In recent years, unsecured loans have become popular to meet the urgent financial needs of consumers, not having to mortgage assets is an outstanding advantage that makes mortgage loans popular and chosen. choose.

Currently, between different banks, Vietcombank unsecured loan is considered the most ideal choice because of the operational reputation as well as the credit scale of this bank. The current unsecured lending model has also been better organized by banks with simple and quick procedures.

So what is Vietcombank unsecured loan by salary? What are the loan documents and conditions? Let’s find out through the content of this article!

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What is Vietcombank unsecured loan by salary?

Vietcombank unsecured loan according to salary is a form installment loan based on the customer’s income, specifically the transfer salary sheet at the company or enterprise.

Basic, unsecured loan to meet an immediate short-term need and pay it off in the long-term. Using unsecured loans for spending or investment purposes depends on each person’s financial vision.

Understanding all the information about unsecured loans is essential. It is the starting point for you to make the most useful financial decisions now and in the future.

Features of Vietcombank installment loan package:

  • Support maximum loan limit up to 300 million VND.
  • The loan term is from 6 to 60 months.
  • Quick disbursement from 1-2 working days.
  • Interest rate is only from 15%/year based on the reducing balance.

Salary loans are applied to unsecured loan products at Vietcombank as follows:

  • Unsecured loans for employees
  • Borrowing executive managers
  • Overdraft personal property loan

Advantages of unsecured loans from Vietcombank

  • Currently, Vietcombank is implementing the program borrow money according to payroll with low interest rates from 0.85 – 1.3% for loans from 25 – 500 million within 1 to 5 years.
  • No proof of assets required.
  • The maximum total loan limit is up to 12 months’ salary, the loan is from a minimum of 25 million to a maximum of 500 million.
  • Interest payment is calculated according to the decreasing balance of the loan.
  • Customers have the right to repay the loan before the due date.
  • Vietcombank’s salary unsecured loan procedure is now extremely simple, fast, and convenient for customers. Customers do not need to notarize the paperwork, just photocopies.
  • Procedures for disbursing unsecured loans according to Vietcombank’s salary within 2 to 3 working days.
Vietcombank unsecured loans have many advantages
Vietcombank unsecured loans have many advantages

Conditions for unsecured loans of Vietcombank

  • Customers are Vietnamese, from 21 to 55 for women and no more than 60 (for men)
  • Monthly income from 5 million VND or more via bank transfer
  • Customers need to have an official labor contract or work confirmation according to the bank form.
  • No outstanding debt, overdue debt at any other credit institution
  • Working at the company for at least 6 months.
  • The loan period will not exceed the duration of the employment contract.

Dossier of unsecured consumer loan of Vietcombank

  • Loan application form issued by Vietcombank
  • ID card or ID card
  • Copy of household registration or KT3 (original or notarized copy)
  • Labor contract or work confirmation or position appointment letter
  • Salary statement showing income for the last 3 months with a bank statement

Vietcombank unsecured loan process

  • Step 1: Prepare a full loan application (similar to the above legal documents and procedures)
  • Step 2: The bank calls to confirm and check: The bank in charge will contact and notify you about: Eligible for approval or not, expected loan limit, monthly principal statement.
  • Step 3Loan approval and issuance: Credit contract is the written document that records the agreement between the customer and the Bank. Both parties are responsible for complying with each other’s requirements.
  • Step 4: Contract signing and disbursement: When completing the procedure, the bank will sign an appointment letter for the customer. Then proceed to sign the loan contract and disburse the loan.
  • Step 5: Debt recovery: Based on the previously agreed contract between the two parties, VietcomBank will collect the principal and interest on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How much is Vietcombank salary unsecured loan limit?

When borrowing according to salary at Vietcombank, the total loan limit of customers can be up to 12 months’ salary with a maximum loan of 200 million for employees and 300 million for executives.

Other forms of Vietcombank unsecured loans

Cash loan from Vietcombank as collateral for valuable papers

This is a form of loan based on collateral, which can be a red book or a pink book, cars, circulating goods, machinery, equipment… In this form, customers use assets as collateral for loans. capital but still have the right to use assets, Vietcombank will bear less risk.


  • Vietcombank red book mortgage interest rate is stable and ranges from only 7.2%/year fixed for the first year or 8%/year fixed for the first 2 years
  • High loan limit compared to many banks, up to 75% of collateral value
  • The maximum loan term is up to 25 years.


