Participating in using services at Techcombank in particular and banks in general. Customers will have to pay monthly and yearly account maintenance fees. Level Techcombank account management fee clearly specified by the bank for each account package. And the account holder will have to pay these fees in full, otherwise the account will be locked or the utility services will be canceled.

What is Techcombank account management fee?

Techcombank account management fee monthly is deducted when customers use accounts at Techcombank.

Techcombank account management fee

Currently, Techcombank has 2 main types of accounts issued. That is a credit card account and a payment account. This fee is deducted to pay Techcombank.

It is important to distinguish between the account management fee and the annual fee:

  • Annual Fee: Will apply to credit cards and this fee will be charged annually.
  • Account management fee: A fee deducted for payment cards and calculated on a monthly basis.

In addition to the account management fees, if you register for more convenient services such as SMS Banking, Mobile Banking or international transactions, withdraw money, etc., the account holder will also have to pay the fee according to the regulations of the bank. have issued.

Monthly Techcombank account management fee

Account management fee will be collected for each type of account package that customers are using. The following fees do not include 10% VAT, specifically as follows.

For payroll account

Techcombank account management fee

  • Standard account: Collect 3,900 VND/month, will be free if the account always maintains a balance of over 1 million VND.
  • Gold package account: Collect 14,999 VND/month free of charge if the balance is from 2 million or more.
  • Platinum plan account: Collect 29,900 VND/month, free if the balance is always maintained at 10 million VND.

For unpaid accounts

Techcombank account management fee

  • Standard account package: Pay a fee of 9,9000 VND/month, free if you maintain a balance of 2 million or more.
  • Gold pack: 22,900 VND/month, free if you maintain an average balance of 2 million VND per month.
  • Platinum account plan: Collect 39,900 VND/month, free to maintain account if there is a comment balance of 10 million.
  • For business account plans: Collect 39,900 VND/month, free if the account always maintains a balance of 10 million.

Other fees charged by Techcombank

Bank regulations will charge the following types of account management fees.

  • Account management fee: To keep the account active on the system. The bank will collect this fee from the time you open an account.
  • SMS Banking Fee: Maintenance fee for SMS Banking utility service that notifies balance changes in phone numbers. Collect 9,000 VND/month
  • Fees for Internet Banking, Mobile Banking: Fees for maintaining electronic banking facilities through the Internet. Collect 14,000 VND/month.

There are also fees such as foreign currency conversion fees when transacting abroad. This fee will be calculated as a percentage of the total amount paid. Specifically at 3%

For Visa/Mastercard cards, there may be an additional annual fee of 100,000 VND per year or more depending on the type of card you are using.

Cancellation of Techcombank account management fee

You won’t need to cancel Techcombank account fee as this fee cannot be canceled, the bank will collect it if the customer still maintains the account. But you may not be charged a fee if you keep track of the minimum balance required by your bank. For example, for a standard non-paying account, just maintaining the average balance will not have to pay the account management fee.

Some more questions about Techcombank bank fees

Techcombank has a monthly fee

Techcombank notifies customers of annual fees, account management fees and other utility service fees. In addition to the monthly account maintenance fee, customers also have to pay Techcombank annual fees, SMS Banking, Internet Banking and other convenient services if they register to use it.

Is the account management fee an annual fee?

No, the account management fee and the annual fee are two completely different fees. In which, the account management fee is collected monthly when you use your account at Techcombank. An annual fee is applied on ATM cards, and only when applying for a card will it be charged.

Techcombank account deducted for unknown reasons?

Techcombank collects fees automatically. These amounts are deducted from the utility services that the account has registered. If your account is deducted for unknown reasons, you can contact the operator to know this fee.


In general, any bank account management fee is collected, but you will not have to pay this amount if you meet the bank’s requirements. You need to always maintain a certain amount of money in your account to be free of charge. And also keep in mind other service fee schedules to avoid confusion with account management fees.

Above table Techcombank account management fee monthly revenue. If you have other questions, please leave a comment below.



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