VIB . unsecured loan support customers with large loan limit up to 500 million, flexible interest payment period up to 5 years. This form of loan is suitable for many customers who need to borrow for business, buy a house, car, etc. Banktop below.

About VIB . bank

VIB Bank, also known as Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank. Established in 1996, currently headquartered in Hanoi. Up to now, VIB has total assets of more than 130 trillion dong, one of the top big and reputable banks in Vietnam market.

About VIB . bank
About VIB . bank

VIB provides and supports customers with many financial services, diversified and flexible unsecured loan packages with different loan limits. Currently, VIB has branches and transaction offices throughout major provinces and cities to best serve customers. Accompanied by human resources and a team of experienced staff in the financial field.

What is VIB unsecured loan?

VIB unsecured loans are deployed at banks with a loan limit of up to 500 million, supporting customers who are having financial difficulties to live, do business, live, etc. When borrowing at VIB, The unit will also review documents in detail about credit history, work and finance to consider whether customers are supported to borrow money or not.

Advantages of VIB . installment loan

Some outstanding advantages when customers borrow money at VIB can be mentioned as:

  • Having a big brand name in the financial market with more than 25 years of development, more than 2 million customers in all provinces. This helps customers feel more secure when borrowing at VIB.
  • Support customers with a variety of different services including unsecured loans.
  • Apply high loan limit and flexible term.
  • 24/7 customer support and advice.

Conditions for installment loans at VIB

Conditions for installment loans at VIB, customers need to have:

  • Age from 22 years old and above, Vietnamese citizen.
  • Have full personal papers ID/CCCD or Passport.
  • Have a stable income and job every month, a clear labor contract.
  • No bad debt at financial units, banks in the last 2 years.

Procedures for unsecured cash loans VIB

When you have met the conditions to borrow money at VIB, you proceed to prepare the following documents and documents:

  • Personal papers valid ID/CCCD or Passport.
  • Household registration book or certificate of temporary residence registration in the locality.
  • Required documents such as payroll, labor contract, electricity and water bill, Internet, etc.

What is the interest rate for unsecured loans at VIB?

Interest rates on unsecured loans at VIB
Interest rates on unsecured loans at VIB

Customers who receive salary through VIB will be able to borrow capital at an interest rate of 16%/year.

For customers receiving salary through other banks: the case of having a VIB credit card will have an interest rate of 17%/year, without a VIB credit card with an interest rate of 18%/year.

This interest rate will be adjusted depending on each loan package with different customer groups. If the customer has a high income, the interest rate will also be more favorable.

The simplest VIB unsecured loan process

A simple guide to the VIB unsecured loan process that you can refer to so that the implementation can be faster and more accurate:

  • Step 1: You access VIB’s Website to make online registration or go to the nearest transaction point to register.
  • Step 2: Here, VIB staff will support and guide you to complete the contents to correctly fill in the VIB unsecured loan application form.
  • Step 3: Submit loan application documents at VIB bank. The finance department will check and verify your loan application within 2-3 days.
  • Step 4: Get results, if your loan application is valid and satisfactory. The disbursement amount you receive will be directly deposited at the transaction office or transferred via bank account.

Experience of VIB unsecured loans approved the fastest

Experience of VIB unsecured loans approved the fastest
Experience of VIB unsecured loans approved the fastest

Whether you get a loan from a financial company or a bank, you should have experience when taking out a loan for yourself. Specifically as:

  • Find out if the company you borrow money from is reputable, safe, how the process works and feedback from customers who have used the service.
  • Before going to the transaction and registration place, you need to prepare all the necessary documents related to the loan.
  • Choose a suitable loan package, balance whether you are able to pay the loan or not.
  • Keep track of events and promotions at the bank to take advantage of interest rates.
  • Before signing the loan confirmation, you should read through the terms such as the fees incurred to avoid questions about problems later.
  • Pay on time for the loan at the bank.

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Some frequently asked questions about VIB . unsecured loans

How much is the maximum amount of VIB unsecured loan?

VIB supports customers with unsecured loans up to 12 times their income up to 600 million VND in the form of receiving salary through VIB.

Support customers with unsecured loans 10 times the maximum income of 400 million VND with the form of receiving salary through other banks.

Do VIB unsecured loans need a guarantor or collateral?

When applying for an unsecured loan at VIB, you do not need to mortgage assets or have a guarantor.

Are bad debts supported for VIB unsecured loans?

Currently, almost all banks do not support customers with bad debts, including VIB.

Is it possible to pay before the due date when taking out a VIB installment loan?

You are entitled to pay off all loans early if you have financial conditions. However, according to the loan regulations, you have to pay an additional penalty fee of 2 to 4% of the total amount of prepayment at VIB.

How long does it take to disburse VIB unsecured loans?

Disbursement time for unsecured loans at VIB will take place in 2-3 working days. So when your application has been successfully approved, please wait patiently.


above article, Banktop has compiled to help you the most complete information about VIB . unsecured loan as well as the loan application process here. If you have a need to borrow capital with a large amount of over 100 million, you should choose reputable banks with long-term operation in Vietnam such as VIB bank to receive preferential interest rates and large limits when borrowing capital.

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