The system currently supports 17 different languages. Including Vietnamese.
  • Professional customer care service, 24/5 support to solve arising problems.
  • You can use more than 400 tools built into the system to analyze and predict the market.
  • Trading on MT4, MT5, CTrader and Edge platforms is available for free.
  • Leverage is 1:200 and execution time is 14ms.

Hotforex exchange

Hotforex is a popular exchange today. However, this platform does not support Vietnamese yet. But because there are many outstanding features, it is still chosen by investors.

  • Hotforex only supports gold and silver trading.
  • Hotforex leverage is 1:200, Average Spread and 1.9 Pips.
  • When placing an order the minimum requirement is 1 Ounce/Lot.
  • No fees for payment methods, only a commission fee of 3 USD/lot for Zero accounts.
  • Provide many trading tools to help investors place orders faster.

FBS . exchange

World Gold Exchange

FBS is famous for its binary options and forex trading. However, you cannot ignore FBS because this is also a famous and prestigious exchange in the gold industry.

  • FBS has been present in over 190 countries, with millions of daily visitors. Therefore, activities on FBS are quite busy.
  • The broker’s leverage is 1:3000, which is the highest compared to the brokers in this article.
  • Spread below 0.5 Pip is quite low compared to other exchanges.
  • The exchange has many different account types to suit a wide range of customers.
  • In terms of licenses, FBS has fewer licenses (lack of FCA). But that does not mean that FBS does not bring quality.

LiteForex Exchange

LiteForex was established in 2005 and is used by many Russian investors. Currently, the floor is present in many countries around the world. However, the majority of visitors still come from Russia.

  • LiteForex is licensed under the laws of Marshall Island and the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission.
  • There are 2 types of accounts, Classic and ECN, each with different functions and benefits.
  • The minimum deposit is 50 USD.
  • The leverage is 1:500 and the floating spread is 1.8 Points.

IC Market

IC Market is a broker with very high user reviews. This is understandable because the exchange is always in the top of the prestigious and transparent floor today.

The server of IC Market is located in London, so the order matching time is almost instant.

  • Pred is 0.1 Pip, commission is 3.5 USD/lot
  • Leverage is 1:500 and minimum order is 0.01 lot.
  • Investors can trade on platforms such as CTrader, Webtrading, MT5, MT4. Included support tools include Auto, VPS, PAMM and MAM.
  • High liquidity is loved by many professional investors.
  • Minimum deposit amount 200 USD.

Tickmill Exchange

Tickmill is a reputable gold exchange, but only supports trading on the MT5 platform. But not so that the floor does not attract the attention of investors.

The exchange has been operating under the ECN model since 2015. The minimum deposit is 100 USD. Participating investors can use Demo accounts to experience on MetaTrader4 (MT4) platforms, Mobile App and Web Terminal/WebTrader.
Leverage is 1:500 with a Spread of 0.2 Pip.

Support Vietnamese language and interface.

The exchange also supports trading products such as foreign exchange, securities, precious metals such as silver, platinum, etc.

Here is the top Gold Exchanges in the World the most prestigious would like to introduce to you. The investment is very important so you need to find the right floor. Then come up with a gold investment strategy to bring the best return.

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