If everyone is using Agribank’s ATM card service. Without knowing exactly Agribank card maintenance fee is how much. So with today’s article thongtinbank.com will guide and answer everyone about this question. Specifically, please refer to the article below.

Learn about Agribank’s ATM cards

Agribank ATM card is issued by Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (Agribank) to customers. When using the card, you can withdraw money, transfer money, or pay at the ATM/POS. A fast and extremely simple and convenient way. No need to go directly to the bank branch to do it anymore.Agribank card maintenance fee

And now to meet the needs of each changing customer. Agribank has provided customers with many different types of ATM cards. And the following will be the types of cards that the bank has issued. As follows:

Domestic debit card:

  • Standard card class (Success).
  • Gold card class (Plus Success).

International debit card:

  • Visa brand international debit card (Standard, Gold).
  • MasterCard brand international debit card (Standard, Gold).

International credit card:

  • Standard card class (Visa Credit Classic).
  • Gold card class (Visa or MasterCard or JCB Credit Gold).
  • Platinum card class (MasterCard Credit Platinum).

Some other types of ATM cards of Agribank:

  • Student Link Card.
  • Brand association card.
  • Career Card.

The latest updated AgriBank card maintenance fee

Each type of ATM card of Agribank will be prescribed a separate maintenance fee by the bank. So here we will guide everyone in detail about the maintenance fee of each type of ATM card.Agribank card maintenance fee

For Agribank domestic card

For details on the maintenance fee of each type of domestic card, please refer to the table below:

Agribank card maintenance fee

For Agribank international debit card

For international debit cards we will introduce to you in the table below:

International Debit CardMaintaining fee
Main card
Standard Rank100,000 VND/ 1 card/ 1 year.
Gold rank150,000 VND/ 1 card/ 1 year.
Platinum grade300,000 VND/ 1 card/ 1 year.
Supplementary Card
Standard Rank50,000 VND/ 1 card/ 1 year.
Gold rank75,000 VND/ 1 card/ 1 year.
Platinum grade250,000 VND/ 1 card/ 1 year.

For AgriBank credit cards

CreditMaintaining fee
Main card
Standard Rank150,000 VND.
Gold rank300,000 VND.
Diamond Grade500,000 VND.
Supplementary Card
Standard Rank75,000 VND.
Gold rank150,000 VND.
Diamond Grade250,000 VND.


  • The above fees do not include VAT. And may change according to the bank’s policy from time to time.
  • If you have any questions in the process of using Agribank’s ATM card. Regarding the maintenance side or anything, you can call the Agribank switchboard number for advice and support.

Can I not pay the Agribank card maintenance fee?

Many customers have had questions about whether it is possible to not pay the Agribank ATM card maintenance fee. The bank has clearly defined this issue, if you do not pay this fee in 12 months.

The bank will automatically block the customer’s ATM card. From there, people will not be able to conduct transactions with ATM cards anymore. So everyone needs to pay this fee to be able to use their ATM card.

Will I be charged a fee if I don’t activate my ATM card?

Many customers have wondered, is there a fee for not activating the ATM? To this question, we would like to answer you yes. In case you have not activated the card to use the card, the fee will still be deducted according to the bank’s regulations.

How to pay Agribank card maintenance fee?

Many people wonder how to pay ATM card maintenance fee for Agribank? With this question we would like to answer everyone as follows. The bank’s ATM card maintenance fee will be automatically charged according to the specified date each year. Therefore, this fee will be automatically deducted from the customer’s bank account.

In case your account does not have enough balance. This fee will be debited until you deposit funds into your account. With a maximum time of 1 year to pay the fee or else your ATM card or account will be locked.

How to reduce Agribank card maintenance fee?

So how can you reduce the maintenance side when you use Agibank’s ATM card? To reduce costs, people can refer to some of the methods below.

  • Choose the right ATM card: People can choose ATM cards that are suitable for them. Or for example, a loyalty card, and the points earned will be converted into money to pay fees. This helps customers to reduce a cost when using the card.
  • Contact, negotiate with Agribank: For longtime customers. And use a lot of banking services. People can contact, negotiate and review the bank’s fixed fee. If accepted, people can get this fee free.


The above article will guide and answer the question of how much is the Agribank card maintenance fee. Answer some questions in the process of using Agribank’s ATM card. Hope the above information will be helpful to everyone.



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