Viettel Post is a service of Viettel military telecommunications group. Viettel Post specializes in shipping, reputable and popular express delivery. Viettel Post’s delivery service has been present all over the country, creating favorable conditions for customers to make quick delivery transactions and save a lot of money.

So Viettel Post working hours From what time to what time ? Does Viettel Post work on Saturday, Sunday?

Please refer to with the content of the article below to be able to update the working hours of Viettel Post.

Latest notice about Viettel Post’s working schedule on weekdays

Viettel Post is a unit providing delivery and delivery services nationwide. Viettel Post’s network stretches all over the country, including the islands in Vietnam. Because this is a delivery service, Viettel Post’s working hours will be different from normal working hours. On holidays, Viettel Post will adjust the time and notify you specifically on different holidays.

About Viettel Post

Viettel Post
Viettel Post

Company information

  • Juvenile unit of military telecommunications group Viettel
  • Northern Headquarters : Thang Long Boulevard, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City
  • Southern Headquarters: Building N1 – 158/2a Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCMC
  • Contact: 19008095
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Viettel Post is the abbreviation of Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation and is also the predecessor of the press distribution center established in 1997. At first, Viettel postal was only used to serve in defense agencies. and the Army. In 2009, Viettel Post officially operated as a Joint Stock Company.

About Viettel Post
About Viettel Post

With a long-term vision and a view of sustainable development, Viettel Post has invested in the field of delivery. With continuous efforts and development, Viettel Post has become the leading brand in Vietnam in delivery services with a series of post offices, exploitation centers and a network stretching across provinces and cities across the country including: :

  • Delivery network covers 100% of the country including island districts throughout the territory of Vietnam.
  • There are nearly 680 post offices, large and small (300 level 1 post offices, 380 level 2 and 3 post offices).
  • 300 delivery agents nationwide
  • Nearly 1000 means of transportation ensure timely and safe customer service.

Viettel Post has the advantage of good preservation of goods without breaking, a network spread across the country from cities to border areas, rural areas to islands can use Viettel Post’s services.

In addition, Viettel Post also shows customers the parcel before receiving it to ensure it is complete and not damaged. At the same time, all staff are professionally trained thoroughly.

In addition to providing express delivery services, Viettel Post also provides other services such as: e-commerce business, logistics services, motor vehicle rental, cargo handling, ….

Viettel Post always wants customers to have great experiences when using the delivery service of Viettel Post. Therefore, it has been constantly changing to meet the wishes of customers. With its efforts and constant development, Viettel Post is considered the most sustainable and highly appreciated business in Vietnam.

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Viettel Post working time latest update

Viettel Post belongs to Viettel Group specializing in providing transportation services for domestic and foreign orders. So to meet the shipping and receiving needs of customers. With the current demand, customers need to send and receive goods continuously every day, so the working time will be different from the normal working time, not according to office hours.

Specifically, Viettel Post’s newly updated working hours are as follows:

  • From Monday to Friday: Morning: 7:00 am – 7:30 am to 12:00 pm
  • From Monday – Friday: Afternoon: 13h00 – 13h30 to 20h00 – 21h00

Viettel Post working time
Viettel Post working time

Time will fluctuate depending on each post office and the needs of the shipper and the time near the end of the working time.

Does Viettel Post work on Saturday and Sunday?

The answer is yes. All shipping companies have the advantage of operating on both Saturday and Sunday. These working hours have created a lot of convenience for people who are busy on weekdays and only have free time on weekends.

However, on Sunday, the working time will be slightly different, meaning the working time is less, namely:

  • Morning: work from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m
  • Afternoon: work from 13h00 to 17h30

Viettel Post’s shipping switchboard

The hotline of Viettel Post’s switchboard is 19008095. If you have questions about documents and deposit procedures, please contact the hotline number as above. When you contact this phone number, the consultant will receive the customer’s request as follows:

  • Call center to support and advise on import and export procedures.
  • Solve compensation issues, loss and damage related to goods caused by Viettel Post’s shipping service.
  • Consulting on buying and selling insurance to cover damage caused by external damage to the goods.
  • The switchboard will notify the delivery charges according to the regulations of Viettel Post depending on the volume and place of delivery requested by the customer.
  • Customers can contact Viettel’s switchboard to request additional services including insurance, payment of fees in the importing country, product packaging, timed delivery, customs declaration, proof of origin. origin of the item.
  • Besides, customers can also call Viettel Post’s switchboard to complain about problems such as receiving lost or damaged parcels, staff attitude, late or wrong payment, etc.

Viettel Post's shipping switchboard
Viettel Post’s shipping switchboard

However, depending on the area of ​​​​the city, district, and district across the country, there will be a separate phone number so that the switchboard of each place can support 24/24 for each customer to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

Some notes when sending goods via Viettel Post

When sending goods via Viettel Post, you need to bring the goods to the post office for instructions on how to complete the shipping procedures as well as provide all necessary information for the fastest support staff. Viettel Post also has a service to pack goods, but to ensure that your goods are not broken or damaged, you should pack them carefully before sending them.

In addition, Viettel Post also provides COD shipping services, for domestic orders, COD shipping will be free, and other orders will incur an additional surcharge. You need to note the following when sending goods at Viettel Post:

  • Monitor working hours of Viettel Post for consignment transactions.
  • When sending goods with COD shipping service, you need to photocopy your ID/CCCD to be able to multiply the money for the first time. After successfully sending the goods, Viettel Post will refund the money from 5-7 days.
  • Before you pack your goods and send them to Viettel Post, you need to read the regulations on prohibited goods to send such as banned substances, flammable substances, stimulants, narcotics, marijuana, live animals, cash. …
  • When sending goods at Viettel Post, you should not lose the consignment note because it will help you to check your order and process it when there is a problem with the order.


Above are the updated information of Viettel Post’s working hours so that customers can consign goods on time. It can be said that Viettel Post works throughout the day, including Saturdays and Sundays to ensure that customers can trade and consign goods easily and quickly. As well as note things when consigning at Viettel Post such as a list of prohibited goods to be transported, information about goods to be delivered or received in accordance with regulations. Have a nice day and good luck.


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