Many of you are not sure how to handle when Transfer money to correct account but wrong name. You do not know if the money will reach the account of the person you want to transfer.

The problem of transferring the correct account number but the wrong recipient’s name often occurs. The reason is due to the customer’s mistake in the process of recording the money transfer paper. It is not until you get home that you find out that you have entered the wrong recipient’s name. So the problem now is the mistake in the name of the account holder receiving the money. Below I will bring the most accurate answer.

In case of transferring money to the correct account but the recipient’s name is wrong

Transfer the correct account number but the wrong name only happens when you make a money transfer at a branch of a bank transaction office. Because the forms of money transfer through the ATM and through the electric app are never affected. When making transactions on these devices, just enter the correct account number and the system will automatically recognize the name of the account holder and bank.

change account content but wrong name

Therefore, writing the wrong recipient’s name only happens when we write the paper at the bank. Usually the staff will check and confirm again. However, it may be due to negligence that was overlooked.

How to transfer money to correct account number but wrong name?

If now, after a few days of transactions, the recipient has not received the money. That is, the amount you transferred is having an error and is suspended on the system. Let’s go to the bank and check the transaction and report it to the staff.

change account content but wrong name

The money you transfer will not be lost so don’t worry. But it’s not shipped either. So now you need to go to the bank’s transaction office to ask for help.

Please bring your identity card or citizen identification to the owner’s bank branch. Note when going to need to bring receipts, transaction invoices to prove that the transaction has occurred.

At the bank’s transaction office, inform the teller about the situation you are experiencing. They will issue a piece of paper and ask to fill in your personal information.

Submit all documents to prove the transaction, the bank will check on the system.

Once the transaction has been identified, the bank will refund the money to your account.

Job Transfer money to correct account but wrong name not a difficult problem. However, after 2 days of making the transaction (excluding Saturday and Sunday) but still have not received the money. Then the transferor must go to the bank branch to review.

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