  • Vietnamese individuals and households with household registration/KT3 in the area with houses and mortgaged land
  • Age between 22 and 65 years old
  • Customers have red books at the support area
  • Customers have a stable monthly income.


  • Loan application form according to the form
  • Household registration or temporary residence certificate, ID card or passport
  • Certificates of land use rights
  • Proof of monthly income, ability to repay debt
  • Papers proving lawful ownership of the collateral.

Borrowing from staff

  • Loan package for cadres, civil servants, public employees … working at state agencies or at organizations that need to borrow capital.
  • Maximum loan limit is 12 times salary, not exceeding 200 million.
  • The loan period is from 12 to 60 months.

Mortgage loans for managers

  • For cadres, civil servants, state officials or employees working in organizations in accordance with VietcomBank’s regulations.
  • Loan limit is up to 12 times salary, up to 300 million VND.

Overdraft personal account

  • For customers who have a current account at VietcomBank and are using one of the above 2 loan packages.
  • Overdraft limit up to 30 million.
  • Maximum loan term is 12 months.

Instructions for ACB unsecured loans with the lowest interest rates

Vietcombank unsecured loan interest rate

Low interest rate is the advantage of unsecured loans at Vietcombank when it is always lower than other banks. Currently, Vietcombank’s unsecured loan interest rate ranges from about 0.9%/month – 1.2%/month, equivalent to 10.8% – 14/4%/year.

An example of how to calculate Vietcombank unsecured loan interest rate is as follows:

  • Loan: 50 million VND
  • Interest rate: 10.8%/year
  • Fixed interest rate for the life of the loan
  • Loan period: 12 months

We have loan information:

  • Monthly payment (first period): 4,616,667 VND
  • Maximum monthly payment: 4,616,667 VND
  • Total payable: 52,925,000 VND
  • Total interest payable: 2,925,000 VND

Loan details spreadsheet:

34.541,6673754.166,66737,499,999 won

Instructions for Agribank unsecured loans with the lowest interest rates

Is Vietcombank unsecured loan a good financial solution?

Despite possessing many advantages such as compact procedures, fast disbursement and loan support, and simple lending conditions… but actually, unsecured loan interest rates are always higher than other forms of loans.

In addition, unsecured loans may also be bound by a number of other additional fees that customers may not be fully aware of.

With attractive preferential conditions, Vietcombank unsecured loan Currently, it is the ideal financial loan product for the group of customers with the strongest consumption needs and financial development potential in society.

At the same time, gradually directing all classes of people towards a healthier and more scientific spending society.

Vietcombank unsecured loan with attractive interest rate
Vietcombank unsecured loan with attractive interest rate

Vietcombank unsecured loan was created for the purpose of serving customers who are of mature age, have stable jobs and urgent spending needs.

With a maximum support limit of up to 12 months’ salary or VND 300 million, Vietcombank is expected to be a solid fulcrum for long-term financial plans to build a career or stabilize a family life.

Refer: Vietcombank switchboard supports 24/24

Note when taking unsecured loans from Vietcombank

  • Credit contracts have a lot of provisions, so you should read them carefully before you sign them. Some terms that need special attention include: Interest rate, interest calculation method, repayment period, contract term….
  • Understand the regulations related to fee calculation, late payment fee, early payment fee… These are all important regulations that customers should not ignore.
  • The loan will be repaid in the form of monthly principal and interest payments. Therefore, you should keep in mind the amount to be paid to prepare, to avoid late payment and penalty fees.

Some questions when applying for a Vietcombank unsecured loan

What is Vietcombank’s unsecured loan limit?

Vietcombank’s unsecured loan limit is based on the customer’s income, up to 10 times the customer’s salary, in the range of VND 30 million – 500 million.

How long does it take to disburse Vietcombank loan?

Loan approval time is from 3 to 5 working days.

Can bad debt get unsecured loans from Vietcombank?

Currently, Vietcombank does not support bad debt customers.


Vietcombank unsecured loan is a good companion for every important turning point on the long-term financial path. But to get the support you want, you must have the right financial knowledge. Call a counselor immediately or fill out an online loan application for the earliest support.

Hopefully, through this article, customers have understood the necessary information about interest rates, conditions, and documents when they need to borrow Vietcombank online by salary.

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