VPBank’s unsecured loan Low interest rate, simple application, high loan limit up to 500 million VND, preferential interest rate program for VPBank loans in 2022. So what is the loan procedure? What types of unsecured loans does VPBank have? What are the terms and conditions of registration?

All will be provided to you by Banktop in this article.

Register for VPBank’s unsecured loan


Note : for the fastest support, customers fill in all the information in the registration form completely and accurately so that the consultant can check and provide the best support.

About VPBank Bank

VPBank is one of the leading banks in Vietnam chosen by customers for loans. VPBank was officially established on 12/8/1993. Over the past 25 years of establishment and development, VPBank has built a nationwide network with 219 different transaction points.

Unsecured loan from VPBank will help customers reduce financial worries, easy and fast loan conditions and procedures, does not take much time, does not need to mortgage assets. Therefore, customers can be completely assured of the quality of service provided.

Advantages of unsecured loans of VPBank

Client installment loan At VPBank, many preferential policies are applied on interest rates, installment periods and loan limits:

  • No collateral needed
  • No proof of income is required for self-employment loans
  • High loan limit, up to 500 million VND
  • Quick disbursal documents from 1-2 working days
  • Customers can choose the installment period from 6 to 36 months
Support VPBank unsecured loans with preferential interest rates
Support VPBank unsecured loans with preferential interest rates

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Types of unsecured loans VPBank

VPBank is applying many forms unsecured loan suitable for many different customers. Depending on their own conditions, customers can choose a suitable loan package.

  • Personal unsecured consumer loan
  • Unsecured loans for businesses and households
  • Preferential installment loans for teachers
  • Beauty and health care unsecured loan Beauty Up
  • Get an extra 10% unsecured loan from an existing mortgage
  • Unsecured loans from customers to pay VPBank’s salary
  • Unsecured loans for existing customers of VPBank

Instructions for the fastest disbursement of OCB unsecured loans

Instructions for the fastest disbursement of unsecured loans VPBank

With a wide range of loan products, VPBank is one of the best unsecured banks today! Below, Banktop will guide you on the fastest way to apply for a VPBank loan.

Conditions for borrowing money from VPBank

To be able to apply for a VPBank unsecured loan, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Living and working in provinces across the country
  • Have full personal documents including ID card, household registration
  • Age from 20 to 60
  • There are complete documents at the request of the consultant
  • No bad debt at credit institutions

VPBank’s unsecured loan documents

  • Application form for VPBank’s unsecured loan according to the available form.
  • Personal documents such as ID card/CCCD
  • Salary statement / salary confirmation for the last 3 months
  • Labor contract / work confirmation

Appraisal process for unsecured loans of VPBank

Step 1: Receive loan registration information

Upon receiving loan application information from the customer, the consultant will check the customer’s personal information and credit history to determine whether they are eligible for a loan.

Step 2: Consulting documents, loan conditions, loan interest rates, appropriate loan forms.

After the preliminary examination, the loan application consultation process includes:

  • Loan interest rate
  • Necessary documents and records
  • Suitable loan form
  • Loan process

Step 3: Make a loan application

After the customer prepares a complete application, the consultant will assist the customer to sign the loan application and submit the application to the bank.

Step 4: Appraisal and result announcement

Depending on the customer’s conditions and profile, the appraisal process takes place in the following 2 steps:

  • Appraisal by phone
  • Assessment at home

Step 5: Disbursement of loan documents

After the application is approved, the customer can receive the disbursement in the following ways:

  • Receive money directly at the Bank
  • Receive money at the post office
  • Receive money via direct transfer to ATM card, bank account.

Instructions for unsecured loans Vietinbank disbursed fastest

VPBank unsecured loan interest rate

Depending on the type of loan, loan amount and installment period, VPBank’s unsecured loan interest rate fluctuates from 16-35% per year. Here are specific examples of VPBank loan interest rates with the two most popular loan forms:

ProductShort-term loansMedium and long term loans
Customers with income over 20 million/month19%/year20 years
Customers in the priority customer segment17%/year18 years

For clear advice on interest rates, customers can contact the loan department, provide their own conditions and desired loan form for advice from staff.

Some questions when taking unsecured loans from VPBank

What happens if you pay late or don’t pay the installments when taking out an unsecured loan from VPBank?

In case of late payment or non-payment, the loan will be converted to overdue debt and received by the debt collection department. If the customer continues to be uncooperative, the debt will be sold to debt collection agencies.

For customers who pay late, their ID card will be updated with bad debt on CIC credit history. Customers cannot borrow cash or purchase goods in installments in the next time.

If I have a loan at another bank, can I still borrow money from VPBank?

Absolutely OK ! As long as customers provide sufficient documents and income to ensure repayment ability, they can still be supported with the appropriate loan limit.


VPBank’s unsecured loans are easier with a variety of loan forms. Through this article, Banktop hopes to have provided you with useful information when you want to borrow VPBank’s unsecured loan by salary. For the best loan support, customers can contact holine for quick online loan advice or fill out the registration form completely.

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