You are wanting change information of Vietcombank ID card online. But currently do not know how to change, how the procedure is. If you want to change your personal account information at Vietcombank. Please refer to the following way to get the most accurate information.

Currently, the state no longer provides national identity cards to citizens. Instead, a citizen ID card. When you lose your ID card and redo this type of identification. The information in the bank will not match the new ID card.

Therefore, it will cause limitations as well as difficulties in the transaction process. So what you need to do is change the identity card number for your Vietcombank bank account to match the new card. But because I have never encountered such a situation. Customers will not know where to start and change information.


Why change ID card information to CCCD Vietcombank?

Changing Vietcombank online ID card information is very important. In the following cases you must change your ID card.

  • The old ID card has expired.
  • Lost the old ID card and was re-issued with a new chip ID card.

As you know, now when we re-register for identification, we will be issued with a chip ID card instead of an ID card like before. These two papers have completely different numbers. Therefore, the ID card information with the new ID card is not the same.

In the transaction, the bank only accepts the matching documents on the system when registering. So, to be able to transact at the bank you need to make changes.

Where can I change Vietcombank online ID information?

Change Vietcombank ID card information you need to go to the bank branch of Vietcombank where the card was opened. Note that cannot be changed at other branches of Vietcombank, but must be the branch you have registered to open the card.

check in at vietcombank
You change the ID card number at the Vietcombank branch that opened the card

After arriving at the bank, the staff will assist with the procedures to change new information. But there are also some special cases where the old ID card number is lost. Giving up the bank will not be able to change your information. Follow the steps below to make sure you don’t get in trouble.

Instructions on how to change Vietcombank online ID card information

When applying for a new citizen ID card, please ask for an old ID card and a new ID card that are the same person. Or if you have finished, you can go to the ward or commune to ask for a certificate confirming that the identity card number is 1. Because without this certificate, according to the safety regulations of the customer, the staff will not be able to change the information even you are the account holder.

The next step is to go to the bank branch where you opened the card and apply for the “personal account information change request form”. Please fill in the required information, the paper form as shown in the image below.

check in at vietcombank
Form of paper to change Vietcombank account information

Then give the staff and your new ID card for them to confirm and proceed with the exchange. Note change vietcombank account number of people’s identity card no charge. Once confirmed the new identification number has been kept in the bank’s file. From now on, you can use the new card for transactions, withdrawals and transfers. Please keep in mind that once the information has been changed, the old cmnd number is no longer valid.

Is there a fee to update citizen ID to Vietcombank?

When you go to Vietcombank to update your personal information, you will not be charged. It is only necessary for the account holder to bring his/her ID card along with the new citizen identification certificate to Vietcombank branch to change it.

Above is an article on how to change Vietcombank online ID information quickly. When you use a new identity document, it is necessary to change this personal information.


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