According to the latest official announcement, from January 1, 2022, Vietcombank will waive some services when using VCB e-banking. This article nganhangonline will provide you with information about Vietcombank Digibank VCB – Banking account maintenance fee schedule 2022. Check it out now!

Fee schedule for maintaining Vietcombank Digibank VCB – Banking accounts

Most recently, Vietcombank has announced to customers that it will waive all maintenance fees, regular transaction fees, and daily transaction fees on digital banking channels. Furthermore, when transacting in e-banking, customers do not need to register for service packages or require any minimum balance.

This campaign of Vietcombank has attracted many likes from potential customers. Many people are very excited about this innovation. It is thanks to the simplicity, convenience and ease of transactions on the digital banking channel VCB Digibank that now the download of the application has reached more than 34 thousand.

Fee schedule for maintaining Vietcombank Digibank VCB – Banking accounts

VCB Digibank serviceCharges
Service registration and usage feesFree
Service maintenance feeFree
Default account management fee on VCB DigibankFree

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Other service fee schedule on VCB Digibank

Fee schedule for money transfer on VCB Digibank

From January 1, 2022, Vietcombank is completely free of money transfer transactions on VCB Digibank digital banking channel. Note, this policy applies to Vietcombank’s personal account type.

Fee typeNew fee
Charity money transferFree
Transfer between customer accountsFree
Transfer to beneficiary at VietcombankFree
Transfer money to beneficiaries at other banks in Vietnam via the State bankFree
Quick transfer 24/7 for beneficiaries at other banks in VietnamFree
Transfer money to recipients in cash at VietcombankFree
Send lucky gifts to beneficiaries at other banks in VietnamFree
Pay local taxes
Account for collection of State Treasury at VietcombankFree
Specialized collection accounts of the State Treasury at other banks (under VND 500 million)9,000 VND/transaction
Collection account of the State Treasury at other banks (from VND 500 million or more)0.005% of transaction amount

Maximum 175,000 VND/transaction

Vietcombank SMS service fee schedule

In order to suit the needs of each customer and optimize financial efficiency, Vietcombank has adjusted the service fee for maintaining SMS banking as follows:

Fee typeNew fee
Register for VCB-SMS [email protected] serviceFree
Maintain VCB-SMS service [email protected]By number of messages per month:

  • Under 20 messages: 10,000 VND/month/phone number.
  • From 20 to less than 50 messages: 25,000 VND/month/phone number.
  • From 50 to less than 100 messages: 50,000 VND/month/phone number.
  • From 100 messages or more: 70,000 VND/month/phone number.

In addition to SMS Banking service, customers can replace the service with OTT Alert. OTT Alert is a completely free service with the following functions:

  • Actively notify account balance.
  • Card spending transactions.
  • Remind periodic repayment schedule.
  • New service information.
  • Featured special offers.
  • More information from Vietcombank.

In case you do not want to use SMS Banking anymore, you can actively compose a message to cancel: VCB CD HUY to 6167.

Other service fee schedule of Vietcombank

Fee typeNew fee
Banking service fee via VCB-Phone [email protected]Free (Does not include telecommunications charges paid to carriers in accordance with regulations)
Fees for checking, adjusting and canceling orders of transactions on digital banking channels VCB Digibank30,000 VND/ transaction

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Innovations in Vietcombank’s fee schedule for banking services

With the desire to bring customers simplicity and convenience, Vietcombank has made a number of innovations as follows:

  • Vietcombank is free of charge for all money transfers inside and outside the system.
  • Free of charge to transfer money to account number and transfer money to card number of the same or different bank or bank via VCB Digibank.
  • Customers can transfer money for free without registering a service package.
  • Free money transfers with no minimum balance required.
  • Vietcombank is free of all management fees and service maintenance fees.
  • Vietcombank stopped registering new account packages for individual customers: VCB Eco, VCB Plus, VCB Pro and VCB Advanced.
  • For old customers who are using account packages, Vietcombank continues to provide services. There is also a free account plan policy and no minimum balance requirement on a checking account.

