TPBank unsecured loan Preferential interest rates, various loan forms, high approval rates. Therefore, more and more customers apply for TPBank loans.

For new customers who do not understand how to apply for a loan at TPBank, what is the TPBank unsecured loan appraisal process, in this article Banktop will help you answer these questions!

Post content includes:

  • Conditions and documents for TPBank unsecured loans.
  • Update the latest TPBank loan interest rates.
  • Instructions for registration and payment of TPBank unsecured loans.

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What is TPBank unsecured loan?

Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank is a Vietnamese joint stock commercial bank established on May 5, 2008 with the aspiration to become a transparent, efficient, sustainable and profitable financial institution. the best interests of shareholders and customers. According to Wikipedia

TPBank unsecured loan with low interest rate
TPBank supports many forms of unsecured loans with preferential interest rates

TPBank unsecured loan is a form installment loan that customers do not need to have collateral or guarantee from relatives or companies. The bank will rely on the customer’s conditions to advise and lend according to each specific type of loan such as:

  • TPBank unsecured loan according to salary schedule
  • Borrow money from TPBank according to your bank account statement
  • TPBank unsecured loan under installment contract
  • Borrowing according to electricity bill
  • Borrowing under a life insurance policy

In which, the loan product that has been registered by the most customers is unsecured loan according to salary sheet.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of TPBank’s unsecured loan package


More and more customers are applying for TPBank installment loans because of the advantages that this bank brings:

  • Low interest unsecured loan No collateral required
  • High loan limit from 10 – 70 million VND, especially with salary loan products, customers can be approved for a limit of up to 500 million VND.
  • TPBank’s unsecured loan appraisal and appraisal process is simple
  • Preferential loan interest rate, only from 1.66%/month
  • TPBank loan period lasts from 6 to 60 months, helping customers to plan the most optimal financial plan.

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Besides the advantages, TPBank still has some limitations such as:

  • To be able to get a loan, customers need to prove their income
  • TPBank’s system of branches and transaction offices is mainly concentrated in big cities, sparsely in the locality.
  • Freelance clients are hard to get support.

Is TPBank’s unsecured loan safe?

Should I borrow TPBank? That is the question that many customers ask before deciding to register as a profile. To help you answer this question, we can analyze some points of analysis below:

  • The firstTPBank is a joint stock commercial bank that has been operating since 2008 and has a lot of experience and reputation in the financial field in Vietnam.
  • MondayTPBank always has a steady growth of customers year by year, which shows the trust of customers in the products and services of this bank.
  • TuesdayAll information about quick loans, loan interest rates, installment periods is transparent and clearly stated in the loan contract. Therefore, customers can feel secure when applying for TPBank unsecured loans.

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Types of unsecured loans TPBank

TPBank unsecured loan by salary

  • Maximum loan limit: 100 million VND
  • Applicable interest rate: 1.2% – 1.8%/month
  • Installment profile from 6 to 36 months

Loan conditions:

  • Have a minimum monthly income of 3 million VND
  • Have health insurance purchased by the company
  • Have a labor contract or work certificate

TPBank unsecured loans according to utility bills

TPBank loan products according to utility bills are applied to customers with electricity, internet, and cable TV bills who need to borrow. Interest rates apply from 2.17%/month.

Simple profiles include:

  • ID card
  • Household
  • Utility bill in customer’s name

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TPBank unsecured loan under installment contract

Applicable to customers who have installment contracts at other credit institutions such as FE Credit, Lotte Finance, SHB… The maximum loan limit for this product is 30 million VND and customers have no outstanding loans. more than 3 million/month.