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Notes on service fee schedule of Vietcombank

  • The fees specified in the fee schedule in the above tables do not include value added tax (VAT). When collecting service fees, Vietcombank will calculate and collect tax according to current regulations.
  • For the fee rate specified in %, the fee collected is calculated at the rate of % x corresponding transaction value.
  • The fees specified in the fee schedule do not include fees such as electricity, postage, taxes, service charges, etc. to be paid to the units participating in the provision of services.
  • Transactions involving the use of foreign currencies must comply with the State’s foreign exchange regulations.
  • Customers can pay service fees in VND from their foreign currency accounts at the exchange rate announced by Vietcombank at the time of fee collection.
  • In case the customer requests to cancel the transaction or stop using the service before the due date or the transaction cannot be performed because the error is not due to Vietcombank’s fault, the bank will not refund the service fee and other fees.
  • The Bank may actively change the service fee schedule without prior notice to the customer, unless otherwise agreed.

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Related questions about Vietcombank Digibank VCB

What is VCB Digibank?

VCB Digibank is the latest version of digital banking channel that Vietcombank provides to individual customers to help them make transactions anytime 24/7. This application can be used on the website and on phones with an Internet connection.

When using the VCB Digibank app, customers will optimize their financial performance. Because with this digital banking service, customers only need to download the application to their device, log in to their account to be able to transfer, receive money, check their balance, etc. without having to go to the bank like before.

In particular, with modern eKYC online identification technology, VCB Digibank has high safety and security. Therefore, you can completely rest assured and use the application.

Internet Banking What is Vietcombank?

Internet Banking Vietcombank is an online banking service of Vietcombank. With this service, customers will have many convenient benefits such as: online bill payment, money transfer, receipt of money, mobile top-up, etc., completely online without having to go to Vietcombank transaction counter as before. . To use such facilities, customers need to register to use Internet Banking service.

Is there a fee to register for Internet Banking service?

As provided in the fee table above, Vietcombank now supports customers to register for free Internet Banking service. You just need to go to the transaction counter at Vietcombank and ask the support staff to register for this service.

Note, although Vietcombank is free to register, you will still bear some other fees (if any) such as fees for checking transaction history, account inquiry fees, etc.

What should I do when logging in to VCB Digibank for the first time?

For new customers using VCB Digibank service for the first time, they still don’t know what to do first. When you first log in to your VCB Digibank account, you should change your password as soon as possible. The time to change the bank password is within 24 hours after receiving the account.

Note, you should set up a password that contains both numbers, letters and special characters to create strength. Customers when using VCB Digibank services should not share passwords or shared accounts with others to avoid loss of property.

Next, after changing the password, please activate the active account and set the maximum transfer rate for each account and use the service normally.

Vietcombank Digibank is locked, what to do?

There are many reasons why Vietcombank Digibank account is locked. If this is the case, everyone should stay calm and follow these instructions:

  • Be careful when entering your password, if you enter it incorrectly twice, think carefully because entering too much will be automatically locked by the system to ensure safety.
  • Please contact Vietcombank hotline 1900 545413 for immediate assistance.
  • You can go directly to the bank counter to get help from the teller.
  • You can visit Vietcombank’s website and fanpage to read more specific instructions.

How to cancel Vietcombank Digibank service?

If people do not want to use Vietcombank Digibank service anymore, they can contact the transaction office, call the bank switchboard for assistance in canceling, closing or locking the service. In the event of an emergency, suspecting a thief or a strange transaction, you should immediately report it to the bank for settlement as soon as possible.

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Some notes when using VCB Digibank service

When using Vietcombank Digibank service, you should also note a few more things as follows:

  • The above fee schedule does not include VAT, the bank will collect tax directly when customers transact at that time.
  • When using VCB Digibank, people are only allowed to use 1 username and 1 password to log in and use the service.
  • Normally, the username will be the phone number that the customer has previously registered with Vietcombank.
  • VCB Digibank application can be downloaded on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Thus, the above article on nganhangonline has been updated to readers Vietcombank Digibank VCB-Banking account maintenance fee schedule Latest 2022. With this positive change, Vietcombank’s internet banking service will surely bring a good user experience in the future. If you have any questions, don’t forget to comment below!

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