Loan documents include:

  • Household registration book/KT3/Certificate of temporary residence
  • Payment receipt/Installment contract

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Conditions and procedures for unsecured loans TPBank


First of all, we should know that TPBank operates under the supervision of the State Bank, therefore, TPBank unsecured borrowers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Customers are citizens with Vietnamese nationality
  • Age between 22 – 55 for women and 22 – 60 for men
  • Have a good credit history, no bad debt, attention debt
  • Have a stable income, at least 3 million VND/month to be able to repay the debt


  • TPBank loan application form is provided when making the application
  • ID/Citizen ID and Household Book
  • Labor contract or work certificate
  • Salary statement or salary confirmation for the last 3 months
  • Electricity bill, life insurance, installment contract (if any)

TPBank consumer loan process

To understand how to make documents as well as increase the rate of applications being approved, customers need to understand the process of receiving information and appraising documents. bank unsecured loan TPBank as follows:

  • Step 1: Bank staff will provide loan application form, customers need to fill in the required information completely and accurately.
  • Step 2: Submit application, bank staff receive and verify information.
  • Step 3: The bank’s appraisal department will verify the information and repayment ability of the customer to set the appropriate loan limit and term.
  • Step 4: If the loan application is satisfactory, the bank will notify and schedule a contract signing date.
  • Step 5: Disbursement after a few working days.

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How much is TPBank’s unsecured loan interest rate?

The interest rate on unsecured loans based on salary at TPBank is very favorable, only from 17%/year based on the decreasing balance. Therefore, customers with salary-based income are always advised to apply for a loan in this form. For the remaining loan forms, the applicable interest rate is only from 1.66%/month.

Loan productsInterest rate (year)Limit (VND)Borrowed time
Unsecured loan according to salary17%300 million won48 months
Unsecured loans under Life Insurance16.5%-17.5%300 million won48 months
Unsecured loan by ATM card17.5%300 million won48 months
Unsecured loans according to electricity and water bills17.5%100 million VND48 months

Refer to TPBank’s unsecured loan interest rate table:

LOAN12 months24 months36 months
20 million1,930,1201,097,770827,272
40 million won3,860,2402,195,5401,654,544
60 million won5,790.3593,293,3102,481.815
100 millions9,650,5995,488,8504,136,359

Instructions for payment of TPBank unsecured loan contracts

Payment via e-wallet Momo

Customers pay TPBank via Momo wallet according to the following steps:

  • Access to Momo e-wallet application
  • Select consumer loan payment item
  • Choose a TPBank product supplier
  • Enter the Contract number then click confirm to check the information
  • Select the source of money and click pay

Payment via bank account

A feature of TPBank’s unsecured loan product is that right after the loan is approved, customers will be able to open a TPBank bank account and issue an ATM card to withdraw money. Therefore, customers can also pay TPBank installment loans by transferring money directly to these countless accounts. TPBank will automatically deduct the debt when the payment date comes.

Payment via TPBank LiveBank

One advantage of LiveBank TPBank is that it operates 24/24. Can support customers with all basic transactions including TPBank consumer loan contract payment feature.

Direct payment at the transaction office

This is the least common method because it takes a lot of time, but it is the least risky way. Customers only need to go to TPBank’s transaction counter, bring their ID card to make the payment of the installment contract.

Some questions when applying for TPBank unsecured loans

Can customers with bad debt borrow TPBank?

TPBank is a bank operating under the management of the State Bank, so it will not support groups of customers with bad debt and debt to pay attention when looking up CIC credit history.

Can I borrow TPBank’s unsecured loan if I don’t work?

If you don’t work for a company, you can’t get a TPBank unsecured loan according to your salary, but you can still refer to some other types of loans such as:

  • Loan under installment contract.
  • Borrow according to your bank account statement.

How many loan programs does TPBank currently have?

TPBank is currently applying two loan programs: salary loans and loans without proof of income.


With many forms borrow money online With a wide variety, simple profile, TPBank is one of the banks that support the best unsecured loans today. Customers can apply for TPBank unsecured loans by calling the hotline number or filling in the registration form with complete information.

Hopefully, the article has provided complete and accurate information, so that you can apply for TPBank unsecured loans in the most effective way.

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